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JUNE 2021

Russian Defense Ministry Releases Testimonies Of Doctors From Syria’s Duma (Video)

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On April 13, the Ministry of Defense of Russia released a video showing testimonies of two doctors who were on duty at a Duma hospital when the alleged chemical attack took place in the Syrian town on April 7.

In the video, one of the two doctors “Kahlil al-Jaysh” said that the hospital received several civilians who had been injured in an airstrike of the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) on Duma in the morning of April 8. Dr. al-Jaysh said that the airstrike had hit the last floor of a building causing fire. This led to the suffocation of some civilians who were trapped in the lower floors of the building.

While the doctors were treating the injured civilians, a man shouted in the hospital’s emergency room that the injures were caused by “a chemical attack,” which led to chaos, according to Dr. al-Jaysh.

“While treating the people who were suffocated by smoke and dust, one of the people who was present said that the strike was a chemical attack, which led the people in the area [hospital] to deal with the cases as injuries caused by chemical weapons.” Dr. al-Jaysh said in the video released by the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Moreover, the two doctors stressed in the video that there had been no symptoms proving a chemical weapons use. Both doctors were also able to prove their presence in the emergency room of Duma hospital during the incident via a video published a Syrian opposition news outlet.

Several experts suggested before that a carbon monoxide poisoning might be behind the deaths of the Duma attack victims. The Syrian Observatory from Human Rights (SOHR) even reported from day one that carbon monoxide poisoning had been behind the deaths of the civilians who were trapped in a basement from a long time after the airstrike.

Syrian pro-government sources noted that both doctors could have left Duma district under the evacuation agreement between the Damascus government and Jaysh al-Islam but they opted to stay. This makes the testimonies of these two doctors more credible.

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Terence Silvestre Jr.

Qu es esto?


Idk about win, truth is virtually irrelevant in western media, as other people have stated , it wouldn’t matter if 100 doctors swore it wasn’t chemical weapons… The west was even careful to not post any video or facts longer than 24 hours so they could refer back to the assumtioas that it happened but not go over the details more than once people didn’t notice inconsistency. Unfortunately the western audience is really stupid enough to form opinions over a talking point and not facts.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

I do not think so, my friend. If it were 10 or 15 years ago, I would agree with you.
But in today’s multimedia digital age where we all have real-time access to all kinds of events worldwide giving everyone the option to verify and make their own decisions, it will not be so easy for the enemies of Syria and Russia to continue with their fake and much less with the testimony of two of the doctors clearly identified in the videos of the false chemical attack circulating around the world. No matter how clever and silly the American and European audience, none with the least common sense would not let their governments drag them to a possible nuclear hell just for a piece of lies. I very much doubt it my friend.


That’s the whole problem in America, life is too good for people to give a crap about what the government is doing. People agree the government doesn’t have their interest in mine , people agree the government lies but when you ask about any hot topic issue like Syria, Russia or Iran then the majority if americans give you the government approved nerative, even if they don’t really agree or disagree that’s still the side that sticks in their head. If logic had any relevance here, then this story wouldnt even exist. They are in a very good position to hit the media with “Russia attacked us for no clear reason” and most Americans wouldnt question it until enough soldiers come home in coffins like every war since Vietnam.


Modern media does allow you to look at what ever side you want, it doesn’t change the fact that most Americans want to be told news and would never take the time to look at both sides an decide what’s true . It also allows the west to hit their audience from every angle with half ass opinions and if they say it enough, it becomes truth


It would not matter a jot if there were 100 doctors in the Douma Hospital swearing under oath that there never was a Chemical Attack. The Yanki Zionist Scum like Shylock want their pound of flesh, which in this instance is a WAR with Russia and Iran and if it is anyway possible China too. They are not going to let the Truth get in the way of that Prize.

