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MAY 2021

Russian COVID-19 Support Arrives In Italy, As Infection Ramps Up In U.S.

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Russian COVID-19 Support Arrives In Italy, As Infection Ramps Up In U.S.

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On March 23rd, the total cases of COVID-19 around the global surpassed 340,000, with nearly 15,000 deaths and 100,00 recovered.

Italy continues suffering the most from the epidemic, as it recorded 793 deaths in a single day, the most of any country in a single day.

On March 22nd, Italy reported 5,560 new cases and 651 deaths, which was less than the previous day, and even lower as a percentage share of the whole. However, the peak appears to not have been reached yet.

It has upwards of 59,000 cases in total, out of which 7,000 have recovered and 5,500 have died.

In the evening, Russia’s aid to Italy landed at the Italian Air Force base Pratica di Mare.

Seven Russian Ilyushin Il-76 military transport planes carrying medical supplies and experts. The teams will immediately begin their work once the Italian side clarifies areas for deployment, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

In total, Moscow prepared nine cargo planes with emergency aid. The deployment was ordered by President Vladimir Putin after a phone call with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

MSM, such as Bloomberg immediately discovered Russia’s “hidden agenda” of wanting to “exploit” the EU when it is in a difficult situation.

“Yet the humanitarian cargo is only one side of Putin’s double game when it comes to Europe and its health-care crisis. According to an internal EU report, Russia is also responsible for an organized campaign spreading disinformation about the coronavirus with the intention of undermining confidence in western leaders.”

Essentially, MSM discovered that its own reports alleging that Russia is spreading disinformation are pure fact and Moscow created a hysteria, which is now solving by itself.

“It’s good foreign-policy PR, showing Russia as a force for good,” said Vladimir Frolov, a foreign policy analyst based in Moscow. “Like China’s Xi Jinping, Putin can now say his regime is on the side of good and is effective because one person can make decisions quickly without having to pay attention to the opinion of the population.”

The medical aid “will give us a chance in relations with Italy to hint gently about the need to repay the favor and block the extension of EU sanctions in June,” said Frolov. “It’s also important to point out the aid is going along military lines, which shows how helpless NATO is.”

China has also sent quite a bit of equipment and experts to Italy and other EU countries to help.

Cuban doctors went to Italy to help in the battle against coronavirus, the Caribbean island has sent its “armies of white robes” to disaster sites around the world largely in poor countries since its 1959 revolution. Its doctors were in the front lines in the fight against cholera in Haiti and against ebola in West Africa in the 2010s.

Yet with the 52-strong brigade, this is the first time Cuba has sent an emergency contingent to Italy, one of the world’s richest countries, demonstrating the reach of its medical diplomacy.

This is the sixth medical brigade Cuba has sent in recent days to combat the spread of the new disease abroad. It has sent contingents to socialist allies Venezuela and Nicaragua as well as Jamaica, Suriname and Grenada.

Cuba even offered to help the US in dealing with the coronavirus, but Cuban doctors aren’t welcome in the US.

So far, the only country that appears completely incapable of cooperating with its allies (and even adversaries) is the US. It is entirely focused on its own situation, and rumors that Trump even attempted to purchase a vaccine from a German company only for Washington’s needs is showing of how even the media of its allies feels towards its behavior.

And still, when the crisis passes, the expectation is that a very crude and obvious campaign to shame and blame Russia, China, Iran, Cuba and others for the situation, and there will also be likely accusations by the US, for accepting help from “the enemy” who “orchestrated” the situation.

Spain is showing a tendency of rapid growth, however the country most rapidly gaining new cases in the US.

New York state alone has more total cases than France, South Korea and most of the European countries, according to data as of March 22nd. New York governor Andrew Cuomo reported 15,168 cases of Covid-19 in the state, with 9,045 cases originating in New York City. Trump said that in three to four weeks, a floating hospital will arrive in New York.

New York State may postpone primary elections in June.

On March 22nd, the US recorded 9,339 new cases, to a total of 33,546, and 117 deaths, to a total of 419. The US is expected to surpass Italy in the number of infections in just a matter of days. 111 confirmed COVID-19 cases were confirmed among US military personnel. In addition, 32 service members, 37 family members and 31 employees were also among the confirmed COVID-19 cases linked to the US Armed Forces.

The National Guard is deployed in three states to combat coronavirus.

In several American states, prisoners will be released, media reported.

