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Russian Army Destroyed Two US-Supplied Counter-Battery Radars In Donetsk, Kherson

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Russian Army Destroyed Two US-Supplied Counter-Battery Radars In Donetsk, Kherson

AN/TPQ-36 Firefinder Radar in Serbia, 1996, Author US Air Force, Source: http://www.au.af.mil/au/awc/systems/dvic595.htm

The Russian military had destroyed two counter-battery radars of Kiev forces which were supplied by the US, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced on July 30.

The first radar, an AN/TPQ-36A, was destroyed near the settlement of Nikiforovka in Donetsk, while the second one, an AN/TPQ-37, was destroyed in the outskirts of the settlement of Novovontsovka in Kherson. The MoD didn’t provide any details on how the radars were destroyed.

The two radars were both developed to detect and track hostile mortars, artillery shells and rockets. The radars can also detect the source of fire.

The AN/TPQ-36A can detect an artillery shell from 18 kilometers and a rocket from 24 kilometers, while the AN/TPQ-37 can detect an artillery shell from 30 kilometers and a rocket from up to 50 kilometers.

Russian Army Destroyed Two US-Supplied Counter-Battery Radars In Donetsk, Kherson

The AN/TPQ-37 counter-battery radar. Source: the US Army.

The US supplied Kiev forces with dozens of counter-battery radars after the 2014 conflict. Since the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, more radars were supplied by the US and other Western states. Many of these radars have been already destroyed by the Russian military and its allies.

Ukraine’s allies have been working to boost its fire power for a few months now, but to no avail. More than two hundred howitzers were supplied. However, Kiev forces are still outgunned by the Russian military.

According to the most recent briefing by the Russian MoD, Ukraine has lost at least 772 multiple launch rocket systems and 3,217 howitzers, field guns and mortar cannons since the start of the Russian special military operation.


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Peter Jennings

Quite soon the US and its nato poodles won’t have any weapons left if they keep throwing them into the black hole known as Ukraine. Just how the US and its nato poodles will take on Russia and China, with their weapons being detected and destroyed so easily, is anyone’s guess. They don’t have enough troops anyway.

Perhaps is just as well that this equipment is destroyed soon after delivery. That way the Ukrainian’s won’t get to realise just how useless this equipment really is. Everyone remembers the Patriot missile which looked great on paper until they were used in anger.

Keep pumping in the weapons nato, whilst your people freeze in their homes over winter. When that time comes, the people would have forgotten all about Ukraine. They will be looking for their own weapons. I’m guessing the ‘covid’ or the ‘monkey pox’ will make a return about then so that shyster doctors can say, ‘this frozen body died of ‘covid”.


US/NATO have enough troops to wage a long war the big question is if they are willing to sacrifice their soldiers for a casus belli


The governments want less people so they would, the people NOT

AM Hants

They might have a lot, but, quantity does not make quality. I wonder how many have already been taken out, unofficially whilst visiting Ukraine?

Peter Jennings

The Blighty army is 16,000 strong apparently, according to some reports. That might be sufficient to quell civil unrest but those numbers wouldn’t go far in a war. Perhaps bojo will stay put on the machine gun until well past dinner time?


The US military is 60% down on recruitment across all sectors. And I can’t see them reintroducing the draft. I’m old enough to see how that went during their Vietnam war.

Last edited 13 days ago by Christopher

Honestly for usa it would be horrible idea to start the war against russia, probably will be end in Apocalypse for americans


If they wount to go in war against russia first they need to optain lot of body bags

Peter M.

Hohols are running out of weapons, better to capitulate

Pamfil Military Academy

They are not allowed to do so. Period.


They will. You bet.

Chad Stewart

yeah, some rebellion in the plantation. Massa Binden will be angry, but hey Ukros dont wanna die

Last edited 13 days ago by Chad Stewart

No Nation can win a war when it is mostly dependent on welfare donation of weapons and welfare military salary payment. Welfare is not a guaranteed source of income. There is always donor fatigue. Ukraine is a lost cause. Ukraine doesn’t deserve to be a nation. Both the people and the leaders are infantile. They think they can live in peace while they are pocking a major superpower like Russia. Infantiles should be ruled by mature adults.


I agree with most of your post, except for the donor fatique. Destroying Russia is the #1 priority of the NATO terrorists…it always was.

They will of course fail, but not before exhausting their taxpayers to the point where they have nothing left.

These psychopaths would starve and freeze every single women and child in their own countries, just to satisfy their Deep State-Soros-Gates-Bilderberg puppet masters and squeeze out every single resource in their attempts of defeating Russia.

They will fight to the last Ukrainian and when the Ukrainians run out, they will fight to the last of their own citizens.

Only once these Satanic entities are eliminated, there will be peace in the world and nations will once again be able to develop in harmony.

Russia is saving humanity in Ukraine right now and we should all thank them for it.

topeka bsf stooge

we lgbt very like taliban and Viet-cong sperm in our rectums USA #1 lgbt


Why no comment section on the Syrian ISIS ‘Nations Geographic’ photo shot? Just curious….


For me its going to slowly, it looks like a game to me, they must kill Selenzky very fast, he is doing a lot of harm to the world of us !


Yes it is time to hit the Ukies positions harder and harder still. They need to understand that summer will soon be over and that will not be a good time to take on the allied forces of Russia. The colder it gets the more they, and the people of Ukraine, will suffer. There can only be one end to this madness, and that was always clear from them beginning. It is now time to cut off the head of the dragon so that we will get the peace that will unify the people of Rus.


submissive amerikans in lgbt dictatorship must beg for cigarette and food —expected in 4th world cesspool

sawyer stooge social worker

my lgbt clients evicted from tranny Oregon trailer park have 17 genders—Russia only 2 USA #1 degenerate nation

The Crunge

The Zio Yanks are gonna be cursin now that their equipment’s been destroyed in Kherson.


This war will last way too long this way! How many will have to die because of Nato weapons arriving almost daily? My suggestion is a quick victory to end this evil US proxy war with massive blows to Ukrainan armed forces with: TACTICAL NUCLEAR WEAPONS 🚀💥 This dirty US/Nato war must end now. Tactical nukes will do the job and Ukraine will surrender. Tens of thousands lives will be saved in Donbass and in the Russian Army. Are you listening, Russia? I’m Finnish and every day I have to read our mainstream media here in Finland how they ridicule your army and they are sure you will loose in Ukraine.

Last edited 13 days ago by pjs_64
Southfron resident nigha

Yup, cuckolds faggots finnish need to get a nuke up their asses :D


with sucking dics I can make minimum280 every 25 minutes and support Zelensky please people feel my holes with spe…extra 450lars per hour

rammed in rectum social worker

ukies prefer Russian meat grinder radical defeat; we amerikans prefer lgbt self defeat—when our obese ugly females issue orders we submissively shine shoe clean toilet, request strap-on


Keep up the good work. 👍 👍 👍

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