Tudor Miron

Funny thing is that even Mad Dog Mattis is trying to say to that imbeciles that this is no joke and he doesn’t know how they could “prevent it from escalating out of control” but Bolton and Pompeo keep screaming “we want war!” Really sometimes it does look like they are not human but some kind of weird creatures feeding from human suffering. Thus they don’t care that Americans are about to die as well. For them the more suffering of humans the better it is…


UPDATE: in the last couple of days the Russian Federation has effectively concluded with the evacuation all of their non-essential personnel and lower-rank conscripts from Syria (Ilyushin IL-76 cargo planes were used for this operation), while the remaining military personnel specifically engineers, mechanics, radar operators, ordnance specialists, etc that were working at military facilities controlled by the Assad regime are now stationed at Tartus Naval facility and Khmeimim Air Base respectively.

In a few words, the Russian military won’t provide any tangible assistance to Assad forces, Russian mercenaries, IRGC or Hezbollah since that was not part of the Kremlin’s strategy for such scenario (they are effectively on their own). The US/NATO coalition is now waiting for the green light to start strikes against a plethora of valuable targets throughout Syria (military and strategic installations).

John Whitehot

heap of bullshit.

the only movements that happened are those of some syrian planes towards Russian controlled airbases.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Your source, please my friend?

Tudor Miron

How many shekels today?

Ricky Miller

That is an outright lie that made me laugh. There have been no, zero outbound Russian military flights from Syria this week. A Russian government plane flew in with State Duma members visiting Syrian Assembly members so it’s not like anyone is running scared. Turkey doesn’t want strikes on Syria without it being covered inside the already existing de-conflictication agreement and Jordan and Iraq have not agreed at all to their airbases being used for attacks on Syrian government positions. Which leaves the British bases in Cyprus and Cruise missile carrying warships, both subject to counterstrikes. Thus instead of American missile strikes we hear crickets chirping.

Suyanto Ng

how many get paid by state department of misinformation being fake CNN here?


Mattis and Dunford, both on record warning not to go after Syria while the Russians are on the ground there. There seems to be a correlation between advocating strikes against Assad and not being an American general or in any way in charge of the operation.


First world generals get their positions by years of rigourous training and military education. OF COURSE they know risking war with Russia risks everything.

Generals NEVER start wars they ain’t 100% certain they can win. But politicians are very different. Their priorities can cause them not to give a damn about best military advice.

However, in this game, true demonic genius forces are in play. They know military history, and thus undertsand how to manipulate Putin until his position in Syria in untenable, and both he and his generals agree Russia must RETREAT.

The MI6 false flag ain’t war, but it gathers the war forces that Russia CANNOT engage in the Syrian theatre. A multi-national coalition of invasion, with the full political support of many other nations who will not participate in direct military action themselves. Putin against ‘the world’ with Russia having nothing to win and everything to lose.

Very few Americans are about to die, and far fewer Russians. The russians will soon leg it back to Russia, and the new equipment arriving is designed to allow this to happen safely. A small number of americans will die cos Assad, now alone, will make a little effort to fight back, and might sink a ship and shoot down a few planes. But the kill ratio durng the invasion will be 1000-1 or worse in favour of the invaders, and at least 100,000 syrians will be butchered- probably many more.

Suyanto Ng

shove your propaganda back on your **SS!


You cover a lot. Specifically, I deduct that there’s a wholistic analysis that shows the plan that seeks to change the reality on the ground – where Syria is winning. Concluding that Russia will ultimately find (or be given) a way to retreat may be a matter of opinion. However, in reference to the recent attack on its ally (Syria), they seem to be sitting back and watching. This can be appear problematic (to me). Not knowing ‘when and if your ally will respond’ is a fundamental and structural failure in the allies ‘rules of war’ relationship (in my opinion). Maybe the destruction caused by the recent attack can be worse, but the real focus for the sttack was to call out Russia by showing the world that their agitation on the matter (implying that they are Syria’s ally) has no tenable foundation, but it’s only their (Russia’s) way of agitation-only. The loyalty to Syria only goes so far. Their loyalty to Turkey may be more substantive, even if people can’t seem to get it. Here, my suggestion in the overall war front is that its undergirded by the imperial charter in which both Turkey and Russia are members. If the latter assessment is not accepted then there is much miscalculation in discovering the core foundation to what is wagging the tail – the ‘imperial collective mindset’ is the wagger. Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, etc. are simply puns in the greater imperial arrangement. Based on that assessment, the only caveat in the imperial arrangement is members having to suffer one another, but ultimately share the bounty.

