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JULY 2020

Russian Defense Ministry: Israel Was Behind Last Night Strike On Syria’s T4 Airbase


Russian Defense Ministry: Israel Was Behind Last Night Strike On Syria's T4 Airbase

Israeli F-15 warplane. Source: AP/TASS

The Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) said that the Israeli Air Force had been behind a missile attack on Syria’s T4 Airbase, which took place overnight on April 9.

According to the Russian military, two Israeli F-15 warplanes launched 8 missiles at the Tiyas airbase:

  • 5 missiles were shot down by the SADF;
  • 3 missiles reached the western part of the airbase.

The MoD added that Russian military advisers had suffered no casualties in the incident.

Russian military advisers are actively operating across Syria. According to local sources, some units of Russian forces use the T4 Airbase for their operations against ISIS in the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert.

MORE ABOUT THE MISSILE STRIKE ON THE T4 AIRBASE HERE: Syrian Air Defense Forces Repel Missile Attack On T4 Airbase. Casualties Reported (Map, Video)



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  • MD Ranix

    russia must retaliate

    • You can call me Al

      Let them finish laughing first.

    • EL ZORRO

      ATTACK the JEWS air base from where those airplane came from, that was an act of WAR agains a sovereign country.

  • AJ

    5 missiles shot down from 8 – minimal damage – hardly worth responding to.

  • Joe

    Even if Russians suffered casualties , they would say none because they will never go against Israel .

    Russia and Israel are friends …

    So Syria has to defend themselves .

    Well 5 out of 8 missiles is not bad.

    Only thing, Israeli planes dared not enter Syrian air space

    • John Whitehot

      “Israeli planes dared not enter Syrian air space”

      As usual.

    • Vitex

      I think the Israelis were just testing to see how good Pantsir is. Now they know it takes five missiles to “swarm” it.

    • Merijn

      Israhell depends on Russia for it’s Survival, they know that without their support… they soon be washed into the Sea..which pose an interesting question…what will happen when Russia drops Israhell..?the West hasn’t got the Army to protect them… their army is just build big enough to Loot the small and weak ones…they are Nothing but a bunch of Criminals…

  • RichardD

    Probably super sonic missiles from the sounds of it. Fired at comparatively close range with only a few minutes of flight time.

  • Art Best

    Putin is a crypto-Jew traitor to Mother Russia and the rest of the Christian world.

    The chief rabbi of Russia, Berel Lazar, is Putin’s mentor and great friend. Putin’s link to the jewish mafia of Chabad is well documented.

    Even though Jews (Bolsheviks) have been killing and oppressing Russians by the millions for a hundred years, Russians are still in love with Jews. The so-called Russian oligarchs are Jews, as are Medvedev and Putin.







    To put it in the mildest of terms, Putin is not a good man nor a great strategist who has Russia’s best interests at the top of his priorities.

    Here’s a partial list of things explaining why Putin is part of the problem and not part of the solution:

    1. Putin never stopped selling Russian oil for American dollars thus aiding and abetting Russia’s sworn enemy, the American MIC.
    2. Putin never nationalized the City of London owned-and-controlled Russian central bank and never took control of the ruble away from anglozionist bankers.
    3. Putin never stopped BACKING thereby subsidizing the petrodollar with Russian oil.
    4. Putin enabled NATO to kill Gaddafi.
    5. Putin sells Russian gas and oil for Euros (which are just a different name for the dollar) to the European Union who commit acts of war by passing sanctions against Russia along with the Americans.
    6. Putin never demanded the Americans leave Syria.
    7. Putin never declared Syria’s airspace closed to America.
    8. Putin never helped the Russians in Eastern Ukraine establish secure borders and independence from the NATO-imposed criminal regime in Kiev.
    9. Putin sold highest-level-military-technology S-400s to NATO via Turkey thereby directly impairing Russian national security.
    10. Putin sold S-400s to Saudi Arabia who are wahhabi muslim terrorists bent on the extermination of Putin’s allies the Alawite/Christian Syrians and Shiite Persians.
    11. Putin collaborates with the Turks who are proud to have ambushed and shot down Russian jets and killed Russian pilots. Turkish President Erdogan wowed to shoot down Russians again.
    12. Putin opened Syrian airspace to the Turks so that they could bomb and exterminate the Kurds of Afrin in Northern Syria, just like the Turks did to the first Christian nation of the world, the Armenians.
    13. Putin ALWAYS allowed the Americans and the Jews to bomb and kill Syrians and Russian military personnel with impunity.
    14. Putin never punished the Jewish terrorists who exploded Russian passenger jets killing hundreds of Russians.
    15. Putin agreed to pass sanctions against North Korea thereby agreeing to starve the North Korean population.
    16. Putin refused to deliver the self-defense-related S-300s to his supposed ally Iran.
    17. Putin has not provided up-to-date SAMs including S-400s to his Syrian allies.
    18. Putin is still “investigating” the recent crash of the Russian plane that killed dozens of Russian pilots which were among its passengers.
    19. The zionist oligarchs are still in power in Putin’s Russia.
    20. Russians are still not better off than they were under the Soviet Union.

