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JULY 2022

Russian Defense Minister Visits Syria To Meet President Assad

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Russian Defense Minister Visits Syria To Meet President Assad

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Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has visited Damascus to deliver a letter from President Vladimir Putin to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

On March 19, the Russian Defense Ministry stressed that the defense minister and Assad “discussed the issues related to fighting international terrorism along with various aspects of Mideast security and post-conflict settlement.”

Additionally, the talks focused on efforts to help Syrian refugees return and to deliver humanitarian assistance.

The Russian Defense Minister said that Western states had sought to “hamper positive changes in Syria and create new obstacles for ending the crisis.”


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Tudor Miron

Interesting development. Something serious is about to happen.


Maybe they are worried about the USS Zumwalt? :)

Tudor Miron

Nah. Something more significant.


Like Putin announcing candidacy for 2024 elections?

Zionism = EVIL

Putin is a corrupt disgrace and in some respects even worse than the drunk clod Yeltsin. At least he was not in Jew pockets, just a drunk idiot.

Divesh Kumar

Ha ha ha.. . Now I know who are you….. Juz take a chill pill in your a**


So stealthy it may not exist!

Zionism = EVIL

Russian military wants to go on the offensive and so do the SAA, Iranians, Iraqis and Hezbollah. Putin is the problem as he is deeply buried in Zionist arse and even Preparation H can not relieve his pressure :)


If what you believe were true, Syria already would be gone.


Golan Heights will be liberated.

S Melanson

I agree. With the Syrian air defence systems integrated with Russian systems, if Syria goes to war to take the Golan back, Russia is de facto involved. I think that is the intent behind giving Syria systems for command and control reserved only for the Russian military. Russia is going to war with Israel with Syria, Hezbollah and Iran


It will be interesting to see if Russia is willing to continue efforts to restore Syrian territorial integrity. And if they do, how they plan to go about it.

My view is that I hope that Turkey won’t non deliver on the DMZ agreement extension. And will assist in clearing the terrorists out of Idlib and restoring government administration there. And will also work on getting the US and company out of NE Syria as well. In conjunction with the Syrian government coalition. So that the Syrian government can restore administration there as well. So that they can take care of the Kurd problem so that the Turks don’t have to.

It will be a lot easier getting the war wrapped up and the remaining occupation forces removed with some Turkish cooperation and by extending the no fly zone over the remaining 30% of Syria. The Turks are under a lot of pressure not to do this.

The global balance of power is shifting from NATO to the SCO. This needs to continue to stop the wars and get our planet’s Israel and Jew problem solved. Which is the primary cause of NATO aggression.


Cooperation with Turkey on the one hand and Arabs east of Euphrates, 95% of population used as a lever there. That still leaves question of Turk troops in NW Syria in question.


The Turks can help with resolving the Israel and Jew problem in Palestine. And having a Turkish military presence in Syria to assist with that could be part of that. As long as areas currently under Turkish occupation are eventually returned to the Syrian government. And the Turkish presence in Syria is consensual. The Turks are unlikely to stay once the US is gone.

Having them stay on as part of a Palestinian protection and occupied land clearing force would strengthen that effort.


The Turks have a historical agenda to covet Syrian agricultural lands and they will not leave, unless forced to. Russian policy of lack of it, has only emboldened Erdogan’s delusions.


It is not so much about DMZ agreement but the EU and Turkey both don’t and can’t accept more refugees which will force Turkey to hold the offensive and even take over Idlib themselves pushing the rebels away from the DMZ and take the rebel land together with Afrin and create a new adminstration is the only solution to avoid humantarian disaster.

As the for east of Euphrates the Americans, French and perhaps Egyptian and UAE forces will be added to these 2 making the coalition into 4.

East Euphrates will also have it’s own adminstration free of Damascus for next 3-4 decades.

The same thing is key with Idlib, and Afrin. Turkey will have to hold that area for the next 3-4 decades


There was no humanitarian disaster or refugee problem in all of the other areas that were cleared. And there won’t be one in Idlib. Most of the refugees came from the terrorist advances who didn’t want to live under Jew world order terror occupation. The problem is what to do with the terrorists in Idlib. The ones that don’t get killed either have to reconcile with the government or go elsewhere.

All that the Turks have to do is not let them into Turkey like Syria’s other neighbors did. And either send them to the Kurds or let them reconcile with the government.


