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Russian Defense Minister: Operation In Syria Is Nearing Completion


Russian Defense Minister: Operation In Syria Is Nearing Completion

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu at the official welcoming ceremony, the Kirya, Tel Aviv, Oct 16, 2017. Photo: Tomer Appelbaum

Russia’s Minister of Defense Sergey Shoygu announced that the liberation of Syria is coming to a close during a meeting with Avigdor Lieberman, the Defense Minister of Israel in Tel-Aviv on October 16.

“I would particularly like to discuss everything connected to Syria,” Shoygu said. “The operation there is nearing completion and some issues need to be tackled immediately, while the prospects for the situation in Syria also need to be discussed.”

“Despite the matters of military cooperation, the main problem is terrorism and the overall situation in the region,” he added. “We believe that whenever there is open dialogue we can overcome all problems.”

Shoygu also met with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on October 17, during which Netanyahu said that Israel will not allow Iran’s permanent military presence in Syria.

“Iran must understand that Israel will not allow it,” the Prime Minister stressed.

During his September meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Netanyahu accused Iran of building sites in Syria and Lebanon to produce missiles allegedly aiming to eradicate Israel. Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow has “no information that someone is preparing an attack on Israel.”

Israel has been opposing Iran-based Hezbollah presence in Syria. Iran has been providing support to the Syrian government in its fight against various terrorist groups alongside Russia and Turkey as one of the guarantor states of the de-escalation zones in Syria. Tehran has repeatedly refuted the allegations that its military had conducted independent operations in Syria.

The Israeli prime minister and the Russian defense minister have also discussed the US president’s decision not to certify the Iran nuclear deal. Netanyahu has reiterated Tel Aviv’s stance, warning that if the deal remains as is, Iran will acquire nuclear weapons in 8 to 10 years.

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly voiced support for Israel’s stance on the nuclear agreement, calling it a “bad deal for Israel.”



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  • WinstonSmith

    Platitudes and slogans is all they said. ISISrael will keep bombing Syria; while Russia’s got its base in Latakia for 49 years. Why didn’t Shoygu remind the settlers that it’s up to Tehran and Damascus whether there are Iranian bases in Syria or not.

    • John Whitehot

      LoL, wonder how would you know. were you present at the meetings?

      • WinstonSmith

        Do you need me to draw it with crayons for you? I’m talking the declarations made to the public. Where the hell did you get this meetings thing? If the settlers very publicly brought up the “bad” Iran deal to the Russian DM, who didn’t negotiate it; why wouldn’t Russia publicly recognise Syria’s right to host whosever’s military bases they see fit is what I wondered.

        • John Whitehot

          “Where the hell did you get this meetings thing?”

          you are naive if you think a defence ministry goes to another country to release a public statement about what they discussed,

          you can keep the bs rhetoric and the usual pathetic attempts at putting discord among those countries which oppose “zionism”.

          the presence of people like you it’s already enough information for me to get a general idea of what’s going on.

          and about crayons, i dont need to tell you where you can put them.

          • WinstonSmith

            STFU already, there’s no need to conform to the way an idiot like you sees the world. The kind of crack you’re smoking to get that “general idea of what’s going on” you’re rambling on is nothing anyone should care about.

    • John Brown

      Lie to the racist supremacist Jews like they lie to everyone else. When the war is over and Iran is there what can they do about it???? Nothing!

    • Jens Holm

      You might check that up Yourself. This is no childcare center unless mummy send some money.

  • Solomon Krupacek

    somehow looks destroyed this shoygu. should eat more vitamins.

    to article: so, syria will be split ….

  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    If the Iran nuke deal is “…a bad deal for Israel,” then it is a very good deal for everybody else. King St. Louis IX once remarked (paraphrasing), “The only possible dialogue with a Jew is to run a sword through his belly.” I like King St. Louis IX.

    • Lupus

      Lmao ?

    • Justin

      Best comment I’ve ever heard on this site!
      Thank you!

  • Lupus

    Bigmouth Lieberman from Zionistan needs to learn he lost the proxy war in Syria and he looks ridiculous.

