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JUNE 2021

Russian Journalists Came Under Shelling, Three Were Injured In Damascus Countryside – Defense Ministry

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Russian Journalists Came Under Shelling, Three Were Injured In Damascus Countryside - Defense Ministry

Fighter of Jaysh al-Islam around Duma district, Illustrative image

On April 11, the Ministry of Defense of Russia announced in an official statement that unknown gunmen had attacked a bus which was carrying Russian journalists in an unspecified area of the Eastern Ghouta region. According to the ministry, two journalist of the Russian TV channels Russia 1 and NTV along with a cameraman of Zvezda TV were slightly injured in the incident.

“At about 18:20 Moscow time on April 11, a bus carrying Russian journalists who were returning after filming a report on the situation in Eastern Ghouta was shelled by unidentified individuals with small arms,” the ministry said.

The defense ministry added that doctors of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in Syria had provided the injured journalists with the needed medical care and stressed that “there is no immediate threat” to their lives now.

No armed group has claimed the responsibility for the attack yet. However, Syrian pro-government activists believe that some rogue elements among the remaining fighters of Jaysh al-Islam in the Duma district may be behind the incident.

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Pave Way IV

All the members of Jaish al-Islam are rouge members. Too bad they all couldn’t be relocated to shallow, unmarked graves in the desert. Either before or after they’re dead – doesn’t matter. I’m inclined to prefer the ‘before’ option for them.

Wayward Son

Russia, this is just a sample of what will break out against you, not only in Syria, but everywhere, if you do not stand and fight. Any agreement you reach with the USA will means the loss of Russian sovereignty. There are few sovereign states left.


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