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Russian Company Repaired Four Nuclear Submarines Without The Necessary Licenses To Do So


Russian Company Repaired Four Nuclear Submarines Without The Necessary Licenses To Do So

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The repair of four Russian nuclear submarines was declared null and void, after it turned out that the company that carried out the works didn’t have the necessary licenses.

As a result, SPTB Zvezdochka and its former CEO must return the entire cost of the contract to the state.

Russian outlet Kommersant reported that the military prosecutor’s office recovered money from an enterprise that repaired the units of four nuclear submarines of the Russian Northern Fleet, without the necessary special licenses.

The head of the company received a sentence for illegal entrepreneurship in the field of state defense orders.

It is noteworthy that the customer in the face of the Ministry of Defense had no complaints about the quality of work.

The lawsuit of the military prosecutor’s office against SPTB Zvezdochka and its former leader Konstantin Khryukin were granted by the Polar District Court of the Murmansk Region located in the city of Gadzhievo. The reason for the civil proceedings was the criminal process that took place in the same court.

As the investigating authorities and then the court established, Khryukin headed SPTB Zvezdochka from January 2013 to January 2016. According to the charter of the company, it was entitled to engage in “any types of activity not prohibited by the current legislation of the Russian Federation”, while it did not have some special licenses.

Meanwhile, on February 18, 2014, between the Ministry of Defense and the company CS Zvezdochka, a state contract was signed for serial maintenance and repair of ships and vessels of the Northern Fleet for the period 2014-2016.

As a co-executor of the contracts, CS Zvyozdochka brought in SPTB Zvezdochka.

In 2014–2015, SPTB Zvezdochka performed work at the electric compressor stations of the Panther nuclear submarine worth 7.4 million rubles, the Volk nuclear submarine – 2.5 million rubles, the Voronezh nuclear submarine – 340 thousand rubles, the Gepard nuclear submarine – 2 million rubles. and so on, for which the general contractor transferred to the company a total of 14.4 million rubles.

Moreover, SPTB Zvezdochka specialists worked in places of permanent deployment of nuclear submarines in the cities of Gadzhievo and Zaozersk.

When it turned out that the work was carried out without a license, Konstantin Khryukin was charged with committing a crime under subsection “b” of part 2 of art. 171 of the Criminal Code – illegal business associated with the extraction of income in a particularly large amount.

He was sentenced to 1.5 years of prison. However, given that the entrepreneur was previously convicted under Part 1 of Art. 201 of the Criminal Code for abuse of power, also committed in the repair of vessels of the Northern Fleet, the term was increased to two and a half years of settlement.

Turning to the court, the military prosecutor’s office indicated that Khryukin had deliberately made a deal with a goal “obviously contrary to the foundations of law and order and morality,” which also affected the interests of the country’s defense and security.

The supervision demanded that the transaction be recognized as null and void, and the income from it should be turned into the income of the treasury of the Russian Federation.

The representative of the convict Khryukin did not agree with the prosecutor’s lawsuit, believing that the stated claims were unfounded.

According to him, there are no grounds for satisfying the claim by the prosecutor’s office, since all the work was carried out efficiently and on time.

The representative of SPTB Zvezdochka also noted that no claims of the state customer were addressed to this enterprise or to the CS Zvyozdochka .

“The result of the work performed is currently being used by the Ministry of Defense,” he added.

The court decided that SPTB Zvyozdochka had performed works whose necessary quality was not and could not be adequately ensured due to the company’s lack of a license to repair armaments and military equipment in the corresponding class.

Noting that Khryukin’s “dishonesty and wrongfulness of actions” was established by a verdict that entered into force, and the transaction was void, the court collected 14,407,930 rubles from the former general director of SPTB Zvyozdochka and the enterprise itself, as well as a state duty.




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