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Russian Armed Forces Overachieving Its Preparedness Goals For 2019


Russian Armed Forces Overachieving Its Preparedness Goals For 2019

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Since the beginning of 2019, the Russian Ministry of Defense has received quite a few modern weapons to improve the capabilities of the Russian Armed Forces.

This includes more than 1,100 units of modern weapons, including 16 aircraft, 35 helicopters, 200 units of armored vehicles, three new and two repaired warships, 21 radar stations in various modifications, as well as a number of other military equipment.

The Navy received the Sovetsk small missile ship, a Project 21980 anti-sabotage boat and the Alexander Rogotsky small hydrographic ship.

The Omsk nuclear submarine was repaired and the Smerch small missile ship was modernized.

The navy, furthermore, received engineering and automotive equipment, communications, aviation weapons, ammunition, among other things.

“Military construction is ahead of schedule, infrastructure for strategic nuclear forces and the latest armaments is a priority,” said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. “There is very little time left until the end of the year, so it’s necessary to direct all efforts to implement the 2019 plan, according to which 3751 buildings and structures are planned to be commissioned.”

The new infrastructure provides for the proper storage of weapons and is equipped with modern security systems.

Shoigu noted that capital construction is proceeding ahead of schedule – 2378 buildings and structures have already been commissioned, which is 13 percent more than in 2018.

The construction of permanent and service housing for servicemen and members of their families is ongoing, and military medicine and military education facilities are also being built.

On behalf of the Russian President, a presidential cadet school was built in Kemerovo and a branch of the boarding school for pupils of the Russian Ministry of Defense in St. Petersburg.

The Minister noted that the regular holding of the Unified Military Acceptance Days track the following goals: enterprises must work systematically, smoothly, confidently to hand over military products. That there was no false information and spreading of rumors.

“You have achieved your task, the delivery of military-technical equipment is proceeding as planned, much of what enters the troops is of excellent quality, well-developed in the quantities that are laid down in the plans of the 2019 plan,” Shoigu emphasized.

The Ground Forces and the Airborne Forces received 147 new and 72 repaired units of armored vehicles, respectively 33 and 42 units of missile and artillery weapons, 56 amphibious assault units were delivered.

The Strategic Missile Forces are also receiving some significant upgrades.

Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Alexei Krivoruchko announced that this year the Strategic Missile Forces will receive more than 30 ICBMs, which will make it possible to bring the share of modern missile weapons to 76 percent and give the Strategic Missile Forces group new opportunities to solve nuclear deterrence tasks.

In February 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his Address to the Federal Assembly, announced the start of mass production of the Avangard missile system with a hypersonic warhead. This year, as planned, the first regiment of the Strategic Missile Forces will be equipped with it.

According to the commander of the 35th Missile Division, Colonel Alexander Prokopenkov, another three regiments will be rearmed with the Yars-S mobile-based missile system by 2021.

Currently, the process is taking place in the 35th missile division. In September of this year, the 479th Missile Regiment, armed with the Yars-S complex, took up combat alert duty.

By the end of 2019, the Russian Armed Forces will have a 68.2% share of modernized equipment.

The Aerospace Forces received two Soyuz-2.1B launch vehicles, as well as 13 new and 8 repaired radar stations, six Su-34 bombers, which replenished the air regiment in the Chelyabinsk region.

This was confirmed by the acting commander of the 2nd Guards Bomber Aviation Regiment Dmitry Karnaukhov.

“Six Su-34 warplanes manufactured by the Chkalov Novosibirsk Aviation Plant were commissioned under the 2019 state defense order,” he said during the Military Acceptance Day.

The pilots and military engineers of the regiment have already been trained and are ready to operate new aircraft.

The Ministry of Defense has increased the pace of construction and commissioning of facilities of the department.

According to Deputy Minister Timur Ivanov, for nine months of 2019, 13% more facilities were commissioned than for the whole of 2018.

In 2019, 3,751 buildings are planned to be commissioned. The facilities being built by the Ministry of Defense are equipped with high-tech equipment, which makes it possible to carry out combat training of personnel at a high level, the educational process in higher and pre-university educational institutions, and provide decent social conditions for military personnel, pupils and civilian personnel.

According to Ivanov, 501 facilities were built for the nuclear deterrence forces. Ammunition storage facilities are also being built. The barracks under Kaliningrad are being reconstructed. The construction of 22 residential buildings and one hostel for military personnel has been completed. A kindergarten has been opened at the Russian military base in Abkhazia.




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