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Russian Army Gets the Weapons of the Future Today


Russian Army Gets the Weapons of the Future Today


Written by Andrei Akulov; Originally appeared on strategic-culture.org

The combat experience that Russia’s Terminator-2 tank support combat vehicle (BMPT-72) has gained in Syria has proven to be invaluable. It is being used to develop a new Terminator-3 version that will soon equip the tank support system to do things like attacking unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). Other armored vehicles and dismounted infantry in difficult terrain remain high-priority targets.

Few details are available so far. Like its predecessors, the new vehicle’s armor protection will be equivalent to that of a main battle tank, with armaments allowing it to engage virtually any enemy weapon system or unit and to fire at multiple targets at the same time. Automation makes it possible to reduce the number of crew members from 5 to 3.

The new weapon system is likely to share its chassis, sensors, armor, and active protection system with the new Armata T-14 main battle tank. According to Russian media reports, the main armament will be a 57-mm. gun already used by the Russian Navy. Its rate of fire is 300 rounds per minute, its range — 16 km., and its altitude — over 4 km. The projectile can penetrate armor over 100 mm. thick. Because the firing range of its machine gun and automatic grenade launcher are 60-140% greater than that of the American Bradley IFVs and Stryker wheeled armored vehicles and anti-tank systems, this system can reliably protect tanks and infantry while remaining safely out of reach.

The Zvezda TV channel quoted officials from the weapons manufacturer Techmash who claimed that the Tosochka thermobaric, wheeled-chassis, heavy multiple-rocket launcher is to be delivered to the Russian Army in 2020. Using wheels instead of caterpillar tracks allows it to move faster but also increases the system’s vulnerability when operating on the front lines. One must assume that the MLRS will not be used to fire directly at targets, but will instead shoot at them from protected positions. Wheels make it more effective against terrorist units. It does not need trailers to move rapidly across great distances, which is exactly what is required to forcefully attack militants on different fronts.

Russian officials confirmed in May that the Uran-6 demining robot and the Uran-9 unmanned light battle tank have been tested in Syria. The latter is the first remote-controlled military robot in the world (a miniature tank) with a 30-mm. gun, enabling it to carry out the missions of an armored combat system supporting infantry on the ground.

The Uran-6 is a unique unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), or mine-clearing robotic system, that saves human lives by clearing routes across mine fields. Weighing six tons, it can be transported by truck. With its bulldozer blade and trawls, it can do the work of 20 sappers, neutralizing ordnance with a potential explosive energy of 59 kg. (130 lbs.) of TNT equivalent. Aided by four cameras for 360-degree view, it can be equipped with a large number of tools, such as a robotic arm, a rear forklift, a gripper with a cargo-lifting capacity of one ton, etc. The system can conduct demining operations on any terrain, while remaining at a safe distance of up to one km. away.

Made of steel plates 8 mm-10 mm thick, the vehicle is highly resistant to mine blasts and shrapnel damage. The system can defend itself using 7.62-mm small arms.

Built on the basis of a tracked chassis, the Uran-6 is powered by a 6-cylinder water-cooled, turbo-charged diesel engine, allowing it to move at a speed of up to 15 km., negotiate obstacles 0.8 m. high, cross 1.2-m wide ditches and water obstacles, and operate in swamps 0.45 m. deep. The system is able to work continuously for up to five hours. It did a great job in Palmyra, Syria, defusing bombs and bobby traps. The Russian Army plans to increasingly rely on UGVs as time goes on.

Mainly designed for reconnaissance and patrol purposes, as well as for protecting convoys and supporting infantry, Tigr-M all-terrain infantry mobility vehicles have also seen combat in Syria. With the Arbalet-DM remote module installed, the system becomes robotic. The module consists of a 12.7-mm. caliber Kord machine gun with 150 cartridges or a 7.62-mm caliber PKTM machine gun with 250 cartridges. Laser guidance is used. The Arbalet-DM can lock on and automatically track stationary and moving targets identified by a TV camera from a distance of 2.5 km. or 1.5 km. if thermal-imaging equipment is used. A laser range finder has a range of 100 m.-3,000 m. This new version of Tigr is funded by the 2018-2025 state procurement program.

