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Russian Attack Helicopters Strikes Terrorist Positions, Vehicles In Northern Hama (Video)

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In the morning of April 27, several attack helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces struck positions, vehicles and gatherings of terrorists in the vicinity of the towns of al-Lataminah and Kafr Zita in the northern Hama countryside.

The pro-opposition Step News Agency released a video showing some of the airstrikes carried by Russian attack helicopters. However, the video doesn’t reveal the type of the helicopters.

Dozens of Russian attack helicopters of different types are deployed in Syria, including a porotype of the advanced Mi-28NM Night Hunter. Last month, the helicopter targeted terrorist positions in northern Hama as a part of a live fire test.

Russian warplanes carried out dozens of airstrikes on terrorists’ positions in the southern Idlib countryside and the northern Hama countryside a day earlier. The airstrikes were a response to a rocket attack at the Hmeimim airbase on the Syrian coast.

The new helicopters’ attack was likely aimed at deterring the terrorists and preventing them from launching any new attacks on Syrian and Russian forces.

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Technically, by International Law, an attack on non Military targets, is forbidden.

And also as technically, by Islamic Law, Alliance with Christians and even Jews is ok against the greater enemy (zios and nato), but it is forbidden to ally against your own (Women Children Elderly).

So everytime I see the Great Russia with Noble Characters, I cringe when I see civillians attacked. And recently reports are so high I have to speak up about that.

Concrete Mike

Sure you do.

Yet you say not a word of the jihadi filth thats allied to usa and israel, ever heard of al nusrah?

Do you cringe at the daily terrorist attacks at syrian civilians?

No just idlib civilians right?

What about raqqah civilians? That another morron never mentions, too busy shoving cigars up his pompous ass!

Your a good canadian though, full of fucken double standards to the tee!!

If Russia would have done “nothing” would you be here bleeting russia is weak??

Keep your stick on the ice boyyyy.


When Syria started, I was the first to oppose fsghey because they were allied with nato.

I also opposed some kurds because they were actually allied with idf.

And AlNusra and Bin Laden are clear of any benign connection with nato (and we can debate this if this is your main contention).

And I classify isis as pagan and therefore it doesnt matter who bombs them or their pagan Children.

And Im not canadian I was just born there. And I will never accept canada until its brought to its knees before my Native America Bros and they decide not me.

Russia was weakened, but I dont bleat that because I side with Russia on that very matter. Im witness to years of nato oppression on my Russian and Chinese Bros.

So I try to raise the bar higher than anyone on Earth, FisabAllah(swt).

And I play street hockey not dancing on ice phaggots.


I might wear a cup, but I dont wear padded bras etc like a canucks phaggot on ice.

And I might wear a helmet, but only if I were racing working or at war. But definitetly not a fucking hockey posing fanfagboy.


And if you want to challenge any Al-Nusrite, ok, I will take that challenge, my Allah(swt) vs any entity you represent.

But no stick on ice, I will wear skates, but Id prefer a sword, and then we can talk about Manliness and boyishness and whether its you allied to nato on disqus or me Allied to AlNusra in order to determine whether Im the hypocrite or if its you.


Challenge accepted, go with your sword fight our champion, the Mi-28NM Night Hunter.


My Sword is Zulfiqar, InShahAllah(swt).


Sorry, your Allah was made by you at your image, it’s only yours and of all the other meat like you to Mi-28NM Night Hunters.


There’s only one Creator(swt) and He(swt) is Allah(swt), capiche?


The creator it’s you, and the creation it’s a kind of bad islamic nazism. Go fight the Night Hunter, capiche?


No Im talking about our Creator(swt), Creator(swt) of Man and Djinn.


You are talking about what your nazi brain put on your nazi mouth, pi, period.


Is it just me or does this guy love jewish propaganda?


Create another nazi avatar, call it zio, because it’s fair (apartheid = zionism = nazism or fascism), and keap speaking by, with and for yourself.


I speak on behalf of your Creator(swt), BismAllah(swt)RahmaneRahime,

I say Ali(as) and Im rewarded like Be, and it is.


And sure, lets talk about AlNusra, and how we really are your worst nightmare.

Robert Campbell

JHK you some kind of moron? Where does it say in the article that civilians were attacked? Why were you so silent when America destroyed Mosul n Raqqa?


Props to Joseph Campbell, but reports are from my sources from Rebels, so that I know whats going on.

As you say only some kind of moron would develop an opinion without knowing whats going on.

And I dont gaf about Mosul and Raqqa because to me it was pagan.

And I draw a simple red line between kikesis and True Rebels. And likewise I dont gaf about any pagans living in americunt or europe.

Carne João Pasta

Wow. My brain hurts now.


Yes, because youre obviously an assheadist.

Simon Abruzzo

cringe at dumb tards like you


ok italian named nato spic.

Tudor Miron

How’s weather in Tel Aviv?


Its probably around 15degrees and coming on rain because I have Jerusalem on my phone, because I have Bros in Gaza.

And wtf would you be so interested in tel a viv you Miron.

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