In Europe, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was quarantined, after her doctor tested positive for COVID-19.

Meanwhile, German authorities have limited contact between people in the fight against the spread of coronavirus. In particular, citizens should not gather in groups of more than two. This was stated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in an appeal to the people.

In addition, all cafes and restaurants, as well as enterprises that provide services to the population, such as hairdressers, are ordered to close for the duration of the restrictions if they cannot provide a two-meter distance between visitors.

McDonald’s will close its restaurants in Britain and Ireland.

In France, clinical trials of treatment methods have begun. The number of people infected in the country exceeded 16 thousand.

In the Czech Republic and Montenegro, the first patients with coronavirus died.

The head of the Ministry of Health recommended the introduction of an emergency in Ukraine. The number of infected in the country increased to 73.

A curfew will also be introduced in Greece to combat the spread.

In Russia, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that the number of cases of coronavirus infection in Russia has grown to upwards of 400.

25.5 million protective masks from China were delivered to Russia. The Ministry of Industry and Trade stated that supplies will continue.

Russian schools go on vacation from March 23rd to April 12th. A number of schools at this time will switch to distance learning.

Furthermore, to combat the possible spread of COVID-19, all scheduled outpatient screening in Russia has been prohibited, so that non-infected patients don’t visit hospitals.

In the Middle East, Syria recorded its first COVID-19 case, and Turkey exceeded 1,000 cases.

In Southeast Asia, the spread is slowing down, as countries such as Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan have experience in dealing with SARS back in 2002-3.


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  1. Zionism = EVIL says:

    Americunt arseholes deserve the worst as the savages created this bio-warfare mess in the first place and now they are busy with their best behavior:

    White supremacists encouraging their members in US and Canada to spread coronavirus to cops, Jews, FBI says
    The alert was sent to local police agencies by federal officials.

    1. Superfly says:

      US homeless situation is worsening as its economy crumbles. It had the worst homeless and poverty anyway.

      1. Concrete Mike says:

        Those idiots insisted in having spring break.in Florida all weekend!! Party as usual.kids , nothing to see here!!!

    2. viktor ziv says:

      “Tko pod drugim jamu kopa, sam pada u nju.” aka “He who digs pit below other, falls in it alone.”

      1. BMWA1 says:

        Sounds like Pit Grave Culture in Bronze Age Ukraine

      2. Superfly says:

        In my language which properly applies to US,
        Don’t blame a mirror for your ugly face

        1. Ashok Varma says:

          In Hindu scriptures it is KARMA. Evil always returns to haunt the perpetrator.

          1. Hasbara Hunter says:

            Karma is a bitch….

          2. Ashok Varma says:

            and it bites.

  2. Superfly says:

    Russia is assisting as many friendly nations as it can. Russia said Thursday it has sent test kits for the novel coronavirus to countries including Iran, North Korea and ex-Soviet states.

    1. BMWA1 says:

      VZ too and Serbs.

    2. Hasbara Hunter says:

      Meanwhile my Dutch Fellow Citizens all locked themselves up inside their homes…Desolate streets…perhaps an upcoming total Lockdown…fear & anxiety seem to have seized their hearts & minds…a bit of an embarrassment…

      1. Concrete Mike says:

        I went for. 4×4 drive in woods saturday, the quarantine.nazi, aka the wife was not impressed!

        She plastered me with what i should do in a quarantine for hours, to wich i replied, i went 100 km into the woods, thats quarantine friendly. I didnt even get out of the truck!!

        1. Hasbara Hunter says:

          ???….I can see you Drivin’ through them woods…chased by COVID-19….sounds like a new Sci-Fi Hollywood blockbuster…

  3. Hasbara Hunter says:

    The world definitely won’t be the same anymore after this virus has extinguished…

    1. BMWA1 says:

      Transgender personal pronoun use won’t seem so important.

      1. Hasbara Hunter says:

        On the contrary: I personally think a lot of people in Holland behave like pussies…

        1. Ashok Varma says:

          Europeans have fed the US monster and undermined their own societies.