    Putin the crypto-zionist?

    Not good.


    • RichardD

      You’ve run this garbage before, and when I disproved the lies that you’re peddling, you couldn’t counter it with credible verifiable evidence. You’re wasting people’s time with your rubbish while Russia is winning the war.

      • Art Best

        You’re calling FACTS garbage?

        It’s a fact that Putin LIED when he said Russians would intercept enemy planes and rockets attacking Syria. It’s a fact that Putin LIED when he promised the launching platforms of said weapons would be destroyed as well.

        Putin is a crypto-Jewish Zionist traitor to Mother Russia and the rest of the Christian world.

        • RichardD

          “The MoD added that Russian military advisers had suffered no casualties in the incident.”

          • Art Best

            You want us to believe spokespersons of the Putin administration who LIE and say that no Russian soldiers died because they were not supposedly officially registered as such five seconds prior to their murder at the hands o the Americans?

            That’s the same as the Israelis saying the Palestinians they killed were terrorists because Israelis killed them.

            You are full of it.

          • RichardD

            With a lying head case troll like you who I’ve exposed multiple times for peddling disinfo makes unsubstantiated claims like the ones that you’re making. That you’re unwilling and unable to support with credible verifiable evidence because it doesn’t exist. Your opinion on the matter is worthless.

            Prove this or be exposed again as a wack job fruit cake:

            “no Russian soldiers died because they were not supposedly officially registered as such five seconds prior to their murder at the hands o the Americans”

          • Art Best

            I don’t have to prove that the Putin administration lied, deflected and tried to cover up how many Russians were killed by the Americans because it’s COMMON KNOWLEDGE. Anna Varfolomeeva doesn’t sound like an American name to me: https://thedefensepost.com/2018/02/10/russians-killed-coalition-strikes-deir-ezzor-syria/

          • RichardD

            That’s not credible verifiable evidence. The article is full of contradictions and it’s obviously a site run by scammers, just like the disinfo that you’re peddling. It’s clearly a lying Jew world order propaganda mouth piece. From the same source:

            – How to Respond to Syria’s Gas Attack In Ways that Work –


            Show me credible verifiable evidence that Russian soldiers, not PMCs, died as you claim.

        • You can call me Al
    • John Whitehot

      starlight go the fuck away

      • velociraptor

        you shitty white mucropenis, you have no right play the god here!!!!

    • AJ

      Yep Putin is so much of a zionist he comes to Assads aid in 2015 which is contrary to the interests of Israel. He has thwarted the wests regime change plans because he is a zionist lol

      • Art Best

        Putin is only protecting his Syrian bases and Zionist interests on Syrian soil. Putin LIED a couple of weeks ago when he promised to protect the Syrians from attacks. Putin LIED when he promised to retaliate by taking out the platforms whence missiles were fired towards Syria.

        • AJ

          More BS he said clearly if the US attacked Damascus where Russian personnel are operating there would be a response. This was not the US it was just 2 IAF planes operating from lebanon

          • You can call me Al

            PS Also, it was on any missions where Russians were involved and he / they then sent Russians into most of the squads in battle.

          • zman

            Don’t confuse this troll with real facts…it makes his brain whirl. I lied, he doesn’t have a brain.