The Tigr-M has outstanding off-road capabilities. With an operational range of 1.000 km, the vehicle can reach speeds of up to 155 km. per hour. It can climb 31-degree slopes and cross water obstacles that are 1.2 m wide.

The famous, combat-proven BMP-3 heavily armed infantry combat vehicles are to become unmanned too, as soon as the AU-220 combat module armed with a 57-mm. automatic cannon is installed. It will enable the system to strike aerial targets. The gun’s rate of fire is 80 rounds per minute and its range is 14.5 km. Any type of rounds can be used. An armor-piercing round can penetrate 130 mm. of steel from one km. away A coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun can hold 1,000 rounds of ammunition. The module can fully rotate 360 degrees.

The trend is clearly evident — the Russian Army is making great strides in its introduction of new, more highly automated technologies. New weapons that are unlike anything owned by any other country, such as tank support vehicles, are currently either being added to the Russian arsenal or are being developed. The army is also gradually moving away from soldier-to-soldier warfare, turning instead toward combat that is fought by remote-controlled machines driven by artificial intelligence. In March, Defense Minister Army General Sergei Shoigu said that a number of military robotic systems were nearing the completion of their trials before going into serial production this year. He was telling the truth. Many nations are working hard to put unmanned systems onto the battlefields, but Russia appears to be leading this race, fielding its military robotics more quickly than anyone else. The very pace of the updates to these armored vehicles captures the imagination.



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  • Daniel Miller


  • jade villaceran

    Still waiting for the video of terminator in action in syria

  • Jesus

    Unmanned Uran 9 and BMP3 are latest remote controlled armored vehicles that can have a significant contribution on the battle field minimizing human casualties.
    Uran 9 equipped with a 30mm gun and 4 Ataka missiles along with the BMP with module AU-220 hosting a deadly 57mm can take on Abrams A2, Leopard A7 and a host of IFV and softer armored vehicles.

    The manned Terminator 3 built on the Armata platform will be equally deadly, escorting tanks side by side, having the same protection as the tank and systematically eliminating any fixed or mobile antitank defenses. Great weapon for achieving a swift breakthrough for tactical envelopment and destruction of communication lines.

    • Joe Dirt

      Urban 9 is not a UMV. Lol stop giving russki to much credit.

      N.G. Kuznetsov Naval Academy in St. Petersburg A.P. Anisimov revealing the details of Uran-9’s combat test in Syria, which resulted were identified a list of deficiencies classified into critical.

      As a result of the tests, it became known that the Uran-9 complex is not capable of performing the tasks assigned to it.

      • Jesus

        It’s Uran 9, they will address the deficiencies and improve the equipment and retest it in Syria until it does not need any tweaking, and is a highly capable platform.

        • Joe Dirt

          Source for reference please, cause according to the Russki Navey Academy, as of now it failed.

          • Jesus

            Are you some type of an intellectual idiot? How do you think novelty weapons get perfected? You want links instead of common sense?

          • Joe Dirt

            Low IQ response, block :)

          • Jesus

            Right, you have high IQ and no common sense, your IQ is defined by the MSM.

        • Wise Gandalf

          according to official russian report it is dead platform, loser product.

    • Wise Gandalf
  • Wise Gandalf

    This is the weapon of Past.

    • Jesus

      I think you are referring to Abrams A2 tank, Bradley and Striker. the Terminator can have them for lunch combined.

      • Wise Gandalf


        • Jesus

          In urban centers where the US proxy cockroaches thrive, the Terminator will make them irrelevant using the 30mm cannons that can angle to a high degree to shoot at any roof top, and a variety of 600 grenades that can be shot up the 1400 meters.

    • Daniel Castro

      You have short view, wars of the future will be all guerrilla proxy wars, this weapon is designed to slay anti-tank squads and drones, it’s an anti-jihadist weapon, it is designed exactly to go against the type of tactics employed by ziojihadists.

      • Wise Gandalf
        • Daniel Castro

          The issues brought up on this report are not issues with the concept behind this tank drone, but with the technical problems, something the enginners will need to address. It seems they have rushed these weapons systems to combat to teste them, now they must improve their technology if they want it to succeed.

