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Russian Defense Ministry Evacuated 500 People From Afghanistan (Videos, Photos)

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Russian Defense Ministry Evacuated 500 People From Afghanistan (Videos, Photos)

Photo: TASS / Maksim Grigoryev

On August 25, the Ministry of Defense of Russia organized the evacuation of 500 Russian citizens as well as citizens of Collective Security Treaty Organization, Belarus Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan, and Ukraine from the Afghan capital Kabul.

Four Russian military transport aircraft airlifted the Russian and ex-Soviet citizens from Hamid Karzai International Airport.

According to the Russian MoD, the four aircraft were carrying medical personnel and supplies to provide the necessary medical assistance in flight. In addition, the aircraft were equipped with a supply of drinking water, blankets and individual food rations.

In a related development, the Russian Embassy in Kabul announced that it will request flights out of Afghanistan in September for Afghan students who are planning to study in Russia.

The Russian embassy is one of the few foreign missions left working in Kabul after the Taliban takeover on August 15. Many missions, including that of the US, are currently operating from Hamid Karzai International Airport, which is the last way out from the Taliban-held capital.

In his most recent press conference, President Joe Biden stressed that he will remain committed to the August 31 deadline to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. On August 25, the US withdrew around 400 troops who were securing Hamid Karzai International Airport.

From their side, the Taliban said that they are “not allowing the evacuation of Afghans anymore” and warned that the US must stick the withdrawal timeline.

The evacuation process will not likely be completed before August 31. However, Washington may opt to end the process leaving many who supported its operations in Afghanistan under the mercy of the Taliban.


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Fix Your Comments Section

Hey Southfront – Why have the comments sections been allowed to go to shit?

Spam, Shit Posting, and general rubbish has replaced good conversation, and even some genuine useful information.

Get the comments sections sorted and moderated, or remove them, before this site is further damaged and cheapened.

US & EU are Zion slaves

“Why have the comments sections been allowed to go to shit?” NO MONEY.
I think it was EU based organization that blacklisted SF a long time ago, as a Pro-Russia news site.

I just google SF and that’s what I find right away, but I think this one is not the main one, there was one where they dig deep down about SF, where the money goes, and bla bla.
Ofc, SF did report/comment about getting “blacklisted” and called a pro-Russian site and such…

BTW, most of the good people left, even that Zion.

Corrupt Ukrop SHITHOLE

Ukropisstan failed and Russia came to the help.
True class, albeit Ukropisstan doesn’t deserve it, zellerboy and fellow koshernazis will never say Thank You.
But non the less Thank You Russia for doing the right thing.

P.S. shame on ukropnazis…

US & EU are Zion slaves

“Russia has begun the evacuation of more than 500 Russian & CSTO countries’ citizens from Afghanistan.”
As Russia, most have and they did. Those people are mostly from CSTO countries.

Also, a funny report:
“Seoul may allow up to 800 Afghan citizens who are already in South Korea or helped its projects in Afghanistan to live in the country, but is highly sceptical about a US plan to host refugees at its Korean military bases.”

The Taliban trying hard to be recognized by the international coalition,
“Taliban’s Cultural Commission, told the Yonhap news agency on Monday that his organization seeks recognition from Seoul, offering a “cordial” relationship and access to natural resources.”

“Natural resources” that haven’t been used which CHINA is eyeing for…the Taliban better play their cards right as they don’t have many cards left in their hands.
Also, South Korea doesn’t want to deal with another country that most likely going to be sanction, remember when Seoul bought Iranian oil but due to US sanctions back on Iran – their banks couldn’t send money to Iranian banks, they end up sending by UN and they made deal with the US. I don’t think they going to deal with the Taliban.
The Taliban better start sucking hard on Russia, China, Iran, KSA, UAE, and Qatar for money/trade deals and those countries can play a big role for the Taliban.

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