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Russian And Syrian Warplanes Deliver New Round Of Strikes On Terrorists In Idlib, Hama (Videos)

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For the eighth day in a row, warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) carried out dozens of airstrikes on terrorists’ positions in northern Hama and southern Idlib.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said that more than 120 airstrikes targeted 30 areas in both governorates on May 3.

Several videos released by Syrian opposition activists show that most of the airstrikes were carried out by L-39 light attack warplanes and Mi-8\17 helicopters of the SyAAF.

According to Syrian pro-government sources, the airstrikes targeted positions, fortifications, ammo depots, vehicles and rocket launchers of several terrorist group currently stationed in Idlib and its surroundings.

A report by Syria’s al-Watan newspaper claimed that these airstrikes are a part of ongoing perpetrations for a military operation around Idlib.

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An offensive must take place to, to destroy the front line position of the terrorist in iblid and to expend the safe zone are of the Russian air base from terrorist threat that have been taking place. Once this is achieve an alternative will given to the terrorist groups lay down arms or face completely annihilation.If they refuse which they will a second round of airstrikes will start for ten days and ten night straight and while the air strike taking place a next alternative will be given followed by a next round of offensives to expend gains, a pause of break then will a full scale invasion with no mention or warning may God have mercy on the innocent people this must come to an end.

Xoli Xoli

Russia bombs empty buildings to let Assad feel good.Bombs are falling but terrorists are making video clip.How to.their know were Russia will bomb.So it is clear this is Erdogan informer which make sure terrorists are not hit.Why dud Russia resort to this tactic why not unleash ing calibre messiles to hit this targets unexpectedly.


Kalibr’s cost money. Cruise missiles cost a LOT of money. Remember Trump’s cruise missile escapde over East Ghouta? That little stunt cost the US taxpayer almost 3/4 of a bilion dollars. Wasted. In contrast iron bombs are dirt cheap. They’re inexpensive to make and it only cost some fuel to deliver them. It’s gross overkill and a waste of Russian tax payer’s money to use expensive weapons on dumb as a morlock Jihadists.

The thing is that by now the Jihadists have gone totally underground. All of Idlib is by now one big giant Swiss cheese. That’s why these airstrikes are basically pointless. And that’s why using Kalibr’s would be even more pointless. All the headchopper infrastructure is safely under ground. The RuAF and SyAF are basically sent out as a show of force, kabuki theater so Assad and Putin can prove that they are responding to these Jihadis. And I reckon the RuAF and SyAF are trying their best to hit something, but overall they’re mostly pounding sand. They may want to live in the 8th century with their favorite prophet, but these headchoppers have mastered the art of fighting guerilla wars in the 21st century.

The good news is that East Ghouta, which was an even bigger tunnel infested Swiss cheese, fell faster then a French army before German panzers, andafter their crushing defeats at Aleppo and Hama Al Nusra has not been able to make a real fist again. A third of the Idlib Headchopper reservation was taken last year in a blitzkrieg offensive, so when the actual offensive to retake Idlib starts there’s not much kitchensink left for Al Nusra to throw at the SAA. They’re just a nuisance that the Syrians and Russians have to suffer because Turkey doesn’t want them to be dealt with. Once Russia and Turkey make a deal so Turkey will withdraw that protection, or once Russia finally decides enough is enough it will be over. Soon.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Well said.

Xoli Xoli

What about drone monitoring and understanding using bunker busting bomb.


Drone monitoring you have to do regardless. Otherwise even your Kalibr can’t find its target. And I reckon a bunker busting bomb is still cheaper then a cruise missile. And is probably even better if it wasn’t because it can carry a bigger explosive charge.

Kalibr’s are high precision weapons against high value hard to hit targets. Against anything else they are gross overkill. Certainly against Jihadi’s who are powerless against any aircraft outside of MANPAD range.


It’s been known since WW2 that aerial bombing has a very low rate of success. It’s only as good as your intelligence and it’s good for destroying infrastructure but only kills people who happen to be at the target. NATO’s air campaign in Bosnia was shown to have been fooled by decoys …… they only got like 20% of the Serbs heavy weapons. The Vietnamese sheltered in tunnels and sewer pipes dug into the ground. In an urban area with tunnels and bunkers you just aren’t going to kill soldiers effectively by bombing them ….. unless you know exactly where they are and choose the right ordinance.

Mustafa Mehmet

Times papers today news. Russian and Syrian airforce bombing school and hospital. marketplace . that’s all they can do killing innocent people. you should go and do the job for them properly oli oli you can do it … amcik….

Zarko Ciric

Mustafa you are terrible wrong if the russian nad Syrian airforce want to kill civilians,Idlib scenario wont last so long like this.Its a matter of time when Idlib will completely libarated.And those stories about bombing hospitsls etc are bullshit we saw that lies many times.How you can support mercinaries barbaric i dont get the point of opposition better say Zionist and Usa tools, just simple look Syria now and before the war,this war is totally a bullshit.Its about money,gas pipe,oil and to satisfy Israel,to weaken Iran as much as possible.Long live resistance and Bashar and the islamic revolution!

Mustafa Mehmet

that’s the way it goes Every single War in this world start, because of greediness . human life is worth nothing as napoleon was saying money money money rules the world. Good luck to syran people hope they get to normality soon.

Xoli Xoli

Mustafa please dont reasoning yourself like USA fake news media.Even Trump have realized that both his intelligence and media tell lies.Fabrigading propaganda.Try to be honest with yourself if it’s right give it credit if its wrong discredit.Western media and journalists take side historically and that is why their got killed.I am a Russian supporter but if their does shit I give them shit to.Like Putin he is most finest President but Erdogan fuck him around in the name of fake my best friend camouflage.

Xoli Xoli

USA does not have weapons testing ground therefore it is making war and entering close door agreements with Russia in Syria for accepting them for joint testing purposes.Russia test on the terrorists USA test on Russia or Russian allies .

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