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Russian Combat Divers Conduct Anti-Sabotage Exercise In Syria’s Tartus (Video)

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Russian Combat Divers Conduct Anti-Sabotage Exercise In Syria’s Tartus (Video)

Tartus Naval Base, Syria (Photo: Google)

The Russian Navy’s Special Forces have conducted a new anti-sabotage exercise at Tartus Naval Base on the Syrian coast, Zvezda reported on March 10.

During the exercise, a sonar network at the base picked up an underwater target. An elite division of combat divers was quickly sent to intercept the target. The divers were armed with pistols capable of shooting underwater.

While the divers were intercepting the underwater target, a second group of saboteurs was trying to break into the base in a high-speed boat. The saboteurs were, however, quickly stopped by the Buyan-class corvette Vyshniy Volochy and a Raptor high-speed armored boat.

Once all the saboteurs were apprehended, combat divers returned to water to make sure that no mines were planted at any of the vessels anchored in the port.

Last month, Russian forces and their Syrian counterpart held two exercises simulating an infiltration attempt and a full-on attack at Tartus Naval Base.

Russian bases Syria, including the Naval Base in Tartus, came under attack on several occasions in the last few years. The vast majority of attacks were, however, successfully repelled.


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I would think that the Syrian underwater oil pipelines that have been attacked twice in two years or so will be a priority as well.


the only party that can execute a sabotage operation under water in the area is the jews, so the practice is just to deter the jews from trying anything stupid. the jews are in desperate mode and need a) a right to use lebanons seabed to build the pipeline the jews need to sell the gas to the european union (the fact that the natural gas is palestine’s property doesn’t bother neither the jews, who will steal anything they see and which can be taken and the eu which is too meek to say no and thus is prepared to be the jews’ bitch of fence) and b) keep up the pressure on all parties in the region, including turkey since the disorder is what assures the jews that they will receive the latest killing gadgets from th disunited states of dumbed out f..cks.


Not exactly. UK military base on Cyprus is just as close as Jews.
On top any strategic nuke sub can bring special ops divers for that kind of action in the region.comment image?output-quality=75

cechas vodobenikov

CIA taking swimming lessons; Russian military saved them from drowning

Supreme Blyat

With Beluga vodka

thomas malthaus
Lone Ranger

Russian combat divers are the best.
They were underestimated a few times in the past.
Thats a mistake you only make once in your life…

David Parker

Care to elaborate?

Lone Ranger

How many Russian ships did you manage to sink via sabotage?
The effort was there on your side.
But Russia was simply better.

David Parker

Care to elaborate, as in what do you know about people underestimating Russian combat divers a few times in the past? I would like to know what happened, particularly if they wasted Zionists.
For the record, I have absolutely no desire to sink Russian ships or attack Russians at all. The ones I personally know are good people.

David Parker

So, it appears the Israeli “defense” force has been busy in the water too all these years. Constant war and false flag attacks, lies, deception, war crimes, and atrocities. Makes it very clear the attackers are not “God’s chosen people”. That ended in A.D. 70 but these children of the devil own the media. Now if the stupid American taxpayers could only wake up and realize these are the same people Jesus called children of the devil. The demonic zionist ruling class of the Jews has the same satanic agenda as their forefathers – death and misery.

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