    • US-Navy Revert Shia

      lol at this list of BS HASBARA-BOY go fuck yourself

      • Art Best

        Putin LIED a couple of weeks ago when he promised to protect the Syrians from attacks. Putin LIED when he promised to retaliate as well.

        • kris_hel

          P-name L caps and repeat. That’s your message, and it’s false. It’s a troll kid.

          • Art Best

            Ad hominem = troll

        • RichardD

          Please provide us credible verifiable numbers of how many 10s of thousands of Jew world order terrorists that the Russians have killed in Syria. And before and after Russian intervention in Syria comparison maps. And then explain to us what your idiocy has to do with reality.

          • Art Best

            The reality is that Jews are not dying in Syria.

            Goyim Russians, Syrians, Jihadi Muslims, psychopathic head chopping Muslims, Kurds, Christians, even some goyim Americans ARE dying in Syria for the pleasure of Israel.

          • RichardD

            The reality is that the Syrian government coalition is winning the war and is on Israel’s border with a nuclear armed military force that wasn’t there before that the evil Jew baby rapers are no match for. That’s the reality.

          • Art Best

            Are you denying that the Russian forces in Syria are COOPERATING with Israel and NEVER confronting Israel or America?

          • RichardD

            The reality is that there’s a no fly zone west of the river. And that Israel aircraft and missiles are routinely being shot at and shot down using Russian tracking and targeting.

          • Peter Jennings

            The Russian admin know very well that having to deal with US plans for the region will mean at some point having to deal with isreal plans too. President Putin is the ex secret service leader of a major power and more than a match for Netty and his spoiled mates.

        • AJ

          BS he said clearly if the US attacked Damascus where Russian personnel are operating there would be a response. This is just a usual Israeli strike which has been going on for years in some out of the way airbase

          • Robert Duran

            “This is just a usual Israeli strike which has been going on for years in some out of the way airbase”
            And that makes it what ok? Every missile that is fired into Syria just makes Russia’s job harder in one way or another

          • Art Best


            Now you’ll have the army of Judeo-American trolls come after you.

            Foolish of you (sarcasm).

          • AJ

            “Now you’ll have the army of Judeo-American trolls come after you.” lol you are certainly amongst them

          • AJ

            And there was a response the airdefences took out 5 of the 8 missiles according to reports. Is that not good enough

          • Art Best

            So if the Americans or the Jews kill Russians or Syrians on a regular basis, it’s OK.

            It’s only when they bomb and kill on a sporadic basis that it becomes unacceptable.

            Got it.

          • zman

            You’ve definitely got it. Please try to get a cure and don’t pass it around. Unfortunately for you, it’s called stupidity and guess what? You can’t fix stupid. Looks like you’re doomed.

          • Art Best

            Take a number and move on, goy.

            No spam for you today as your ad hominems are ineffectual, lacking body and content.

        • 1691

          Okay, so what? Putin lied. Good! Let him lie even more. At least the jews are trapped and eliminated. This is their pre- death agony. Enjoy!

    • antoun

      ah alone paranoic antisemic rubbish pro ukro!!

      • Art Best

        Russia under Putin never responded when hundreds of Russian soldiers were killed by the Americans in only one attack.

        Russia under Putin never responded when Russian generals were killed by the Americans and their allies.

        Russia under Putin NEVER responded when Russian jets were shot down and their RUSSIAN pilots were murdered in cold blood after having parachuted.

        • AJ

          This is BS there werent hundreds of Russian soldiers killed – there were some private contractors & tribal forces

        • 1691

          14 is not 100. They will pay for it. How many jews and jewish mercenaries have been eliminated?

          • Art Best


            Putin is still alive.

            As are Trump, Hillary, Bush, and Obama.

            Netanyahu is more American than any of the above.

        • antoun

          no 500 but 6 only propagange atlantist!!

        • zman

          Ahhh, more of your ‘facts’. The rest of the world calls these facts ‘lies’…or Zionist propaganda….or wishful thinking…MSM propaganda. One thing they are not, is actual facts.

          • Art Best

            I’m making logical and verifiable statements that can be rebutted with counter arguments.

            You on the other hand are making mere assertions without an argument or any facts to back them up.

            Pray tell, idiot,

            What makes you authoritative? Why do we even have to bother replying to you?


      Napušiš se kurca Putinu!
      P.S. find translation in english-serbian dictionary, or simple Google-translate.

