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JUNE 2023

Russian Army Destroyed One Of Few M109A5Ö Howitzers Supplied To Ukraine By Latvia (Video)

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Russian Army Destroyed One Of Few M109A5Ö Howitzers Supplied To Ukraine By Latvia (Video)

Latvian Soldiers ride in a military vehicle rendering a salute to the distinguished guests attending the traditional regional military parade of May 4 in Jekabpils, Latvia, on May 4, 2019. (Photo Credit: U.S. Army)

The Russian military has destroyed one of few American-made M109A5Ö self-propelled 155 mm howitzers which were recently supplied to Ukraine by Latvia.

On January 11, a video showing the completely destroyed Ukrainian M109A5Ö surfaced online. The video was reportedly taken in the Russian special military operation zone a day earlier. It is still unclear where exactly the howitzer was destroyed, or how.

The destroyed howitzer was one of only six supplied by Latvia in August of last year to boost the fire power of Ukrainian artillery.

The M109A5Oe is an Austrian upgraded version of the earlier A2 and A3 combinations with a 39-caliber 155 mm M284 gun. It has a maximum range of 22 kilometers with regular rounds and up to 30 kilometers with rocket assisted ones. The howitzer can carry 36 complete rounds of ammunition, and has a rate of fire of one round per minute.

It’s worth noting that Ukraine has received a total of 50 M109-type howitzers from its allies since the start of the Russian special military operation.

In May 2022, Norway donated 22 M109A3GNs to Ukraine. Later in June, the United Kingdom purchased 22 ex-Belgium M109A4s and later supplied them to Kiev forces. Many of these howitzers have been already damaged or destroyed by the Russian military.

Ukraine is set to receive more M109-type howitzers from its allies. Early on in January, the United States pledged to provide Kiev forces with 18 of the howitzer’s latest version, the M109A6 Paladin. The howitzers will reportedly be delivered shortly.

Despite receiving more than 800 artillery systems from its allies, Ukraine is still struggling to match the fire power of the Russian military.


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If it is known when they will arrive. Why are they then not destroyed upon arrival? There are only so many routes into Ukraine.


Because that would end the war and that’s a big nono for the architects of the conflict.


Not worth expending long range cruise missiles for such low value targets (unless multiple units in a warehouse). More efficient to take them out with artillery or small drones on the front.

Taylor Lee

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Last edited 4 months ago by Taylor Lee

If grouped together with ammunition, they are a worthwhile long range target but cruise missiles are too costly to waste on a couple of these. Easier to track them to the front and destroy them as they are deployed .

Michel LeBlanc

Thats right, by doing that you wreck the crews as well, versus in a warehouse.

Lawrence Hill

Mmmmmmm- this is called “resting in pieces…”


Ukretards celebrate the 14 Waffen SS, Latvians praise 15 Waffen SS. Nazi kooks. Hilarious wiki entry. Almost as good as the shit Croatians put up.


Ferro vecchio italiano , donato ai miserabili lettoni , che hanno donato ai miserabili naziucra


Excellent 👍

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