          But of course, I was talking about the Terminator.

          • Wise Gandalf

            Practically unusable in this phase. So, today is not the weapon of future. :)

          • Daniel Castro

            This report says nothing about the Terminator though.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    Umm I am pretty sure that the weapons of today are Laser based. Israel has them, the US has them the UK-Empire has them. They now knockout planes and shoot down missiles and now heat tanks till the munitions inside bust.
    Missiles have now reached the threshold where they are becoming obsolete.
    They are slow and can be diverted.
    Photons fly and the speed of light (obviously) and hunks of metal fly really slow in this century compared to modern weapons.
    The nations without lasers, is now the nations that will 100% loose all wars these days.
    The UK and Israel and the US now are testing mounted lasers underside of planes to strike ground targets.
    The mainstream news will be reporting on this in less then 12 months.
    I fear the resistance front against the nwo which serves the coming faults christ is to far behind.
    What chance does the fractured and divided Monotheist community have against the Atheist-Zio regime.

    • Joe Dirt

      China has US copied lasers

      • gustavo

        Or US has vopies of China laser. The spy systems works on both directions…..always.

      • Real Anti-Racist Action

        China has all the specs, yes. Poor craftsmanship though.
        I had a hammer made in the USA from the 1980, worked great even at nearly 30 years old. But about 5 years ago I wanted a better looking and newer hammer. So I bought a new one (I only read on it later that it was made in China) and boy did it look good. And the second job I was using it on, the head fell right off.

    • Daniel Castro

      Laser weapons have a lot of trouble. Any rain adn they don’t work at all, what are you going to do, if it’s raining you will draw swords like in rennaissance? Are you going to have 2 complete set of weapons for different atmospheric realities (missile plataforms and laser platforms?). This will never work.

      It doesn’t matter if laser can travel at the speed of light, the true limitation is humans reaction time, unless we are sailing through complete AI weapon platform, and then the true breakthrough is AI, not laser, and this is pretty much the demise of human race.

      Lasers can’t shoot beyond the horizon, atmosphere seriously ramper lasers range because of blooming effect. You can beat the laser drumm for eternity, it will always be of limited use. Yes, it is an important development, but it is hardly the new gunpowder to our bows and arrows.

      Real breakthroug are nuclear weapons, get a nuke and noone will attack you, and that’s why countries with nukes don’t want other countries to have them.

      • Real Anti-Racist Action

        Actually we have flashlights for divers that are on wavelengths that shine right through the water instead of creating halo glows.
        We have BMW’s with headlights on wavelengths were the rain has no effect and does not scatter the beam at all.
        Every single nano-meter wavelength of light acts very differently.
        A laser even LED based lasers operate on a single wavelength.
        Another words, they shine right through rain and deep into the ocean now days loosing almost no effect.
        A lof of these lasers are outside of the human visual spectrum.
        Yet they are still lasers, and these wavelengths pierce easily through water.

        • Daniel Castro

          It is all about power, a very powerfull laser will boil the water, it will fry the air, if that problem had been solved you would already have very powerfull pulse lasers that hit targets like a nuke exploding them as an actual TNT charge on their noses, yet we only see very wide beam lasers which slowly heat the surface of targets, they can be used as anti-missile/anti-drone/soft targets weapons, but to destroy tanks you need immediate effect laser.

          What is the actual gain of replacing all current weapon systems with laser variants, it will certainly be an improvment for certain roles, but they will never be more than 10% of the systems used in warfare.