3 Million will flee Idlib and some others will also flee Afrin not trusting the turks if an offensive happens in Idlib.

I don’t think the turks or anyone wants their hands on the blood of 3 million fleeing innocent civilians. This is the only thing it could come down to Turkey flat out killing 3 million people fleeing the Regime? I don’t see this scanario playing out.

There is really not much more else for the regime here except to accept status quo in Idlib because Turkey won’t let the massarce there it’s simple as that.

There was humanitarian disaster in every place cleared and chemical weapons while buildings were levelled to the ground. Lets not go fully retarded and think this is a conventional war because that is how the Russians fight the rebels it’s stupidity in itself if you ask me when it comes to international relations.

but you see a picture that is literally not there nor will Turkey have more people pushed to it’s border no more


if you can’t put 3 million ppl back into your a$$ than the Offensive is highly unlikely. They have to go somewhere it ain’t going to be Turkey or anywhere else except remaining in Idlib with Turkish protection under their current Adminstration created by Turkey


The vast majority of the refugees were fleeing the terrorists, not the Syrian government. Most of the 3 million people in Idlib would welcome the Syrian government coalition getting rid of the terrorists there.

Joe Kerr

In 3-4 decades there’ll be no Trump and no U.S. economy left either.

Zionism = EVIL

Boobus Americanus are in real trouble as the economy is fraying and China is rising. Just wait till the One Belt and One Road comes into play in EurAsia, Americunts will be total peons on the global scene.

Tudor Miron

Much much earlier than that.


I have a better idea, kill the terrorists( Americans) and their vassals.

That way Syria can be free, Syria will never be free as long as the terrorists(Americans) are still in Syria.

Zionism = EVIL

Russian military is fed up with Putin kissing Zionist and Turkeys arse and making localized deals for the effective partition of Syria, which Iran, Iraq and Hezbollah will never agree to. There is also discontent in the Russian military. Assad went to Tehran to give a snub to Putin licking Zionist arse. Assad is now strong enough and has enough regional support to take on the Zionists in a long war of attrition if it needs to be. Ideally, all of Syria should be liberated first and then wage resistance in Golan and Shebaa Farms.


Putin haters like yourself have been writing these types of criticisms for years as the Syrian government coalition has racked up victory after victory. Putin understandably wants to win the war without a big cost and with as much burden sharing as possible. Which is the smart way to go about it.


I don’t know when Assad and Putin will warn the Washington regime to fuck off this is not America move out otherwise you will be kicked out by force.

Zionism = EVIL

Putin is a Jew and will do fuck all. But, SAA, Iran, Iran and Hezbollah are creating a joint command in Syria as the meeting of the Defence Minsters showed this week. The Syrians are not that happy with Putin and neither is the Russian military. Putin is a low level KGB hack anyway and is very expendable. Russia needs a real Russian nationalist at the helm.

AKP Voldemort

Idlib aboutta be lit up like a firework pretty soon… we’re gonna be witnessing the most intense joint Russian/Syrian Aerial and Naval strikes of the war. Idlib will be freed in the end.

Zionism = EVIL

The reality is that Assad and even the Russian military is fed up with the idiot Putin licking Zionist arse and making deals with terrorists. It was no coincidence that Dr. Assad went to Iran and then invited the Defence Ministers of Iraq, Iran and Hezbollah leaders to attend a meeting. Syria should not and will not tolerate partition or the Zionist occupation of Golan. If it takes years of asymmetrical resistance then so be it. Shoigu is a real Tuvan Russian and not a sell out to the Jew scum.


Notice how the simplest way to defeat the tens of thousands of American spies, is a pen and paper.


Russia, Syria and Iran need to get on the same page and launch a sustained offensive to rid Syria of all terrorists and illegal occupation forces. The longer the pause, the more difficult the task.


Everyone here needs to realize:

1.Any progress will not be made without Erdogan Turkey Ikhwan Muslim Brotherhood Hayat Tahrir AlSham AQ and Alemarah. They cannot be brushed aside or defeated. And thats why Putin knows it has to be a Political Solution.

2. Anyone who doesnt realize this, even Preparation H will not help you.



1. isis started because Iran raped a Sunni Muslimah in a mosque and put her screams on the mosque speakers (See Zarqawi). 2. So no amount of Preparation H will let that slide. Hands down Iran created isis because of this rape and never addressed it. 3. So not only will Iran will pay gor this rape, but every event triggered because of it.

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