    • Casimiro

      Jewish troll……

      • Art Best

        Tell us why somebody who is criticizing Jews is a Jewish troll.



  • Cee Jay

    Israel and Saudi Arabia benefit most from the US getting involved.

  • US-Navy Revert Shia

    What is the genius behind hitting T-4-?… Have some balls hit the lions den…

  • Kell McBanned
  • Денис Черкасов

    And where is russian help? Russians have said earlier that they will shoot down missiles and carriers

  • disregarding the situation on T4 , it must be disconcerting for western airpower mafia to see their precious and super expensive missiles can be stopped by mere syrian air defense with older equipment..

  • Mountains

    Disappointed in the US not getting involved. You gotta give credit to Israel for striking the inhumane Assad

    • 1691

      He he he. The time is coming when israhell will be debited, not credited!


      Are You US-troll idiot or just idiot?!

    • Garga

      Aww… I’ve missed you!
      Where have you been? Specially after the untimely death of Krupacek, these boards became too lonely.

      I’m glad you decided to join with your usual upside down stories. Good chap!

    • AJ

      Aww you must be so saddened that East Ghouta & Douma are about to fall

    • Steve Bell

      If the IDF was “striking Assad”, it missed. And 3/8 is not a good score.

      • Brad Isherwood

        Pantsir Point defence and BUK M2E.
        That 3 missed is interesting. …
        Does SAA have area Jamming?

        Kick chairs Israhell. …you Failed! : )

        Russian Radar can detect IAF jets taking off.
        There’s no way Syria gets surprise strike now,…unless Russia is not passing down telemetry to SAA airdefence.
        I’d like to think Putin is not this owned by Russian Jewish Oligarchs that he withholds detection/warning telemetry from SAA airdefence.
        Ya…Maybe Putin will not shoot down IAF. …..yet he can warn Syria.
        In this game. ..even a few minutes is big deal.

    • Ewan

      Pity Israel couldnt strike their own inhumane soldiers massacreing unarmed , starving Palestinians on Gaza border, INSIDE their own territory. Just what Israel is good for.Killing the unarmed, and attacking the unmanned bases to show how brave these pussies really are.

  • US-Navy Revert Shia
  • BlueOctopusBoy

    Dammit!! Come on do something now Russia you Son of a gun!!

  • Manuel Flores Escobar

    Accord local sources in Homs…no casualties and damage…all 8 AGM 142 popeye missile were shot down by Russian Pantsir S2 missile system( there are Russian advisors)…it seems that USA and France launched their zionist dog to a limited attack vs Syria with the excuse of Chemical weapons in Douma to appease their terrorist allies!

    • velociraptor

      why do you lie?

      • You can call me Al

        why are you a total tool ?

      • Manuel Flores Escobar

        why israel dont show image and photos of the airstrike?

        • velociraptor

          hahaha, damascus shows. and moscow. ruskies told, 3 missiles hit he airport. but the wisestest manuelfloresescobar knows, that all of them were shot down. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

          • Manuel Flores Escobar

            Iran move fast and told that 3 servicem men die and write their names….its a fake as they were warning of incoming attacks…but they told that fake because Iran and Syria want modern weapons from Russia!…Syria have old S-200 while Iran dont have modern fighter jets!…now Putin appear as leader that dont want or cannot protect their allies!

    • hohenstaufen

      Ja ja ja…Same bullshit as the last attack. Somehow they destroy all the missiles but no debris are found later. Nada, niente… Meanwhile the targets are destroyed and vermins killed. But bots keep talking bullshits about 150% rate of succes :D .

      • Steve Bell

        The only “target’ hit by the IDF missiles was sand, as photos on this website show. If you have any proof otherwise, please post it… or else likken meiner arschloch, moron.

        • hohenstaufen

          Lolz…. So much stupidity. Of course that the damage will not be showed :D . A standard SAA airbase is quite big and some pictures in a area not affected can be given to the bots. Unless an area picture is provided, everyone is entitled to believe whatever version they want. At least the wahabbi shit army show the remains of those g o a t fuc#ers missiles. The moujiks and syrians never provided images of those “destroyed” missiles.

