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Russian And Israeli Leaders Held Phone Call Amid Growing Tensions In Syria

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Russian And Israeli Leaders Held Phone Call Amid Growing Tensions In Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) shakes hands with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a meeting in Sochi, Russia August 23, 2017.. (photo credit:SPUTNIK/ALEXEI NIKOLSKY/KREMLIN VIA REUTERS)

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin spoke on the phone on December 6 with Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and discussed the situation in Syria.

According to the Kremlin, issues of Russian-Israeli cooperation on Syrian settlement were in focus of the two leaders’ telephone conversation.

“The sides discussed a range of issues of the current bilateral agenda, including those related to the upcoming visit by the Russian president to Israel in January 2020. Apart from that, they discussed issues of Russian-Israeli cooperation on the Syrian track,” the Kremlin press service said in a statement, according to the TASS news agency.

The new phone call comes amid rising tensions between Israel and Iran over Syria. Last month, Israeli warplanes carried out a series of airstrikes on Damascus in response to an alleged rocket attack from the war-torn country.

The tensions didn’t stop there. A recent Israeli report claimed that Iranian forces are moving advanced weapons to the T4 airbase in central Syria. The report was seen as a pretext for a possible Israeli attack on the airbase that hosts Russian troops.

The situation in Syria will likely be discussed in details during the upcoming visit of President Putin to Israel, which is set to take place sometime in January.

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putin going to israel – shame on him!

Jens Holm

I see no shame.

Free man

All invertebrates want Russia to fight their wars. They don’t understand that Russia is a global power with global interests. And Russia is not an Islamic republic trying to export a crazy Islamic revolution.

Flames In The Desert

Actually the last time I looked both russia and iran were in syria for the same reasons ie to ensure the survival of the syrian state and its friendly [secular] government.


Putin calls Netanyahu and says “Good job master.” “Is there anything I can do to please you?”


I sympathise, but never forget a wise mans words;-” keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer “……………..meaning ,if you can’t kill him, then keep the dialogue going until the time is right to strike.

Jimmy Jim

Putin supporting a convicted Kike criminal, not too smart!


Its just dialogue Jimmy, because Pres.Putin knows he can slot the carpet bagger anytime he likes……………the only problem with that are the consequences.


I have heard many stories on the grapevine about Putins visits too Israel. He does drink the water, eat any of their food, or even bathe there. His food and water are all on his pres.plane and that is where he washes and bathes. When he shakes the hands of the likes of Satanyahoo, he always counts his fingers and thumbs afterwards, in case the carpet bagger has stolen one or two ! They hate each other with a passion. Satanyahoo and Mossad have tried to kill Putin many times, and one of the more audacious attempts was a missile attack on Putins plane whilst en-route over the Ukraine………….instead the plane that was hit was MH17.

Jens Holm

And You never lie as well:)


………….well, not as well as you do Jens. You have a reputation to live up too.


And you claim the Sun revolves around a flat 6,000 year old Earth as you sip your Mama’s chocolate milk which you believe comes from brown cows.


No , those are YOUR claims……………..own them.


Go tune your tinfoil hat, Igor, and binge yourself to an early grave like most Russian men…


Brown cows with white spots!

Jason Tribolini

The MH17 incident is interesting. While skeptical, I have to say the fact that Putin’s plane was previously scheduled to be where MH17 was when it was shot down is very disconcerting.


It’s always good to discuss things with Russia about Syria, I support it.

Hasbara Hunter

You are a Chickenshit ZioNazi Coward that is too scared to discuss anything…you can only post something & immediately crawl back into that safe place where the sun never shines…


Don’t scare him Hunter, you will make him cry. ;(

Hasbara Hunter

Oh sorry…I really really did my best to be friendly for a change….

Jens Holm

You just confirm, what he wrote.

Ali Alsaaidi

he bro you claim israel always target iranian bases , but you have hit syria at least 500 times should the iranian threat and missles not be taken care of with so many attacks by your airforce ?

Jens Holm

Well, You forget Iran/Hesbollah “and all helpers and help”


Iran has alot of militias and IRGC forces in Syria, the SAA hosts them in their bases. We won’t let them use Syria as another front base against us, that’s for sure.

Ali Alsaaidi

I understand your point but does it make Israël more secure you think man ?


We have no other choice, Iran will never give up.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

putin why do you continue to deal with these bastards? honestly i really thought much higher of you in the past but now, not as much

Hasbara Hunter

I suppose he will be warning Satanyahu to better stop bombing Syria or it will have gross consequences…also the Golan Heights should be a point of of interest & negotiations…what else is there to discuss with that Khazarian Mobster?

