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Russian Buk-M3 And Other Modern Equipment To Be Showcased At Victory Day Parade

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Russian Buk-M3 And Other Modern Equipment To Be Showcased At Victory Day Parade

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The latest Buk-M3 medium-range battlefield air defense system will take part in the Victory Day parade on Moscow’s Red Square on May 9th, Russian news agency TASS reported on March 16th.

“The entire family of advanced models of the Army’s battlefield air defense missile systems will be demonstrated at the military parade in Moscow,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

“Four Buk-M3 self-propelled surface-to-air missile systems and four combat vehicles of the Tor-M2 anti-aircraft missile launchers will roll through in the mechanized column,” the press office reported.

Also, three combat vehicles of the Derivatsiya anti-aircraft artillery system, four launchers and two loader-launchers of the S-300V4 surface-to-air missile system will be presented at the Victory Day Parade.

This year’s Victory Day parade commemorates 75 years of the Soviet Union’s victory in the 1941-1945 Great Patriotic War against Nazi Germany.

It will involve 225 weapon systems, of which 24 latest models will be demonstrated for the first time, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said earlier.

The mechanized column will include T-90M ‘Proryv’ main battle tanks, Armata and Kurganets-25 infantry fighting vehicles with the new Kinzhal and Epokha combat modules, S-300V4 and S-350 anti-aircraft missile systems, a remotely-controlled mine-clearing vehicle and the family of Taifun armored vehicles.

Finally, the Tosochka flamethrower system will also be demonstrated during the military parade.

It is apparent that the Russian Armed Forces are actively rearming its units with the new advanced Buk-M3 surface-to-air missile system.

The newest Russian 9K317M Buk-M3 medium-range surface-to-air missile system (NATO reporting name: SA-17 Grizzly) entered in service in 2015.

Russian Buk-M3 And Other Modern Equipment To Be Showcased At Victory Day Parade

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Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Nice article.
Just remember that “Armata” is a family with a high amount of shared parts and technology, not a vehicle in itself.

What would be correct terminology would for example be “T-14 Armata”.

Jens Holm

Some articles about the Russian “just after stone age hospiatals” should be next. The lack of most things outside make people have a short and often in health a bad life.

At least 20 million Russians are in lower living standards then the poor in USA, Even pension to save them are harly there but in those missiles.

I hope for the non fat russians , that Corona dont like Russians. Russians aree free meal. Russian doctors outside the few citycenters still look like and maybee behave as blind ones in a halal slaugterhouse.

Ricky Miller

Not only is your comment full of cliche, it’s also just wrong. Russia’s life expectancy is headed up and the U.S. life expectancy is headed down. Russia still operates many older hospitals, yes but there are new ones too. I’m sure there are many websites that compare medical buildings and that analyze the behaviors of people and societies who throw away buildings in favor of new ones that don’t bring any improvement in function, but gives administrators jazzy new offices and sends a bunch of material to landfills-a neoliberal capitalist specialty. Why don’t you run along to those webpages Jens.

Jens Holm

Your feelings says so. Facts fx say Russians reach 71 and people from USA rwach the age of 79. Thats about the same.

I will not waste my time commenting the rest about Hospitals and doctors outside the maincenters of Russia. My facts are facts and a lot of links can confirm that commen knowledge apart from Your own biased ddep state versions.

Russia is abad producer. And as long as they insist in that its like in old USSR and not only in tanks for tractors.

Ricky Miller

Bullshit. You, as usual, have bad facts. I avoided MSM and went to the World Bank statistics, who cited the WHO and the U.S. CDC via US Dept. of Health and Human Services. The United States average life expectancy 1960-today:
1960-68 years 11 months.
1967 (the year of my birth) 69.4 years
1980-73.5 years
1990-75 years
2000-76.6 years
2010-78.84 years
2015-78.69 years
2017-78.6 years
2019-78.7 years.
If you are addicted to MSM (and you are) Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s medical expert can be googled for his CNN interview/analysis explaining the reasons for the reversal of progress in American health progress. Chief reasons: lack of access to expensive health care, widespread despair and hopelessness stemming from economic dysfunction and leading to a massive epidemic of substance abuse.