    2. Shia man says:

      Yes looks like this virus sped the decline of the US and now China and Russia are coming to the aid of the world while the democratic countries of Europe are closing borders and have shortages in their supplies even the so called strongest country in the world US of A has shortages and are managing the whole situation terribly they are either incompetent or they are deliberately doing this.
      China and Russia look like the biggest winners out of this situation especially China since its buying out all the American and Europe based Chinese companies for the low and European countries begging for help from china it’s amazing if you ask me a virus Brought America down to its knees

      1. Hasbara Hunter says:

        I’m very curious where this all leads to…Russia & Europe shakin’ hands…the Middle East returned to Middle Easterners, always have been in my “Hidden” agenda…it seems all well on track…

        1. Ashok Varma says:

          Why do you think the Americans used the British time honoured lapdogs to undermine the EU and Euro. Europeans need to look east and the old rising world.

          1. Hasbara Hunter says:

            Humanity already should have shaken hands 2000 years ago…obviously they are pretty unintelligent bein’s

  4. BMWA1 says:

    Sixty years ago, the United States would have sent in such aid as Russia today.

    1. Superfly says:

      US has the weakest safety net in the world and highest military spending

      Cohn, a Goldman Sachs executive and former National Economic Council
      director in the Trump administration, says the US economy is already in a
      recession as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, and that
      unemployment numbers are set to soar along with homelessness as US lacks a European style safety. He also says fixing the recession
      will cost trillions of dollars and that the government bailout and even that would be a drop in the bucket, considering US debt and military costs.

      1. Volker says:

        Even if they would cut their War/Terror/Deep-State budget in half, they would still have the highest in the world but could solve ALL their domestic problems on the spot for decades.

        1. Ashok Varma says:

          They will not as the military-industrial complex controls them. US is hooked as a war junkie and its people are ignorant.

  5. Volker says:

    This Crisis shows w/o a doubt who the REAL friends of Europe and all Europeans are Russia + China. The REAL ENEMIES are the Rogue AmeriCunt Mafia/Terrorist Regime, NATO-Mafia and the corrupt neoliberal/globalist Elites/Oligarchs + EU-Junta.

    1. Superfly says:

      Europeans will have to rethink the destructive ties with US.

  6. Ashok Varma says:

    Indian media reports that China and Iran were the main targets of US
    virus attack, but Italians share DNA similarities with Iranians and were
    collateral damage in American biological warfare attack. US needs to be
    taken to task for such outlaw actions.

  7. igybundy says:

    Cuban white coats have invaded Italy?

    1. Volker says:

      Hope for the best! Cuban Doctors are Legendary, that’s why the AmeriCunts hate them so much.

  8. Dirk Leinher says:

    We should be carefull with numbers. In regards to italy, the following informations should also be mentionend allong with the “793” deaths:
    Source: https://swprs.org/a-swiss-doctor-on-covid-19/

    A Swiss medical doctor provided the following information on the current situation in order to enable our readers to make a realistic risk assessment. (Daily updates below)

    According to the latest data of the Italian National Health Institute ISS, the average age of the positively-tested deceased in Italy is currently about 81 years. 10% of the deceased are over 90 years old. 90% of the deceased are over 70 years old.

    80% of the deceased had suffered from two or more chronic diseases. 50% of the deceased had suffered from three or more chronic diseases. The chronic diseases include in particular cardiovascular problems, diabetes, respiratory problems and cancer.

    Less than 1% of the deceased were healthy persons, i.e. persons without pre-existing chronic diseases. Only about 30% of the deceased are women.

    The Italian Institute of Health moreover distinguishes between those who died from the coronavirus and those who died with the coronavirus. In many cases it is not yet clear whether the persons died from the virus or from their pre-existing chronic diseases or from a combination of both.

    The two Italians deceased under 40 years of age (both 39 years old) were a cancer patient and a diabetes patient with additional complications. In these cases, too, the exact cause of death was not yet clear (i.e. if from the virus or from their pre-existing diseases).

    The partial overloading of the hospitals is due to the general rush of patients and the increased number of patients requiring special or intensive care. In particular, the aim is to stabilize respiratory function and, in severe cases, to provide anti-viral therapies.

    (Update: The Italian National Institute of Health published a statistical report on test-positive patients and deceased, confirming the above data.)

    The doctor also points out the following aspects:

    Northern Italy has one of the oldest populations and the worst air quality in Europe, which has already led to an increased number of respiratory diseases and deaths in the past and is likely an additional risk factor in the current epidemic.

    South Korea, for instance, has experienced a much milder course than Italy and has already passed the peak of the epidemic. In South Korea, only about 70 deaths with a positive test result have been reported so far. As in Italy, those affected were mostly high-risk patients.

