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JUNE 2021

Russian COVID-19 Response Team Will Work In Italy’s Bergamo – MoD

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Russian COVID-19 Response Team Will Work In Italy's Bergamo - MoD

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Russian mobile medical teans and viral agent defense experts who have arrived in Italy for assisting the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak will be working in the city of Bergamo, Lombardy region, the Russian Defence Ministry said on March 24.

“It has been determined, following consultations, that Russian military experts, who have experience in fighting epidemics … across the whole world, will start fulfilling tasks in the Italian city of Bergamo,” the defense ministry’s statement reads.

The Russian COVID-19 response team is now preparing for a 600-kilometer long road. It is coordinating documents and preparing vehicles and equipment for relocation. The Russian military noted that it had delivered mobile disinfection units and mobile laboratories for diagnosing infectious diseases.

Russia started deploying specialists and equipment in the framework of its effort to assist Italy on March 22. Since then, 14 IL-76 with specialists and euqipment have been sent to the country.

Italy is currently the main hotspot of the COVID-19 crisis in Europe. The situation is also very complicated in Spain.

Russian COVID-19 Response Team Will Work In Italy's Bergamo - MoD

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Lone Ranger

Russia is love, Russia is life.

Lone Ranger

CIA trolls and hasbarats will cry and rage ;)

Lone Ranger

Thank you Russia.

cechas vodobenikov

Russia, China, Cuba provide help to Italy; amerikans create death and misery everywhere–where r the CIA paid packuda that dribble their lies now?

opet ja

Only organized states can handle such crises. Russia, China, Cuba have large state services for any kind of problem. State owned hospitals, state owned universities producing large number of educated people, large amount of equipment already prepared, large logistic and above all will to help people.

cechas vodobenikov

the hurricanes caused the deaths of nearly 600 in Puerto Rico—only 10 died in Cuba; all electricity was restored in Cuba in 1 week; to this day it is reported that it has not been fully restored in PR
amerikans r not civilized enough to create infrastructure and take care of their colonies or their own people–2000 died as during the Katrina debacle–1500 in Louisiana alone

klove and light

COVID-19: Targeting Italy and South Korea? “The Chain of Transmission of Infection”
By Larry Romanoff
Global Research, March 21, 2020

A high-level Italian virologist, Giuseppe Remuzzi, has published papers in the Lancet and other articles in which he states facts not hitherto known. (1)

The doctor stated that Italian physicians now recall having seen:
“a very strange and very severe pneumonia, particularly in old people in December and even November [2019]. This suggests that the virus was circulating, at least in Lombardy, and before we were aware of this outbreak occurring in China.“(2)
Chinese medical authorities have determined the same underlying phenomenon, that the virus had been circulating among the population for perhaps two months before it finally broke out into the open.
Further, according to the Italian National Health Service (ISS):
“It is not possible to reconstruct, for all patients, the chain of transmission of infection. Most cases reported in Italy report an epidemiological link with other cases diagnosed in Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Veneto, the areas most affected by the epidemic.” [translation from Italian] (3)
The above statement is of crucial importance since it supports in itself the assertion of several simultaneous infection clusters and several ‘patients zero’. There are cases in Lombardy that could not be placed in an infection chain, and this must also be true for other areas. (see below) Given that the virus broke out separately in disparate regions of Italy, we can expect the identification of independent infectious clusters in those regions as well. That would mean Italy was hit by at least several individual ‘seedings’ of the virus.
China’s outbreak of consequence was primarily in the city of Wuhan but with multiple sources in the city and multiple patients zero, with a minor outbreak in Guangdong that was easily contained. China had multiple clusters in Wuhan. There was no single source, and no patient zero has been identified which is similar to those of Italy.
The mystery of Italy’s “Patient No. 4”

Was the Italian outbreak caused by infections from China? Yes, and no.
Before February 20, 2020, there were only three cases of coronavirus infection in Italy, two tourists from Wuhan, China, confirmed on January 30th, and an Italian man who returned to Rome from Wuhan on February 6th. These were clearly imported cases with Italy experiencing no new infections during the next two weeks.

Then suddenly there appeared new infections that were unrelated to China. On February 19, the Lombardy Health Region issued a statement that a 38-year-old Italian man was diagnosed with the new coronavirus, becoming the fourth confirmed case in Italy. The man had never traveled to China and had no contact with the confirmed Chinese patients.

Immediately after this patient was diagnosed, Italy experienced a major outbreak. In one day, the number of confirmed cases increased to 20 and, after little more than three weeks, Italy had 17,660 confirmed cases.

The Italians were not idle in searching for their patient zero. They renamed the “patient 4” “Italian No. 1”, and attempted to learn how he became infected. The search was apparently fruitless, the article stating that “America’s pandemic of the century has become the subject of suspicion by Italians“.(4)

The mystery of South Korea’s “Patient No. 31”

South Korea’s experience was eerily similar to that of Italy, and also to that of China. The country had experienced 30 imported cases which began on January 20, I believe all of which were traceable to contact with Hubei and/or Wuhan.

