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Russian Authorities Arrest Suspected ISIS Member Allegedly Preparing Terrorist Attack In Moscow

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Russian Authorities Arrest Suspected ISIS Member Allegedly Preparing Terrorist Attack In Moscow

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Investigators in the Moscow region exposed a detained member of the ISIS terrorist group in preparing a terrorist attack.

Components of an explosive device were found in his possession, said Olga Vradiy, a spokesman for the regional headquarters of the Investigative Committee (IC).

“As part of the investigation of the criminal case opened against a citizen of one of the neighboring states on the fact of his participation in the international terrorist organization IS (part 2 of Article 205.5 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), additional episodes of his criminal activity have been established,” Vradiy told reporters.

According to her, the man is suspected of preparing for a terrorist attack on the territory of the Moscow region by detonating an improvised explosive device, as well as undergoing special training to carry out terrorist activities on the territory of the Russian Federation in the interests of IS (part 1 of article 30, paragraph “a” of part 2 of article 205 Of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and Article 205.3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

“In June 2021, he developed a plan to commit a terrorist crime on the territory of the Moscow region and for this purpose acquired the components, tools and equipment necessary for the manufacture of explosives. This illegal activity of the man became known to the operational officers, after which he was detained.” said Vradiy.

She noted that during the searches in the premises at the place of residence of the accused and at work, mobile phones and other equipment, as well as an improvised explosive device and items intended for its manufacture, were seized.

“It has been established that after joining IS, the accused was trained by studying the videos sent to him by the extremist recruiter. According to the expert’s conclusion, these videos are suitable for making explosive devices,” said the representative of the investigation.

According to her, genetic, explosive, linguistic and psychological and psychiatric examinations are being carried out in the criminal case. The accused individual has been arrested.


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Jens arseholm

The stupid evil British and their American moronic proteges have outsourced terrorism against Russia to their ISIS franchise.

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S Balu

Best BS from Russia and big dramas
How did this ISIS travel when normal travel is closed
Diversion of focus in play

Jens arseholm

Even Mexico is suing US for exporting gun violence.

Americunt LOSERS

All the evil Americunt cokehead losers have exported are wars, terrorism, drugs, racism and absolute degenerate perversions. The lardass swine have no concept of even basic human decency.

Jens Arseholem

Seriously, why do even bother posting mindless spam. It is not even coherent for attention seeking. You have a mega brain malfunction, way past old age dementia, walk like Biden :)


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David Herzog

I wouldn’t like to be in its own clothes .
And I wouldn’t tell around about its arrest : it should just desappear . Sing and then food for porks .

Last edited 1 month ago by David Herzog

Chop them up and send the remains back to Langley Virginia via post…

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