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MARCH 2021

Russian Defense Minister Provides Insight Into Effect Of Operation In Syria


Russian Defense Minister Provides Insight Into Effect Of Operation In Syria

IMAGE: Marina Lystseva/TASS

The military operation in Syria has boosted Russia’s international prestige and fast-tracked the development of its armed forces, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu said on March 25.

At a meeting in the Federation Council, the defense minister said that a majority of Armed Forces commanders, 90% of Aerospace Forces personnel, 61% of air-defense specialists and 98% of naval officers have gained combat experience during the operation.

Shoygu also revealed that a new class of elite pilots, each with 200 or more combat sorties, has appeared in Russia as a result of the operation.

“[Our troops] are equipped with modern, reliable weapons tested in battle,” vesti.ru quoted the minister as saying.

Since 2015, the Russian military has successfully tested more than 200 weapons systems in real combat conditions in Syria. These tests have enabled the military to develop and upgrade many of these systems.

According to Shoygu, by 2020 capabilities of the Russian Armed Forces had more than doubled. This allowed Russia to maintain the “strategic balance” with the NATO.

The military operation in Syria was without a doubt a chance for the Russian military to gain valueable combat expirience. This allowed it to improve own anti-terrorism, fire support and air-defense capabilities.




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