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Russian Attack Helicopters Hunt ISIS Vehicles In Syrian Desert

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The Syrian Defense Ministry has released a video showing attack helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces hunting ISIS vehicles in the Syrian desert.

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The Russians exhibit a truly professional manner. There is no rejoicing at the death of opponents, just a well directed clinical destruction.

In contrast the evidence from US attacks such as these over the past years in Iraq etc have exhibited only lots of black,slapping , clapping and whooping for joy as children do in a war game.

Assad Did Nothing Wrong™

Some US soldiers even laugh at the destruction of their own equipment, case in point:


Yes, that makes me happy every time I watch it :)

Samuel Boas

What a loser. They should drop his ass out of a plane without a shute.

John Whitehot

cmon now.
these weren’t at war, if they were they wouldn’t be cheering about this sad display.
besides, it isn’t that they gotta pay them with their own money or something. It’s just youngsters laughing at a ridicule and singular event.

Stuart Thompson

Yes I agree, it’s not like the Americans in their leaked footage of bomber and surveillance teams cheering “hoo ra get them sons of b*****s”, on the other hand the British Royal Air Force is exceptional in this type of targeting with there brimstone guided missiles, America has been spending trillions on weapons development over the years and maybe they need to invest in the morality and respect of their soldiers and politicians alike. The American soldier is portrayed quite spot on in the brilliant film “full metal jacket”, I don’t hate Americans as a people I have American freinds, but I do hate how the majority of them believe that they are far more superior to anybody else and that Americans can never do no wrong, I sometimes relate the American soldiers psychology to that of Nazi SS troopers, and their political elite to that of Hitler and his cronies, which is quite ironic when the white house and senate is ruled by the zionists.

Sean Glennie

“America has been spending trillions on weapons development over the years”

Yet the Russian defense industry outpaces its US counterparts in military technology at not even a fraction of the cost. Similar points can be made about the Russian military. I wouldn’t be surprised if they embezzle taxpayers money, the Pentagon won’t even release audits of its spending.



John Whitehot

the sad part is that they are now embezzling EU and other countries money too, namely with the F-35.
Most of the countries that developed and build the EF-2000 have ordered the F-35 and you’re sure as hell that they’ll have to cut pensions and healthcare to buy and maintain them. Also they’ll have to drop the EF-2000 at some point, and it will hurt the EU economy as they won’t be able to export it.


It’s not that hard to produce military hardware equal to the US. France, Russia can easily do so. Thing is though, the US defense industry has economy of scale thanks to that insanely bloated budget. Where the Russians currently produce only a few dozen aircraft and tanks a year, the US can produce ten times that number and will procure ten times that number. There’s also a shitload of 2nd hand parts available for current generation aircraft like the F-16, because there are so damn many of them, whereas the same does not apply same generation aircraft, like the Mirage 2000 or the SU-30. Which makes a 2nd hand F-16 a hell of a lot more interesting then a French or Russian fighter.

In a way this is why there are still so many MiG 21’s in service. They get the job done and there were so many made that are still shitloads of spare parts available to keep them going.

Bill Wilson

There’s a shitload of NEW PARTS available for most US aircraft and military hardware in general since so many are still in operation around the World.

John Brown

The USSA is so corrupt approximately 50% of its military budget is just stolen right off the top and they can’t even make battle worthy fighter air craft any more due to rampant massive exploding corruption.

Sean Glennie

The Russians have acquired 1250 aircraft between 2013-2015 (550 new fixed wing aircraft & helicopters, 700 upgraded aircraft of all types).

The Russian word Aрмия (Armiya, literally Army) is used synonymously with the armed forces as a whole (with the exception of the navy), Westerners used to do the same.

These aircraft went into service with the Aerospace Force and Russian Naval Aviation. I’ve heard that the Russian Strategic Missile Force also uses aircraft, but only for observation purposes. That’s why they’re replacing their Mi-8 helicopters with small UAVs that can land and take off from nearly any surface.

There are no more MiG-21’s and MiG-23’s in service with the Russian Aerospace Force, the same goes for most post-Soviet republics. Poland on the other hand still operates both of those types of aircraft, they continue to buy them from Ukraine to bolster the Soviet aircraft they inherited following the disbanding of the Warsaw pact.

Su-30SM’s are superior to earlier models that utilize French & Israeli radars and targeting systems, it is also consistent with the import substitution program and therefore most parts of the aircraft are manufactured in Russia. Other parts are made in CIS states and elsewhere.