  • Garga

    “Iran must understand that Israel will not allow it”

    Alas. We really, really needed your permission. Now we have no choice but leaving!

    • BMWA1

      Did you get permission from Israel to make that comment???

  • hvaiallverden

    Yup, we all have been scammed by the Russians, “good one”, thru out and thru every way.

    I dont know whats more to say, this Russian General didn’t bother to do anything other then crawl in front of the tribe, and do watch Russia bend over, and this just confirms that we are simply witnessing an theater, run by the west and Russia, witch is controlled by the Tribe, Russia got its foot hold to protect the Tribes land and Russians have no problems with wiping out Children’s of an lesser God, they dont need the bolsheviks for that.

    And again, its the MSM whom is revealing their stand, its always there its coming first, if you dont see it you are blind.


    Good riddance RT, finally I see what you are, an shit hole, an lying fabricating shit hole, aka like the western MSM, and they played the revere psycho game on the public and you took it all, with the line, sink and the hook.
    RT is for me, dying, like Al-jazzz, owned and run by another Tribe whom is in sync with Tel-aviv.

    And then we have Austria, and if you think this little whore whom won is an “nationalist” well, you are wrong, He is just another Hyped Syriza styled psycho game, and is already crawling in front of the Tribe.

    Hungary, muhahaha, eh….. another Tribal whore house.
    For you all, the key word is The Batory Foundation.

    And Saker, again, he is an rotten lying sack of shit, never have I seen this kind of utter bullshit dripping from an so called alternative media figure since I have read BreitFartlingas and so on, Saker is an fraud, another payed whore, meant to attract people by been “alternative” and now when this honey moon days are over, His so called reputation, established, they slowly change, article by article, twisting little bit at the time, nice, but to me, this just confirms the downfall.
    I am not even surprised, not even angry, just glad to see them piss in their own well, as good Goiyms.

    I am done, we lost, believe me we lost, and I know our world becomes an slave planet, run by the tribe.
    Russians back-stabbed them self, and you idiots believe their ugh…. new found morale, huh, Putin the Saint, muhaha, get real.

    I know many of you will jump because of this, uh… rant, I am not happy about it, but when it comes to the truth, I have no mercy.
    Never again, believe anything the Russian media is printing, RT and Sputnik is an scam.
    Its an sad day.

    Thanks for everything South F. one of the few sites I really like, and do keep up the good work, quality is rear commodity this days, when everything is based upon click baits, you deliver news, from both sides, and I like that.
    May the lord continue to shine a light on your path thru life, and bless you all.
    I am done.
    Its getting dark.


    • goingbrokes

      nah mate, you lost it here. Syria is safe, daesh is virtually destroyed (let us not forget they are Israeli proxies), Iraq looks better than for a long time, Iran is safe, Turkey has left the gang, so has Qatar, Saudis are humiliated, Israel gains nothing. So nah, you got it all upside down. If anything the Israelis are kissing Russia’s backside right now. And if there is any truth to the damaged F-35 story, by an old S-200 system, they are feeling very cornered.