    The approximately twelve test-positive Swiss deaths so far were also high-risk patients with chronic diseases, an average age of 80 years and a maximum age of 90 years, whose exact cause of death, i.e. from the virus or from their pre-existing diseases, is not yet known.

    Furthermore, according to a first Chinese study, the internationally used virus test kits may give a false positive result in some cases. In these cases, the persons may not have contracted the new coronavirus, but presumably one of the many existing human coronaviruses that are part of the annual (and currently ongoing) common cold and flu epidemics. (1)

    Thus the most important indicator for judging the danger of the disease is not the frequently reported number of positively-tested persons and deaths, but the number of persons actually and unexpectedly developing or dying from pneumonia (so-called excess mortality).

    According to all current data, for the healthy general population of school and working age, a mild to moderate course of the Covid-19 disease can be expected. Senior citizens and persons with existing chronic diseases should be protected. The medical capacities should be optimally prepared.

    Medical literature
    (1) Zhuang et al., Potential false-positive rate among the ‚asymptomatic infected individuals‘ in close contacts of COVID-19 patients, Chinese Medical Association Publishing House, March 2020.

    (2) Grasselli et al., Critical Care Utilization for the COVID-19 Outbreak in Lombardy, JAMA, March 2020.

    (3) WHO, Report of the WHO-China Joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease 2019, February 2020.

    Reference values
    Important reference values include the number of annual flu deaths, which is up to 8,000 in Italy and up to 60,000 in the US; normal overall mortality, which in Italy is up to 2,000 deaths per day; and the average number of pneumonia cases per year, which in Italy is over 120,000.

    Current all-cause mortality in Europe and in Italy is still normal or even below-average. Any excess mortality due to Covid-19 should become visible in the European monitoring charts.

    1. John says:

      Okay, enough the statistics. what are you saying?

      1. Dirk Leinher says:

        To be able to estimate a number like “1000 deaths” it is importent to have more datas.
        I provided them. Just try to make your own thoughts about it.

        1. John says:

          Fair enough dirk. The statistic I am looking at is a basic one; what happened to the people who were infected? The Closed Cases is what has my eye; did they recover or did they die? So far as of yesterday, about 18% of them died. Anything else, save what is happening regionally is not on my plate. Good luck out there.

    2. Wolfgang Wolf says:

      seems like it is just some kind of “flu +” … as a cover to reorganise the worldwide financial system….

  9. John says:

    I just read part of the Bloomberg article to see if this was real. My God in heaven, it is filthy trash. One leader of his country called another, asking for aid, in a time of desperation for his country. The other leader of his country listened and sent aid, by the plane load. Where the fuck does anybody have a problem with this?……. in the US of course.

    The article focused on things like PR and aid by the ECB. First off, the ECB is broke, they are busted so that is not going to help. Really first off, Italy has been screaming for medical supplies and assistance from the EU and received basically nothing from Brussels. The big point in the article was the ECB money over actual phsyical aid and the arrival of medical personnel. Doctors are dying at the front lines of this battle. Medical personnel cannot go on indefinitely without some relief. Yet, that didn’t count, it is all about the money. Next, how does money save you when you are infected and you can’t received any help, idiots? I would love to see the looks on the faces of the the authors of the article… and whomever had the bright idea for it, if and when they are stricken and none will attend to them, leaving them to die as has been done in other places hit by the pandemic.

    Well guess what, now is the time to pay the piper all of you trolls working for whomever of in fantasyland USA …. aka New York …. and at places like Bloomberg. Your city is shutdown. They have had workers on the floor of the NYSE test positive. The morons are piling into Central Park for relaxation thinking ‘we’ have it under control. You are ground zero for the explosion of new Covid-19 cases in the US. Who are you jackasses going to call, over at Bloomberg News, when it absolutely crumbles within the next week or so over there? Oh don’t bother with President Trump. He is busy with something more important, like trying to bomb somebody again or getting his hair done.

    Enjoy the fallout Mr. Bloomberg.

  10. Wolfgang Wolf says:

    grave mistake: RUS dont need sanctions waiver. this is the biggest misunderstanding from all those western idiots. the longer sanctions are active, the more RUS economy and society gets independent from western traitors. so what…

    1. Jake321 says:

      LOL…I’m sure your typical Russian will love living like a typical North Korean, Igor the Vacuous.

  11. goingbrokes says:

    Western leaders are unwilling to help anyone (unless its smallpox blankets), and when someone else does help “it’s evil!”
    What small-minded hasbarats.

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