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Russian Bal And Bastion Coastal Missile Systems Started Drills In Crimea


Russian Bal And Bastion Coastal Missile Systems Started Drills In Crimea

Image: Russian Defense Ministry

Crews of Russian Bal and Bastion coastal missile systems have started drills in the Republic of Crimea, the press service of the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet reported on December 3.

According to the report, crews of the missile systems are training to destroy “enemy warships” and coordinate their efforts with air and naval reconnaissance systems.

The Bal coastal defense system is armed with 8 containers with Kh-35 anti-ship cruise missiles. They are capable to striking targets within the range of 130/260 km (depending on the modification) and defeat ships with the displacement of up to 5 000 t. At least one Bal system is now deployed near the Kerch Strait.

The Bastion-P mobile coastal defense missile system’s main role is to eliminate surface ships including carrier battle groups, convoys and landing craft. The system employs the P-800 Oniks supersonic anti-ship missile with a 200–250 kg warhead. According to remarks by Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, the Bastion-P system can engage targets at a distance of 350 km at sea and almost 450 km over land.
There are also 4 battalions of the S-400 air defense system deployed in Crimea. They are located in Feodosia, Evpatoria, Sevastopol and near the border with Ukraine.



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  • well, this winter is quite a hot one.
    let me guess, the “enemy” ship was FUKUS coalition ?


    Tow the captured Ukraine boats out to sea and use them for target practice.
    Their small size will make it a bit challenging.:)

    • beypuutyina

      ey, ey you little aggressive tigriee :DD

  • Daniel Miller

    the Bastion looks fucking awsome!

    • Jesus

      And quite deadly, approaching targets at sea level at Mach 3. The kinetic energy + warhead would make for an awesome hit.

    • BMWA1

      But can it hit frigates stuck in the mud of Azov I wonder????????/

    • beypuutyina

      i liked it too. perfect capital of the EMpire in stars wars.

  • Damien C

    Anyone know why it can travel for 450km over land but only 350 over water?

    • Ishyrion Av

      Probably because is not exactly on the coastline, but somewhere deeper on the land. For aerial protection, I assume.

      • Damien C

        jeez yes how dumb am i ….. thanks for highlighting the dementia for me

    • Manuel Flores Escobar

      because when is launched to attack ground target,,the missile fly more high and less speed…while to attack a warship..the missile has low fly and high speed to avoid countermeasure!..therefore to ground target has more range!

      • beypuutyina


      • Concrete Mike


  • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

    The defenders of RF freedom must be ready at all times. The demos must be crystal clear all the way to the warmongers in Kiev, London and Washington.

  • Fred Summers

    Very interesting new information on the Jonas Blog in Ukraine now circulating on the fringe web again –

    Copy –

    BAL was sent to Crimea was to allow selected Bastion-P (also known as K300P) to be fitted with the missiles (carrying the warheads) they were originally designed to carry.

    This means that selected Bastion units will now be loaded with nuclear warheads and actually be facing towards NATO ships in the Black Sea.

    Dont forget that Bastion also has ground attack capability – which shocked the US when it was deployed and used in Syria – so it is a very versatile weapon ideal for defending a location such as Crimea from both sea and land attack.

    BAL system has been deployed for convential war / use against small to medium assets, allowing Bastion to be held back for BOTH conventional and nuclear war against heavy surface vessels (ie NATO warships) and also against land targets.

    With the rapid movement of new Pantsir and new S400 batteries to Crimea to reinforce existing protection, all this looks like Russia is preparing for a BIG fight, not just a deterance.

    Cognitive Dissonance infected westerners see all of this, they also see that the Russian Crimea Bridge was threatened, and they see the massive reaction by Russia during and after this incident, but they continue to believe that really it is all about 3 little boats trying to sneak into the Sea of Azov on a PR stunt to support an unpopular leader – because that is what the MSM tell them.

    Wake the F–k up before you sleep walk into a nuclear war!

    The Russians are quickly moving to place nuclear weapons in existing defensive positions which can strike both sea and land targets all around Crimea and deep inside Ukraine, and the Americans and British are tiptoing nuclear weapons right up to Russias border and Ukraine.

    This is not make believe. This is not conspiracy theory. Get your eyes away from the MSM propaganda and look at the evidence in front of you. Look at the facts not the propaganda. Listen to what is leaked to you and even shouted at you!

    Last week Jonas warned that the Crimea Bridge incident was not over and to expect further provocations. Jonas also said the russians will respond assymetrically to all provocations baring a direct attack. Almost all experts in the West trashed this blog and writings, yet Jonas keeps being proven correct, time, and time, again.

    Russia is now ready for a nuclear confrontation with NATO.

    Maintain your cognitive dissonance at your own peril.


    • FlorianGeyer

      President Putin did say last year that he would authorise the use of Tactical Nukes if Russian Land was invaded by NATO.

  • Hassadnah Abraham

    Nice weapons, fit for Crimea defense. They can cover Azov and Black Sea water. NATO ship are well come with open arms.

  • beypuutyina

    Its time for russia to sit down with yankees and talk about INF treaty. in 60 days finishes and usa will leave.

    Everybodie here believes, ruskies are perfect xhess players lavrov is genius, putin is genius better they both sit down with amies and win in the field of diplomacy.

    • FlorianGeyer

      The US has no real diplomats to talk to though.

      US diplomacy apes British diplomacy in the 19th century.

      Gunboat diplomacy.

    • Concrete Mike

      I agree they should talk. Not only russia and usa, but everybody that has these missiles.

      Wouldnt it be great, having usa uk russia china israel iran and north korea ect. at the same table, coming to an agreement for all.

      This is the action that should be demanded.

      • beypuutyina

        sure. the multiateral talks is a verygood idea! thumbsup.

        • Concrete Mike

          Thanks for your support.

          See we can come to agreements sometimes.

  • S Melanson

    Listen to what they say and pay special attention to what they do. Russian build up in Crimea is suggestive that Russia believes a major event is planned against them. I suspect the provocation by Ukraine was intended to divert Russian attention from the real action which was the bridge – while Russia busy with the trespassing boats that seemed to be doing everything to keep all eyes on them, another group was carrying out a mission but I think the Russians wised up real fast or had intel to warn them and foiled the mission.

    Taking out the bridge is not because it would be a blow to Russian pride, it would be a needed step in any operation to seize the Crimea from Russia. They do know that Russia will not roll over on Crimea….