    • Brad Isherwood

      Russia’s late entry into Syria was a Red Flag with me.
      Why go….the region is chaos,…US lurk everywhere. …it will be future chaos.
      Israel does fill their pants with it when Iran is in view.
      The conflict begged Iran’s rescue….yet Iran was piecemeal effort of disjointed units.
      They wanted to protect Shia enclaves and Mosque. …more than really fight the kook Takfiri to run them out of Syria.
      The Old Masonic game since the 1700s is everyone plays….no exceptions.
      All the great powers were dragged into the Masonic MIC game and human genocide.
      I’m thinking Russia knew they are not going to win anything in this contest.
      Having logistic concerns via bases was probably primary reason.
      US,Israel,Turkey are going to get their piece of the pie .
      Russia gets to Test/R&D and demonstrate some of its military equipment for export sale.
      They are spending coin on Syria,…..Saudi,UAE,US and many others spent huge money to play the game .
      With Syria in complete chaos ,ruin and poverty…..No pipelines going thru Syria favors Putin
      Who is in the Oil, Nat/gas driver seat.
      Europe can’t afford US LNG at 3x cost…..
      Considering the research online about how Rich Jewish Oligarchs and Chabad Lubavitch cult
      Getting Putin into power = The Smiles and Handshakes Netanyahu.
      Israel gets away with murder.
      Putin/Lavrov say nothing about Israel sitting on 20% more Golan they just stole since the conflict began.
      Erdogan is up to more schemes…stuffs his military into Idlib province and parties with Takfiri kooks again.
      Yes some IRGC/Iranian units are fighting in Syria right now,…yet it’s piecemeal….
      Hizzbulah has reduced it’s operations….probably because they have lost 1000s and can’t keep
      Up that Tempo.
      When Russia waded in back in 2015,….Iran should have pushed 50,000 in to secure Deir Ezzor
      Province and work the south westward to clear FSA out of Jordan /Syria Border.
      That ends partition,….it probably saves 100,000 Syrian lives which were lost as ISUS ran everywhere continually.
      Syria will escape this Masonic death game….yet it’s going to be ugly.
      US might lurk around Kurd lands just to mock them and generate that Fear the US worships next to Jesus.
      Kalibr was awesome,….Su 34 to,…T 90 with Jammers….the Ole Su 24m.
      The Sherman tank loss ratio to kill a Tiger tank was near 4 to 1 for a while in 1944/45.
      Being in a Syrian Tank or other mechanized was probably near this loss ratio.
      Add to that, …the hundreds of Tanks and other mechanized Takfiri and ISUS got after overrunning bases and arsenals. ..
      Syrian learning curve was brutal.
      The main article mentioned Syria’s Liberation at hand
      You gotta be kidding me….


    Shoygu also met with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on October 17, during which Netanyahu said that Israel will not allow Iran’s permanent military presence in Syria.”…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH, Now Israhell is the world sovereignty controller of other SOVEREIGN nations. Israhell has grow up TOO ARROGANT and wreak ruin upon the M.S NATIONS and the human race. Their crimes agains humanity HAS reaches up to the MOST HIGH in heaven and they will face eternal damnation, despite their belief that they would never lose their misused power, signs, portending woe and destruction are evident to those with eyes to see.

  • gustavo

    There is not time for relaxing, the war is over until is over. Closer to the end, higher pritection and support is required ( like Berlin siege)

  • John Brown

    There are a lot of Mossad trolls on this board don’t listen to them. The Syria, Russia, Iraq, Iran, Hezbolah alliance is winning everywhere. I like how Syria downed the Israeli F35 with a 30 year old S-200 missile meant to intimidate the Russians. A big flop for Israel. American military equipment like everything else is rapidly dropping in quality due to corrupt incompetent Jews taking all the top positions through corruption, so now the USA only makes garbage. It reminds me of the Persian empire (corrupted by racist supremacist Jews like the USSA is today) when a mans military rank was determined by how much money a man had. The Mongols crushed them and killed millions in few days incredible for the time because in the Mongol army one had their rank based upon merit.

  • χρηστος

    the mastermind behind ISIS annihilation in SYria has spoken….

  • Neo Onh

    Good, now go and liberate Novorossiya from the Kiev nazi juta!!!

  • Garry Compton

    Russia is very close to a Pravda ” Mission accomplished” in Syria and these other countries like Israel, Jordan and the Saudis might be a bit afraid of the Iraq, Syria, and Iran team that has been getting stronger and stronger. Russia will keep maybe two airfields and the Port open for their convenience, but Israel and Co. is going to have to deal with the big three and who knows what the Turks will do. Russia has helped/sacrificed immensely, and if anyone gets the name Super power with diplomacy – they do for sure.

  • wimroffel

    When ISIS has been chased out of Deir Ezzor that is just the beginning. That will mean that the Syrian government can finally pay attention to the rebel held areas in the West. Until now there have been very few refugee returns because in all the four biggest cities rebel held areas are still very close so that it would be too big a risk to allow (suspected) opposition supporters to return.