Hide Behind

I agree with your prognosis of Russia leaving Syria as very likely.
This “gifting”of weaponry to Assad and his military will be means to save face for Russia.
NOTE: Comparison of Russian retreat to means US used to extricate itself from Vietnam conflict.
In Man it was Viet against Viet but in Syria it is a weak Syria against full might of world against them.
It will be a slaughter of Syrians, and in my opinion your estimate of 1000 dead Syrians per NATO troop is way on low side; will be more like 10,000 dead Syrians to 1 NATO.
Maybe even higher

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Nop my friend. It will not be so easy for the enemies of Syria and Russia to continue with their fake and much less with the testimony of two of the doctors clearly identified in the videos of the false chemical attack circulating around the world. No matter how clever and silly the American and European audience, none with the least common sense would not let their governments drag them to a possible nuclear hell just for a piece of lies. I very much doubt it my friend.

John Whitehot

it’s not just a matter of public audience, which in the US and the EU can be convinced rather easily, but also a matter of political and diplomatic audience.

There is a large number of countries in this world, that the US would like to convince to start a war with Russia – not only from a military aspect, but also economical – which are totally unconvinced about the US theories.

I have the feel that all the bs in the end, is not even made to “convince”, but to “give pretext”, or excuse.

In any case, all those responsible for these actions, will face the judgement of history and of future humanity; their names and those of their descendents will forever live in infamy for how lowly they have managed to get.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

I know that my friend, but we must not underestimate the power of dissuasion that can result from the pressure of public society on its leaders, taking as an historical example the premature withdrawal of the United States from the Vietnam War for this same reason, my friend, by the pressure of the American audience on its leaders and president.

John Whitehot

see, I mostly reason like you say.

Times have changed though: the US public isn’t the same of Vietnam age – they have been brainwashed through a form of propaganda terrorism.

Those who committed 911 perfectly knew that the only way to have freedom of starting wars at leisure was to perform an act so spectacular and horrific, to remain firebranded into several generations imaginary, as a constant warning telling “you need to trust us and fight the wars we say you to fight, if you don’t want this to happen again”.

The result is a population that is on the brink of mass mental-illness – but in respects to war acceptance, it is still working.

John Whitehot

judging from the amount of barking by both Trump and Pompeo these days I’m starting to think it’s a bluff. Pompeo talking about the virtual “couple of hundreds Russians” they claim to have killed sounds like “we already told you that we can kill Russians at leisure so no need to try it for real”.

Mattis also said that no evidence exists, although “he believes that the attack happened”.

But I won’t lower my guard yet.


The one who everyone is ignoring is Dunford and he is most likely the main reason World War 3 will not break out. The US still has intelligent generals and the only intelligent form of attack on the Russians and Syrians is no attack at all. That is the best way to make sure US troops return home alive.

John Whitehot

“The US still has intelligent generals ”

True. Yet they are a minority. Since generals have to execute orders by the political power, they face removal or worse.

The hope is that these US generals would not only be intelligent, but also brave and just. A person needs nothing else than intellectual integrity to realize what is going on.


But I don’t see that it is about bravery or justice. They aren’t heroes, they are just people trained to keep their soldiers alive. They also have the same sense of self-preservation that is in the animal kingdom. That is what is going to be preventing a world war.

Joao Alfaiate

“Fox” Fallon. Called Petraeus an “ass licking little chicken shit” and told w “no war with Iran on my watch.” ‘Course he was a Naval Officer.


The hope is that these generals are savy and ruthless enough to eventually take more and more power from the politicians.

