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MAY 2021

Russian Army To Create All-Robot Military Unit

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Russian Army To Create All-Robot Military Unit

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On April 9, the Russian Defense Ministry announced the establishment of the first unit equipped with unmanned combat ground vehicle (UCGV). The new unit of the Russian army will deploy 20 remote-controlled military mobile robots.

“As the Chief of the General Staff of the Ground Forces Vasily Tonkoshkurov reported to the Minister of Defense, the first unit with military robots will be created in the Russian Armed Forces, which will include five Uran-9 UCGVs or 20 combat vehicles,” the statement says.

The Ministry of Defense clarified that earlier “Uran-9” were used only as separate complexes. The last batch of Uran-9 tracked unmanned combat ground vehicles entered service with the Russian military on January 29.

Robotic systems for various purposes are being developed and produced by “766th Department of Production and Technological Completion” (UPTK). Uran-9 was designed to deliver combined combat, reconnaissance and counter-terrorism units with remote reconnaissance and fire support.

The weapon system has been tested in the conflict in Syria and since then has received several upgrades.


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  1. Potato Man says:

    I mean Russia is ahead of EW…

    1. Fog of War says:

      But not in robotics, cloud computing, and A.I. , among others.

    2. FlorianGeyer says:

      The UK is developing battery powered robots and the short battery life is said to be resolved by Red Cross Red Helmet mobile charging points that will take care of the ‘exhausted’ robots.
      The principle of ‘An attack on a red cross re-charging points will be regarded as a war crime’, with all the BBC ‘bullsh it’ being propagandised by UK 77 Brigade.
      The robots will also self Identify as a ‘trans vestite’, that will make any re-charging attack even more serious, said a spokes ‘it’ from NATO. :)

  2. LRcaptain says:

    sky net

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