But then South Korea discovered a “Patient No. 31”, a 61 year-old South Korean woman diagnosed with the new coronavirus on February 18. This ‘local’ patient had no ties to China, had had no contact with any Chinese, and no contact whatever with any of the infected South Koreans. Her infection was a South Korean source.
More than Just a Virus

Just as with Italy, the outbreak in South Korea exploded rapidly after the discovery of Patient 31. By the next day, February 19 (Italy was February 21, for comparison), there were 58 confirmed cases in South Korea, reaching 1,000 in less than a week. After little more than three weeks, South Korea had 8,086 confirmed cases. It would now seem likely (yet to corroborated) that South Korea and Italy could have been ‘seeded’ at approximately the same time.

Like the Italians, South Korea performed a massive hunt for the source of the infection of their “Korean No. 1”, combing the country for evidence, but without success. They discovered the confirmed cases in South Korea were mainly concentrated in two separate clusters in Daegu and Gyeongsang North Road, most of which – but not all – could be related to “Patient 31”. As with Italy, multiple clusters and multiple simultaneous infections spreading like wildfire – and without the assistance of a seafood market selling bats and pangolins.

For both Italy and South Korea, I could also add that there is no supposed “bio-weapons lab” anywhere within reach (as was claimed for China), but that wouldn’t be accurate. There are indeed bio-weapons labs easily within reach of the stricken areas in both Italy and South Korea – but they belong to the US Military.

Korea is particularly notable in this regard because it was proven likely that MERS resulted from a leak at the American military base at Osan. The official Western narrative for the MERS outbreak in South Korea was that a Korean businessman became infected in the Middle East then returned to his home in Gyeonggi Province and spread the infection. But there was never any documentation or evidence to support that claim, and to my best knowledge it was never verified by the South Korean Government.

Pertinent to this story is that according to the Korean Yonhap News Service, at the onset of the outbreak about 100 South Korean military personnel were suddenly quarantined at the USAF Osan Air Base. The Osan base is home to the JUPITR ATD military biological program that is closely related to the lab at Fort Detrick, MD, both being US military bio-weapons research labs.
There is also a (very secretive) WHO-sponsored International Vaccine Institute nearby, which is (or at least was) managed by US military biological weapons personnel. At the time, and given the quarantine mentioned above, the event sequence accepted as most likely was that of a leak from a JUPITR biowarfare project. (5) (6)
The Korean path is similar with that of Italy. If we look at a map of the virus-stricken areas of Italy, there is a US military base within almost a stone’s throw of all of them. This is of course merely a case of circumstance arousing suspicion, and by no means constitutes proof of anything at all.

However, there is a major point here which cannot be overlooked, namely the fact of simultaneous eruptions of a new virus in three different countries, and in all three cases no clear epidemiology, and an inability to identify either the original source or a patient zero

Multiple experts on biological weapons are in unanimous agreement that eruptions in a human population of a new and unusual pathogen in multiple locations simultaneously, with no clear idea of source and cases with no proven links, is virtually prima facie evidence of a pathogen deliberately released, since natural outbreaks can almost always be resolved to one location and one patient zero. The possibility of a deliberate leak is as strong in Italy and South Korea as in China, all three nations apparently sharing the same suspicions.

Lone Ranger

Terror state U.S….


So it was just one week after the opening of the duck hunting season I found myself reaching for my trusty double-barreled Hoving and Hockney binoculars and casting off silently into the slow-running streets of the New York ornithology scene in search of some easy prey.

By God, it was a marvelous sensation. I felt the hairs on my neck stand on end and my nostrils flare in the misty downtown petrol fumes, and using the Cherokee Indian ‘silent lope’ my original instructor recommended ( I have always insisted on stalking in the western way … it sorts out the men from the boys … the limp wristed, mincing, nancies, from the real men … so I tell my son).
The lad hadn’t quite yet captured the frontier spirit. He just stared morosely into the misty dawn and asked: “Papa, what’s a Lesser-Spotted Trump look like? Is it dangerous?”

The question hit me like a rock. I suddenly realized I had never come across one in the flesh, so to speak, not that I recalled anyway. Still, not to worry I told the boy as we took a breather in a graffiti streaked, Pollockish no-roof bus shelter (or was it graffiti?). “We’ll soon find someone who can describe what one looks like. There’s bound to be other hunters searching the VIP loungers and hotel foyers. Everyone will be out looking for them now it is open season. If not (I confided in an effort to keep his spirits up) we could always hunt for the Silver-crested Clinton or the red-quiled migratory Carter”. Though I admitted to myself no one had sighted one of those since the Blue-plumed Democrats were all shot out.
Shortly afterwards we came up to a rather modern studded steel door set in a glass wall that proclaimed itself as a VIP lounge of some sort.

We strode inside and asked the middle-aged man who seemed to be in charge if he knew of any Lesser-spotted Trumps around the area.
He seemed almost amused at the idea. He was adamant we would not spot one. “Not in these parts,” he proclaimed proudly. “Anyway, they are a rare breed these days. They tell me there used to be lots of them but they were almost wiped out by an overabundance of photographers and journalists who trampled down their natural habitat.
To be continued ……


The “Ignorance” Of The Left Is Only Surpassed By Their Stupidity. You fit the bill PERFECTLY.

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