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Russian Authorities Detain Intoxicated Ukrainian Soldier Trying To Cross Border Into Crimea

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Russian Authorities Detain Intoxicated Ukrainian Soldier Trying To Cross Border Into Crimea

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On May 30th, a Ukrainian serviceman disappeared from his posting in the area of the Chonhar, which is just north of the border with Crimea.

It was assumed that he was abducted by unknown individuals.

“According to preliminary information, he could have been abducted, since there were signs of a fight found nearby the serviceman’s location at this facility. I want to note that the special personnel involved in the service in this area carry weapons, ammunition and radio communications equipment. Several soldiers were on duty at these military facilities. We want to say right away that the weapons and ammunition of this soldier are available,” head of the communications department of the command of the airborne assault forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Major Valentyn Shevchenko said.

Later on the day, the Russian security service – FSB confirmed that he was detained by them.

“The border management of the FSB of Russia in the Republic of Crimea detained a person for illegally crossing the state border from Ukraine to the Russian Federation without identity documents, who was intoxicated,” the FSB said on its website.

The ministry also said that during a personal search, the detainee was found in possession of a “a substance of plant origin, presumably a narcotic drug that was sent for examination.” A criminal case under Part 1 of Article 322 of the Criminal Code of Russia was opened in respect to Dobrunsky Y.V.

According to the Russian side, Ukrainian serviceman Yevhen Dobrynsky had “tried to” cross the administrative border between Crimea and Kherson region.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) documented the illegal detention of a junior sergeant of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine by representatives of the Russian Federal Security Service at the administrative border with the occupied Crimea. The SBU said that Russian special services had tortured the Ukrainian border guard.

On June 3rd, the US Embassy in Ukraine released a statement expressing its concern that the Ukrainian soldier was detained.

“We are disturbed by recent media reports that a member of the Ukrainian military was detained by Russian forces on sovereign Ukrainian territory. Russia must cease its unlawful occupation of Crimea and halt its aggression in the Donbas. Crimea is Ukraine,” the post reads.

To abolish any claims that he was abducted, a video was released showing the, very clearly, intoxicated Ukrainian servicemen struggle to keep balance and stumble about around the border.


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He was influenced by the 5G

Ivan Freely
Tommy Jensen

A man cant drink a bottle without being arrested anymore? If anything is about human rights this is it.


Violated the federations laws,as you ought to know 97% voted legit to entrust russia not cia ok!
So with pot in its pocket,crossing borders unlawfully,more important considering corona virus,
Put it this way,why don’t ye problem childs accept responsability and leave it for the real men to deal in such matters,HUMAN RIGHTS? SEVERE MENTAL DISORIENTATEDS ALL NEED MEDIC!


He’ll be ok,cant say the same for us wankhysterians who tried to blame,but wait!cia/shit faced yet again:

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