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Russian Defense Firm To Offer Tigr Armored Vehicles With Enhanced Anti-Mine Protection

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Russian Defense Firm To Offer Tigr Armored Vehicles With Enhanced Anti-Mine Protection

FILE IMAGE: Mikhail Japaridze/TASS

The Russian state-run news agency TASS reports (source):

Russia’s Military Industrial Company is completing work on the new generation of Tigr armored vehicles capable of withstanding a blast of 2kg in TNT equivalent under its bottom instead of the current 0.6 kg, the company’s press office told TASS on Wednesday.

“The Tigr armored vehicle is being upgraded for the purpose of increasing its mine resistance to 2kg in TNT equivalent and raising its ballistic resistance to the class 6a under the GOST state technical standards and boosting the vehicle’s carrying capacity to 2 tonnes,” the company said.

The previous modification of the Tigr-M vehicle features class 5 armor and provides protection against explosives weighing up to 0.6 kg in TNT equivalent. Therefore, the upgraded vehicle’s mine resistance will grow more than three-fold. The vehicle’s increased carrying capacity will provide a possibility to mount new modules with heavy armament on it.

“The work on the heavy upgrade of the Tigr armored vehicle is being carried out in compliance with the schedule. So far, as we promised, we plan to offer the vehicle this year,” the defense manufacturer said.

The class 5 protection shields military hardware against ordinary 7.62mm bullets with the ordinary steel core fired from the SVD sniper rifle within a firing distance of 10 meters. The class 6a ballistic resistance under the GOST standards offers protection against armor-piercing incendiary bullets with the special core fired from the SVD sniper rifle within a firing distance of 10 meters.

According to open sources, Tigr armored vehicles are used by Special Forces and military police in the fight against terrorists in Syria. In such armed conflicts, a serious threat is posed by terrorists’ ambushes with the use of snipers and improvised explosives planted along the routes of military convoys.

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Денис Черкасов

How did it come that they didnt create such protection for Tiger vehicles long ago already?
There are already about 8 people who have lost their lifes in Syria, if Im correct, because of Tiger’s low protection against mines.


Armor is heavy and vehicles have weight limitations (especially wheeled ones). Years of research and development are needed for any increase in protection that doesn’t make the vehicle too heavy.

John Whitehot

How come that the US did not invent the atomic bomb before ww2?

Several tens of millions of people lost their lives in WW2, if i’m correct, because the US invented the atomic bomb only at the end of it.


No my friend the US didn’t invent the Atomic bomb, the German scientists in WW2 split the atom, and make it capable for atomic fusion bombs, they started to work on those projects, on the end of 1944 and in 1945 the US found a lot of them, and their equipment and ship them in the US, the Germans had already everything the americans just made it in their own country with those German scientists and the first taste of that had the Japan. Both the splitting of the Atom+Atomic bomb and Ballistic Rockets were invented by the germans, but you know that by that time, in 1944-45 Russia defeat Germany and they got the hands of some of those scientists and research and they start to make their own version of it.

John Whitehot

The comment was supposed to exemplify the retarded logic of the op one.

I could make another 100 examples but won’t, since I don’t do text walls like zionists do

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