Life expectancy in the USSR/Russian Federation (World Bank/WHO)
1960-66.2 years USSR
1975-68 years
1985-69.3 years
1995-64.7 years (ain’t capitalism grand?) Russian Federation
2005-65.3 years
2014-70.744 years
2015-71.183 years
So, the big bad rich USA is now declining in life expectancy slightly whilst Russia continues to make progress. This is clearly shown in Infant Mortality statistics from 2019-2020: USA-5.8 infant deaths per live births. Russia-5.378 infant deaths per live birth. Sources are WHO and US CDC. Stuff it, Russia hater.

Lone Ranger

You are mixing up Russia with Detroit and Baltimore…

Jens Holm

I never wrote USA was well all over. I have critized USA for not trying to regain the middle class and upgrade by a long line of things.

Those are – so to speak – most wanted in the Rust districts. A part is medical care, a part is free or aqlmost free education, a part is creating new jobs better having people educated for that.

But I also has blamed parts of the poor having bad traditions for no change which they and their local and state goverments should change.

Its the same i all countries but You can reduce the percent of passives a lot by educating to act themselves by being innovative in their minds. And the Goverments should give them incitaments for them and if needed even carrots for rewards.

USA dont do that. They have very bad systems in poor areas like “the less people are going to schools and even low educations” the less they pay to support them.

I think we are trying to do the opposite. Statistics tells us, that those people are as bright and will work hard as any, if they are helped up. So we try to put extra teachers in and also better learning facilities.

Its true we get many, which will remain users, which will be with no jobs, bad family relations, extra crime in the primitive end and like that – BUT – we take in for more money making many into good taxpayers as well as they as a minimum can pay most things by themselves.

And Yes, Its can be a kind of the same. Rusia has areas like that too. With fokus at Ukraine I can mention Rostov, Donetsk to Krivoj Rog as good examples. Parts mig be restored, but somany people should start somewhere else with something else.


He is mixing up everything – he has written nearly 60,000 posts on Disqus – and he still thinks he’s got something to say, or that anyone cares. Oh god…

Lone Ranger

P.S. invest into english lessons please…
My eyes are bleeding just reading that gibberish…

Jens Holm

Its not about Your eyes.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Jens, in Denmark, a western country, a NATO country, a 1st world country, a far beyond stoneage country, once upon a time there was a healthpolicy that was called “Pligt-etik” (Duty-ethic is the closes i can get in english), wich meant that the healthsystem/state had a moral duty to care for any and all, throughout their lifetime, from birth to natural death, no matter the cost and no matter the expense to “The Party” (A certain reference there).
But in the late 90´s that changed to “Nytte-etik” (Usefull-ethic), wich means that if you cannot, through taxes and dutys, pay back the medicalbill or you are nearing retirement age, Ie. you are no longer usefull to The Party, then the medical system are told to stop treatment, to deny you your treatment because ýou are to old, only if you have a position in society that cannot easily be replaced, or you are a famous person you get “From birth to natural death” care.
And no, never have medical or school been free in Denmark, it is pay for a conto (in advance) through your taxes.
The number of hospitals have declined dramatically the last decades, with new “Super Hospitals” being build through corruption, greed and red tape.

One sad story i can tell you is this:
My former nabour, a 82 year old man, who have been working since he was 7, came down double lunginfections late at night, they called 112 (911 in Denmark), the ambulance came and took him to Herning Hospital, after a few hours he was declared stable, and him an his 78 year old wife asked for a bed for the night.
Since he was declared medical stable, they both had to pay for it, literally, with their VISA, they could´n afford it, so they had to decline, they where offered a hard plastic benchseat in the front hall, with a cold draft everytime the doors opened.
While they just sat there waiting for their children to pick them up, never was they offered a cab or in any or shape anykind of transport back home, they where not offered water or food, not even a blanket, unless they payed for it ofcourse.
It was not the fault of the staff themselfes, but because if anyone even considered helping them, they would be caught on surviellance and fired.