      • Manuel Flores Escobar

        you have to look photos from lebanon during past israeli attacks…it showed parts of AGM 142 popeye missile near lebanon village and then you can search in Wiki AGM 142 Photos you´ll see that the debris found are indeed Israeli Popeye missile!

  • hvaiallverden

    Never mind the bollocs, let them drool.

    This isnt exactly an surpice is it, huh, and from the Beka vally, into Syria, where they knew it was the safes place to fire from, yeah we dont talk about unarmed Palestinians killed with fighter jets, you cant be braver, right.
    Yeah, what to do, let this pas, so the Yankikes can drool something about having done “punishing” of the Assad, and of course, to drag scutzpah up to new an unpresedented hights is the only descrition I have oof the lastest talking coming from the scums of this earth about saving sivilianse.
    And let this scums have their seconds in the lime light, and think this is over.
    After all this years, from Yugoslavia, to the present, you have always hoped to make reason with this scums of this earth, and now, when its just Russia and China left you think Trumpstein is going to do anything about creating, peace, after all this years, full spectrum dominance, is an religion, europa, nothing less, their God is Greed, and now ISISrael did what it can to provoce WW3, nice one Joojos, where Is the PooP, to explain to us that Syrians are dumb and Anti-semtic, isnt it, what else.

    UNSC, consist of what, Yankikes, Frogf…. and Germs, along with the bonkers Brits, and of course, they never lie, dont they, its an freak show of of biblical proportions.
    And their propaganda, yeah, where will it end, the day Russia and China is destroyed, this is the ugly truth.
    Beside, how will they then back track, they simply cant, the corruption sits deep, rooted thru centurys of corruption and Greed.

    But, I also know the Russians knew the moment they lifted their plains from the ground, next time Russia, vaporaze the entire compound, and we will have no problems with this scums again, and if the Yankikes as much as Farts in You general direction, vaporaze their entire fleet, 1 h, and they are gone, and if any next time, they have to padle the oceans.
    The only language Phsycos understand is punshing back, and without mercy, since no mercy is been given nor shown, then you dont have to consder anything other than wiping them out of existence.

    The world have only one problem, Trump.


  • Merijn

    NO MERCY…Revenge every attack…HARD & POWERFUL…That is the language they’ll understand

    • You can call me Al

      If the World !! dropped a huge bomb on all Isreali airbases and their poxy navy, the ME may even have peace, if not – the 3 biggest Saudi cities should be next on the list.

      • Merijn

        Perhaps that time has arrived…

  • Lazy Gamer

    So I guess, every time there are claims for a chemical attack, Israel will be there to take advantage of it lol. Radars wouldn’t be able to determine the nationality of the aircraft. That is too much deception

  • Sebastian Vicente

    Any attack of Israel awake the hate against the western invention, and unify the arabs and muslims. The Saudi looks like a traitor. Is not time for war, I ´m not talking about war against Israel, (is powerfull still, not so powerfull like before, the quality of soldiers are down, and lack of commanders), I talking about morale defeat, and possible ressurge of Egypt like arab leader. Israel concentrates in deffensive systems and not in offensive tools (paranoid, Europe abandon Israel, a future where they will superated?) Syria-Iraq-Iran is the vissible axis.

    • Ewan

      Forget Egypt, it is a US puppy. Future of the region and Palestine in Iran’s hands.It will take a while, but Israelis can start packing to go back home to Europe.

  • greatndit

    Don’t buy Russia air defence , it’s useless. Buy israeli made aircraft or air defence.
    That’s the messages behind this attack

    • Steve Bell

      3/8 of the useless IDF trash missiles got through and landed in sand. No injuries, no damage…the photos don’t lie. Try again, and come a little closer if you dare. If you had a brain, you wouldn’t vote up yourself without signing in with a different nom de plume.

    • Casimiro

      Soviet S-200 destroyed an Israeli F35 a month ago.
      Israel had to violate Lebanese air sovereignty to shoot their missiles without entering in Syria, this is how confident they feel lol…….

  • World_Eye

    Of course was Israhell who else is so idiotic to go shot bases in Syria with Jets. Fucking Zionistic motherfuckers. I am too tired from these games from these Zionists.



    • Ewan

      Thats all the Fkin Israhellis are good for.Killing unarmed people, babies and women