John Whitehot

afaik, it’s the pentagon, hence the (some) generals running the show.

as much as I’d like to see the armed forces rise up against the deep state, it’s unlikely, at least for the moment.

H.P. Loathecraft

Careful what you wish for. Isn’t rule by military coup what often defines illiberal governments?

John Whitehot

it’s also what makes revolutions possible. take France in 1792 or Russia in 1917. The armed forces took the side of the revolutionaries against civilian “oppressors”. (before you state anything on the above revolutions, i’m just using them as an example of militaries being instrumental in removing governments outside of “coups”).

The way I see it, the US is already a country that has endured a sort of military coup, specifically by the military industrial complex, which also acts in strict alliance with jewish finance.

I’m not saying that things must be one way or another, but I have a rough idea of the current situation

H.P. Loathecraft

Somehow I don’t see US military siding with the people against the oppressors. There has been every indication to date that suggests it would be the opposite. Combat veterans, on the other hand, often, though not always, tend to become anti-war/anti-authoritarian as a result of their experience on the ground in the emotional hellscape that is a war zone.

John Whitehot

“Somehow I don’t see US military siding with the people against the oppressors”

I agree mostly.

” Combat veterans, on the other hand, often, though not always, tend to become anti-war/anti-authoritarian”

True. They also are among the few who have a way with in-service military.


“he believes that the attack happened”

Pretty much because he have no other viable options.

Also, only a fool would lower their guards. Obama and Erdogan’s treachery was entirely predictable.

John Whitehot

I put it in quotes, because it’s his claim – we don’t know what Mattis really believe, although I’d bet some money that he DOES NOT believe that the attack took place.


Yeah a ‘bluff’, not the FEIGNT for the invasion as we witnessed during the run up to Blair’s invasion of Iraq.

John Whitehot

there are no ground or amphibious troops involved, even on the msm narrative. so there is no doubt that it’s not an invasion.


Rather, the real problem is all the morons that will buy lies from CNN, Washington Post, Times or Snopes.

The ultimate consequences are very hard to predict, even in the short and medium terms. A war is not enough, they must win the fight in Syria for such a war to be beneficial to them and they cannot do that.


Which ignores the MI6 false flag- a program that manufactured the evidence on the night concerned by actually poisoning a bunch of women and kids. Evidence recorded at the time on a video that pretty much hit the web hours after in happened, and allowed the CIA front, SAMS (the medical NGO operating across East Ghouta at the time) to expertly take samples from the dead and dying.

YES the Deep State wanted conflict at any cost. But ONLY this false flag could rally the support of most of the globe against Russia, Syria and Iran, and this FACT is the game changer.

Russian press is making a big deal about nations who say they won’t take part in MILITARY action, but the same press fails to menton these nations are still onboard with the coalition being gathered to INVADE Syria. Blair’s Invasion of Iraq was mostly a military affair of Britain, the USA and Iran (yes- Iran- the invasion wouldn’t have happened without Iran’s explicit support). But go google and you’ll find many other nations were members of that coalition- giving it unstoppable political weight.

A few weeks back when I regularly posted here that the UK, USA and France were preparing the biggest concentrated blitz in history on Syria, the regular ‘one line’ trolls here told you to ignore me. Since that time the unprecedented success of the MI6 false flag has convinced America to upgrade to invasion- and THIS is the only reason Syria hasn’t been struck yet.

For Putin to actually come out and blame Britain (in the most hopeless was imaginable) at the UN for the Douma gas attack is also unprecedented in UN history. It is the desperate act of a desperate man, for Putin NEVER wants to tell the truth about how ther masters of the Earth really operate (Putin ever say 9/11 was a false-flag? – NOPE).

The war clouds are gathering. A giant force assembled at the edge of Syria. And Russia CANNOT do anything now but FLEE. Again read my posts over the last months, and see what I said about the dangers of Putin painting Russia into a corner.