Compare the 4++ generation Su-35S, MiG-35, and MiG-31BM aircraft, as well as the stated characteristics of the T-50 (Su-50 or Su-55) 5th generation aircraft and you’ll notice that they’re arguably the best jet fighters in the world. The Su-35S uses the Irbis-E multi-band radar that is identical to the radar system used by the S-400 because it is more or less the same.

Russia’s Aerospace Force to receive about 130 aircraft in 2017

http://tass.com/defense/935571Russia’s Aerospace Force to receive about 130 aircraft in 2017 — In addition to 30-40 aircraft for the Navy’s aviation arm for a total of 160-170 aircraft.

More: http://tass.com/defense/935571

Russia’s Aerospace Force to receive about 130 aircraft in 2017

Russian army got 1,200 new and modernized planes, helicopters over past 3 years

More: http://tass.com/defense/870030

[April 15, 2016

Over the past three years, in 2013-2015, we have received from you 250 new planes, 300 helicopters, 700 aircraft that underwent serious modernization with repairs

Russian Aerospace Forces to get over 900 new aircraft by 2020

More: http://tass.com/defense/921076

[December 21, 2016

line with the state procurement program until 2020, more than 900 new
and modernized plane and helicopters are planned to be handed over to
the Aerospace Forces, and more than 900 aircraft are scheduled to be

Russian Aerospace Forces to get over 900 new aircraft by 2020

In line with the state procurement program until 2020, more than 900 new and modernized plane and helicopters are planned to be handed over to the Aerospace Forces, and more than 900 aircraft are scheduled to be repaired]

John Brown

Yes you are right, but Americans are to brainwashed by Jewish media to understand they are dying for a greater racist supremacist Israel that hates them and Jews who think American soldiers are stupid animal beasts to die in Israeli wars of Jewish racial supremacy and conquest, according to racist supremacist Henry Kissinger war criminal.

Lynn Ulrich

Usa elites are like Hitler . Many are pedophile and murderers. They killed 3000 Americans on 9/11 and will stop at nothing to have their power and promote their globalism filth . I am American and hate to admit many are very ignorant to what the government is doing to them. Please dont hate us americans for our horrible evil leaders who DO NOT follow our US Constitution

Stuart Thompson

I don’t hate the American people, but yes I do hate the political elite and the ruling class system (not just the US by my own country too.. the UK) we the British and American alike have been side by side for centuries whether we were fighting each other or fighting along side each other, blood was not spilled by our governments.. but by our own hands, we lived together and we died together, for the common interest of what we believed was freedom,.. and I feel we were all lied too, over time our national and political doctrines have been so deeply intertwined in our personal life’s and within our society that the majority of our peoples see no wrong or abnormalities, it’s quite disturbing, how can proud and loyal peoples be so brainwashed into essentially a radicalised mind state, we are not jihadi but we are of that exact same mind set. Then when you see this from a 3rd person perspective can you see how difficult it will be to change the mind set of jihadis and our own mind sets alike.


Dumbass. USA elites are not like Hitler. Hitler was a nationalist. These elites are GLOBALISTS. And USA government did not do 9/11 (though they covered up for the perps). Israeli Government did 9/11. https://apunked.wordpress.com
And Jews were just as bad as Nazi soldiers, maybe even worse. Read:
and read about German concentration camps here:

Lynn Ulrich

I will ignore your rude comment . The elites are like Hitler in that they murder many . So when someone has prior knowledge and hides murder to be done makes them complicit ! And fyi neither u nor I know exactly how many people were involved or initiated or covered up 9/11. So next time u might want to think better about who may be the dumbass

Bill Wilson

Those Russians are quiet because they’re pissed off for having to do work that the SAA and SAF backed away from.


I guess your wife or boyfriend is ‘pissed off ‘ with you then Bill. :)

You probably just forgot that The SAF does not have up to date night flying capability and the Russians of course do.


Which AT missiles are these ? 9M120 Ataka or 9k121 Vikhr ? Or something else ? Depends on the launch platform I guess, idk if Mi35, Mi28 or Ka52…

Andrey Karlov

9k121, Ka52

John Whitehot

It’s KA-52s hence the missiles are Vikhrs.

John Whitehot

some more:
did not see this vid on sf, but it shows an ISIS column wiped out by airstrikes, 120 jihadists and 32 vehicles destroyed

Kristy Rain

Professional & Effective. ♡ очень хорошо


It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling all over seeing the jihadist scum bring turned into red mist.
All hail Russia the defenders of humanity against the western and Zionist parasites.

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