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Russian Armored Vehicle Struck With IED In Syria’s Daraa


On November 12, a vehicle of the Russian Military Police was struck with an improvised explosive device (IED) while passing on a road linking the towns of al-Musayfrah and al-Sahoah in the eastern Daraa countryside.

According to several local sources, the vehicle was on its way back from the town of Karak, where Syrian government forces conducted a security operation. The Russian Military Police were supporting the operation.

The Horan Free League shared a photo of the targeted vehicle, a GAZ Tigr. The armored vehicle didn’t sustain serious damage.

Russian Armored Vehicle Struck With IED In Syria’s Daraa

Click to see fulls-size image. Source: horanfree.com

No Russian service members were killed or injured in the attack. Syrian security forces arrested several suspected. However, they were quickly released.

So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. Nevertheless, ISIS, whose cells are active in eastern Daraa, remains the main suspect.

This was the third such attack on Russian forces in Daraa. On July 13 of 2019, an IED struck a vehicle of the Russian military police in eastern Daraa. On October 11 of the same year, another IED attack targeted a joint patrol of Syrian security forces and the Russian Military Police in the western part of the governorate.




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