Russian Army Convoy Arrives in Aleppo – Reports


Russian Army Convoy Arrives in Aleppo - Reports

AlMasdarNews reports: On Monday morning, local activists in the Aleppo Governorate reported that a convoy of Russian soldiers were seen traveling along the Castillo Highway to the provincial capital.

At the time, Al-Masdar was unable to verify these reports; however, after speaking to members of the Syrian Armed Forces and local journalists in Aleppo, we are able to confirm the arrival of several Russian soldiers to the city.

The Russian soldiers reportedly traveled in several vehicles from the Latakia Governorate to the provincial capital of Aleppo, where they were finally settled before nightfall on Monday.

According to a military source in the Aleppo Governorate, the convoy consisted of over 120 Russian soldiers and it included a number of armored vehicles.

The Russian personnel will likely retain the role of “military advisors” as they coordinate the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) battle plans in the Aleppo Governorate.



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