        • Daniel Castro

          ” Recently, we studied the effect of thermal blooming ofan Airy beam propagating through the atmosphere, and found that an Airy beam can’t retain its shape and the structure due to thermal blooming effect”

          “In this paper, the effects of the salinity and the depth of seawater and the wavelength on the thermal blooming of laser beams propagating through the seawater are investigated in detail by using the numerical simulation method. It is found that the thermal blooming becomes more severe due to an increase of the salinity in the seawater. Furthermore, the dependence of the peak intensity on the salinity is not monotonic as the time increases, i.e., at the beginning
          the peak intensity decreases as the salinity increases, and then the situation is opposite. As compared with the wavelength, the absorption coefficient of the seawater is the main factor dominating the thermal blooming effect. In the seawater, the thermal blooming becomes more severe for the wavelength corresponding to the higher absorption coefficient. Comparing the shallow sea region with the deep sea region, both the behavior of the thermal blooming effect and the physical factors dominating the thermal blooming effect are different. In the shallow sea region, the dependence of the thermal blooming on the depth is not monotonic as the time increases, i.e., at the beginning the thermal blooming becomes smaller as the depth increases, which is dominated by the temperature; and then the situation is opposite, which is dominated by the current velocity. However, in deep sea region, the thermal blooming effect becomes more severe monotonously as the depth increases, and the pressure is the main factor dominating the thermal blooming effect. The results obtained in this paper will be very useful for applications of laser beams in the seawater.”


          Remember, a laser that goes through water because of the wavelength will also go through human beings without causing any damage, except for cancer because of long exposition.

          Technology is not magic.

    • Daniel Castro

      Look all the time that laser took to burn that land mine, an actual machinegun salvo would do the trick much faster.

      This kind of shit is just to waste taxpayer money on the industrial military complex.

    • Jesus

      Israeli hype.US tested lasers on navy ships did not do much better than a burst of 20mm cannon.

      • Daniel Castro

        Destroying that mine takes only one shot of AK, let alone a whole burst of cannon fire…

        • Jesus

          It was against a small ship.

          • Daniel Castro

            I’m talking about the video on the link you posted.

            Any VBIED can be blown up by normal machinegun.

    • Kell McBanned

      Weapons of the future are Elecrtmagnetic.

  • Joe Dirt

    Hahahahaha swapping parts on vehicles does not count as “weapons of the future”

    • Harvey Swinestein

      Now we all know where you got your name Joe . . .

    • Concrete Mike

      What ever happened to your future combat systems???

      Oh yeah it got cancelled, your bosses made a fortune though, while your stuck trolling…
      Life is fair aint it?

      • jako

        His “future combat systems” is identical to his “present combat systems”
        Prozac with whiskey & keyboards.

  • Smaug

    I’ve heard of this before, it’s like a Bradley except geared for urban war. I would argue that carrying all sorts of weapons makes it the jack of all trades but master of none, and all those moving parts will make things difficult for maintenance crews.


    • Kell McBanned

      Its nothing like a Bradley..

      • Smaug

        Ah, right. It’s not an APC. So there isn’t really a foreign equivalent

    • Barba_Papa

      Maybe if these weapons were mounted on a BMP chassis you would have a point, but its mounted on a much better protected tank chassis instead, making it anything like a less armored and thus more vulnerable Bradley.

      • Wise Gandalf
        • Barba_Papa

          You see failure, I see smart testing before implementing first. So it didn’t work out as planned. Better that things come to light now, rather then order it by the shitload, have it in service and then have to spend billions to make it work. Like what happens again and again and again in the US armed forces.

          • Wise Gandalf

            This is already produced, not developed weapon. That is the problm. And while ruskies will not have better electronics (and OWN!) and better drones, it will stay so wrong.

          • Barba_Papa

            Still infinitely better then going ahead and fielding thousands of flawed F-35’s and Stryker IFV’s like the US did. Or the M-16 rifle?

  • Siegfried

    “Russian Army Gets the Weapons of the Future Today”
    Yet another TANK.

  • Vitex

    Hi-tech weapons are a sideshow. Good on a range when the politicians are watching. Asymmetric warfare is king. Watched any videos on syrian battles? Won and lost by guys with 50 year old design automatic weapons, using trenches, IEDs, flags for recognition, and toyshop drones for artillery observation. These are all basically the same weapons used in ww 1 and the boer war. The houthis defeat state-of-the-art armoured vehicles with bic lighters. It will come down to motivated and fearless men. There will be no hiding behind expensive weapons at Armageddon. Doesn’t matter that the israelis have rifles that shoot around the corner, when someone can blow you and your corner to bits with a SPG-9

  • World_Eye