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Russian Bridge to Crimea Going Up at Lightning Speed (PHOTO, VIDEO)

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Russian Bridge to Crimea Going Up at Lightning Speed (PHOTO, VIDEO)

First technical bridge

Russia is very close to a direct link to Crimea.

Workers finished building of the temporary bridge that will carry construction machinery to the Kerch bridge site. It’s already working. Two more temporary bridges will be finished in the nearest future.

The second bridge across the Kerch Strait and a temporary railway will be built this winter.

The 19-kilometer long main bridge is expected to be finished in December 2018 and will connect Crimea to mainland Russia and by-pass Ukraine.

Crimea’s only land border is with the Kherson region of Ukraine. However, regular passenger and cargo deliveries are organized by direct flights and ferries from ports in southern Russia.

An awesome promo video of the main bridge:

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Why not outside the USA, people are fed up with every thing from the bad weather to the price of eggs is down to Putin, Germany and some of the EU feel they are being pushed into an arms race.Therefore we must look at the bigger picture and balance things out. ISIS are worse than the Nazi’s ever were (a) normal German troops didn’t murder most of ISIS do. (b) the Nazi’s had the guts to wear an uniform ISIS do not-me farmer-me fighter ploy. (C) when Brits, USA, and Russians all pulled on the same rope we got the job done, the evil of the terrorist then being worse than the Nazi’s WE MUST UNITE ON THIS POINT EVEN IF NOT ANY OTHER FOR THE GOOD OF ALL,

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