No military expert on any side would suggest Putin even make one effort to ‘fight’ back UNLESS Putin accepts it is time for a global war- and believe me, Putin does not. If Putin calculates WW3 is now unavoidable, he won’t want to fight it in the Syrian arena.

Putin has screwed himself. The NATO (Turk) invasion Putin gave the greenlight to, and the yank slaughter of russian irregulars that Putin also permited finished Putin off. Two fatal mistakes that Putin could not possibly recover from. When Britain shot down that russian plane on approach carrying the cream of Russian flight command in Syria, and Putin did nothing (save lie and say it was an ‘accident’), I knew Putin had been broken.

The ‘one line’ regular trolls here are here to help hide just how dagerous and effective the other side is when the other side smells blood. The unparalleled perfect viciousness of Britian was witnessed across WW2- but the history written by the victors (and thus the only history ‘remembered’ by the common dribbler) hides this perfectly. So the zionist trolls here feel safe telling you to LAFF at your enemies to dispel the fear and loathing that would make you take them seriously.

Hence the non-stop trolling here and elsewhere that the MI6 false flag is a “joke” to be ignored and mocked but NEVER taken seriously.

Suyanto Ng

that’s because you’re troll lol. Why everyone should hear your ‘mission’ here genious?


Not only a troll, he is also a troll that needs to brush up on his understanding and spelling of English. Perhaps Starlight has been educated in an underfunded US university.

John Whitehot

“Russia CANNOT do anything now but FLEE”

It appears you were wrong again.


Great work, thank you Russia.


Can hardly believe it. I managed to share the above video on fb, wonder how long it will last on my page before they take it down?


How the Saudi Blockade is Starving Yemen

This is a real holocaust.

1. The Largest Humanitarian Disaster.
2. 8 Million People Hungary.
3. About 11,000 people killed.
4. About 50,000 people injured.
5. Entire villages and towns have been demolished and erased from the earth.

Oh my God these are children have no food and dying due to starvation.
Russia, China and Pakistan could help to open blockade on Houthis, send them humanitarian aid in emergency. All world leaders should stand against Saudi and Israeli bastards that regularly bombing them like pesticides on insects. Stand against Saudi and Israeli oppression and aggression. Saudis tell to Yemen nation that accept Hadi as president otherwise you all will die and nobody will know. Shame

Rakean Jaya

May, Bojo, Nikki, Macron, Trump should held accountable , hadn’t Russia handling this issue(western zionist lies fest) properly, we would already on ‘the mother of war’ right now.

Joao Alfaiate

Somebody needs to find a way to get this video to Tucker Carlson.

You can call me Al
Joao Alfaiate

Thanks! Done! Now waiting for DHS to appear.

Mario Simonelli

Wisdom prevailed , the Americans and friends had they missiles display going to destroy some useless empity building.
The Syrians practised target shutting and the Sussians staid safe: cost $100 millions plus for the Americans and friends another $50 millions plus for the other side, and no WWIII.


The satanic, sinister Deep State globalists at work! There is nothing they will not do to achieve their aims.

Teresa Wendorff

TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THE VERY FEW DAMAGE PICTURES OF THE GAS ATTACK AND TELL ME WHAT YOU SEE. Whatever damage appears on the containers doesn’t seem to be the issue. We are told that the Russians found no traces of a gas attack. So just what did they find? If you were to have a high percentage of chlorine dispersed at a given moment, organic materials would show burns. In this case, if someone were to analyze the materials it would be helpful as obviously other things can cause stains. There are indications something sprayed around inside that browned the bedding and the ceiling. Furthermore, there were only 2 pictures of the room. As to who did it, there are lots of players and the chemical analysis of the soaked materials would reveal far more as would many more pictures and samples taken of the buildings damaged and their interiors. Chemical traces can tell a lot about sources of materials by concentrations and other signatures. As to medical findings, something happened and people were killed and injured and the evidence trail has not been fully investigated. I have always favored the idea of “When in doubt do nothing” whereas the powers that currently be do the exact opposite. It looks like using common sense no longer exists.

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