There is a joke roaming among nurses and doctors, that you better call in advance, because you are going to need every single piece of strength to survive a visit to the Danish medical system.

Denmark is rotten to the core, idiotic, blind, deaf, paralyzed voters keep voting for the trash that is ruling inside “Hoppeborgen”.
Everytime those sad voters bitch and moan, one angry post after another on that disgusting Facebook, but absolutely no action, the ordinary Dane is blinded by “Vild med dans” and “Kagedysten”, two very popular shows in danish television.

Nobody cares about the truth, nobody cares about the reality around them, nobody acts.
Give a Dane access to Facebook, DR and TV2 and you wont hear any complains.

The politicians dont scare me, the voters does.

Jens Holm

Much of that is highly incorrect. Your pay version is for non contributors by tax and thats foreiners.

The matter of age is partly correct. It not neice to compare people with cars, but after many repairs and renovations it sometimes id no veteran car worth repairing at. The succesrate is very low and the fiasco rate it much more the result. So people die by the treatment.

And Our hospitals dont send people jome to die. They do order, what they can to keep things going as well as people die with no pain.

When You put in the levels and looking at them in changed perspective, You also forget, that we already had a much higher level then many others as well as we raised the level.

Its was a kind of trade. We lost some few, but we saved so many more.

I dont see those dancing contests as well as most of the cake baking BUT I do understand the brain and body need to recreate and regain by doing absolutly nothing havinbg fun. I try to respect that even its crap TV for me too.

I finall will allow me to write we live 10 more years then the Russians and they have the same kind of dummy programs because those are sold by license to the whole world. Dont blame danes for being like anybody else.

At least You have been in Herning. I dont see danes are the best in everything. We treat many more then we ever has done before pr capita and try to keep the cost down. Medicine prices goes up and take more and more money as well as we shoud need more doctors to keep less waiting.

Where I live we have double doors and a good waiting facility. Here and then its crowded and we are prioritized hard. A brkne arm might wait for hours. But I think we work for it.

And true the healtcare and other things are decided by the politicians. Thats what Sanders want in USA. Some private ones should not plunder us as patients and some insurrance companies should not.

So a main difference here is that the politicians are the outsourcers and the private cant run the whole thing as owners. We by that are much more cost effective paying half pr capita compared to the people in USA and even so often are better or the same.

People being more or less healthy in fx USA often are not fit for taking jobs because they so often has to go hom or are g´filled up with random medicine to keep them going as well as they “pollute” others.

They also are not able to take well care of their children and the rest of their family lives.

But Youare right. So many will remain passive in the middle even they need important parts of the Sanders inspitations here from Skandinavia.

I also allow me to add, that same treatment for all here also unify all a lot. USA and others countries certainly should need a lot of that.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

None of what i said is incorrect Jens.
The partner to a woman who just gaved birth also have to pay for an extra bed and meal.
You clearly do not know reality or how the filthy system works.

Health and lifes should never ever be part of a calculations that is only allowed to go into plus.
Hospitals sends people home to die, that is a fact, i got that from a nurse.
I agree that you can never save everyone, some are simply just to ill, but you have a obligation to do anything possible, no matter the amount, to try it.

What i said is that the beds was already there, they werent taking the space for anyone, and they, through hard manual labour for 75 years have payed for that bed and that meal many times over.
Benny had worked harder and more before his 18th birthday than you will in two lifetimes.

And please, do not even compared a beautifull, loving caring couple as Ruth and Benny as a used car, that just shows how pathetic and disgusting you are, that you can even make yourself write that.

I truely feel sorry for you Jens, i truely do.

A person like you is one that i do not want to have any conversation with, i do not have the energy to even think that there are people like you.
I have nothing more to say to you.

Lone Ranger

CIA trolls and ukropnazis will cry and rage ;)


See the ‘Jens Holm’ anti-Russian rant below…

Jens Holm

Yes please. Sober writing about russia is very unusual here. Dig in the Deep State og Jens, where facts are allowed and htrefore not deep.

Xoli Xoli

Test the stuff first on Turkey soldiers.

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