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Russian And Turkish Forces Carried Out Second Joint North Syria Patrol, Near Kobani


On November 5, Russian and Turkish forces carried out a second join patrol in northern Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry’s Zvezda TV reported.

The patrol took place in the area near the border town of Kobani. In particular, Russian and Turkish troops visited the village of Alishar, where locals threw stones and garbage at Turkish vehicles.

Zvezda TV noted that the patrol included 50 Russian and Turkish personnel and at least 8 units of military equipment (Tigr and Kipri armoured vehicles). The patrol length is 160km.




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  • JoeAlpha

    NATO troops: 0 vs 4: Tomato and potato throwers.


    The turks are not safe in the safe zone,
    Or is this just the new sport for the locals ? :)

    • JoeAlpha

      Yes, one of the strangest and rare types of sports… :D

  • Mustafa Mehmet

    No rosova or independ kurdi land whatever they call it. that’s way there very angry 😡 towards Turkey. nevermide let them

    • Derek Johnson

      It serves the Kurds right, now they have fu*ck all better to do than film themselves throwing stones.
      Biji Kurdistan!

      • Mustafa Mehmet