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Russian-Backed Fighters Deployed In Daraa’s Karak Following Attack On Syrian Troops (Video, Photos)


The situation in the town of Karak in the eastern Daraa countryside, where an attack targeted Syrian government forces on November 8, remains tense.

The attack was a response to a security operation that targeted the southern outskirts of Daraa city. Five Syrian service members, including Lt. Col. Sohan Othman, were killed in the attack that was carried out by local fighters.

Six other service members were kidnapped during the attack. However, they were released by the fighters within a few hours only.

Following the attack, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) elite 4th Division and the Air Force Intelligence Directorate deployed a large strike force around Karak and cut all the roads leading to the town.

On November 11 morning, government forces launched an attack on the town to capture those responsible for the November 8 incident. The attack, however, was quickly halted as a result of an agreement.

Under the agreement, fighters from the Russian-backed 8th Brigade, a unit of the 5th Corps that is dedicated for former rebels, were deployed in Karak.

Opposition sources revealed that 8th Brigade fighters would carry out a series of raids in Karak and search for the gunmen responsible for the November 8 attack.

The attack in Karak is another example of the state of lawlessness prevailing over Daraa and other parts of Southern Syria. The coordination between government forces and former rebels is improving. However, more need to be done in order to restore security in the region.




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