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

he should have warned him many years ago, and followed through with the consequences

Hasbara Hunter

Yes it is a complicated story…hard to trust any Major player…a Treacherous situation since the very beginning…but overall a lot became very clear…Agreed: there has been much doubt last couple of years about the real intentions of these Major players…The Syrian Peoples Paid the price…I truly hope this whole story will have a happy end…especially for the Middle East…enough is enough…I personally stay optimistic about the outcome…always did…it is a game of chess not every move will appear logical…going for the Long Haul…

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

same, from your mouth to Gods ears :)

Jens Holm

Much as You only listen with Your mouths.

Jens Holm

I see high stability for decades only. The same goes for the usual diaperjumpings from You non learners.

Hasbara Hunter

Yes High stability of Raping, Looting & Genocides by the Western World…If you Exterminate the Rest of Humanity in the end you will only have Elites & their Servants Left…this is going on for Centuries…


Jens Holm

You are partly correct. Parts of the elite money should not be with them. Parts of that is legal or illegal theft.

We seemes only able to keep some parts of it down as it should.

I think You forget to add comments about the many millions in the middle class and they – as me – have a good life – at least where I live.

When I so many times has told You and others, I ANYTIME prefare PYD/SDF/YPG for simple Dictatorship or primitive Jihadisme, because they will raise education and productivity and let local decide at least their local destiny a lot more and by that make the cake bigger, what Do I meet.

I meet compact NO NO NO. No change here. Kurds are stupid, they will invent communisme and should be kept down. You are stepping using both hands, feets and mouth to stay poor as You are. I even smell so much comming from behinds.

And I have to add, You totally ignore women even are much more poor and systematicly are kept down by the poor housbonds, so they can remain even more stupid.

You also ignore many richer countries do treat the poor better, so our poor has much more of a life, then the poor fx in Syria.

Its not only about rich countries having too manybillionairies but also about – as invensted by me – You cant make camels fly even if they want to.

Insisting in beeing poor by culture, religion and etnicity is of great importance. We have given billions and billiopns of aid to raise the livingstandards around the world. Its accepted, people are happy, but when we dont renew and repair, we are – as an example – where Iraq is today.

Even made possible to chage for the better, we see Your kind still choose the bad ones. And th bad ones always are guys.

I was kind of happy for the Shiit union in Iraq. Finally some good Governess was possible in most of the country. But the elected ones cant even give Basra good drinking water even Irak by oil and gas has a lot of money. Western rich dont steel all that money. Your own elected ones cheet You and Ypu re-elect the same kind of people.

And finally I for many years ago has been writing and debating in Danish medias to have same possibilities for poor and rich in our education system, which today gives free school, free education, use of skills and makes complicated and no complicared jobs being paid for according to worth.

So even I only is a small beatle in this, I am and many more are here do actually fight for improvements.

Its not only Sanders and Warren and Obama care, which are kind of inspired. People come here from many other cxountries to be inspired and learn the goood and bad sides of everything from childcare and schools and how tt treat poor and old well.

But Yours and mine problems is still there. We have to produce. If we didnt, there would be no cake to share. You obvios dont understand that part.

So You have to learn Muhammed was partly wrong making his believers rich by robbing, raping and taking land. You forget that part, where the productive has nothing left to take and that dirty expansion stops.

I see it very well for the Bolsjevics taking over. I see it very well for Maduro taking over.

It make no sense only stripping the rich thefts. Many of those are not rich from day to day but their fortunes are build during generations as well as they also has created the extra incomes. Thats no defence but an explanation.

You as a minimum should replace that production by production and equal right to make it and make wellfare by, what we support here very much by taxsystems, which You or Your kind not even are able to understand , bacuse You only have tax and corruption for Goverment support and Your religios one by Sukat and Gifts for faster entrence to heaven.

By that You also dont understand why Jwes has been hunted during time. If Tzar Russia as well as the Bolsjevic Russia had INCOME TAX, the rich would not be rich as they did – some of the Jews included. The people in the jobs created by them had to pay income tax as well. Even poor here pay some income tax.

A lot of the rich class Jew money also was based in, they were not allowed to have big castles and land. So therefore they only could have it kept in very visible investments like gold and diamonds.

The other part of course is, that Russia didnt change by the Revolution in those matters. Theit upperclass just was replaced.

When Russia compares and compared themselves by higher productivity they almost always compare with themselves and deny to see the growth rate was higher left of the Iron curtain for very good reasons.

So turning upsoide down as it is in Iraq, Syria and Iran makes no changes. The rats are of exact same kind.

So its about taxing better but mainly a change in peoples minds made by people themselves. Knowledge about it is well known.

You cant and should not copy danes, but I think we have solved parts of it much better then many. Its the same thing: You make people decide more themselves and help them help themselves better by know how.

Just stealing money from the rich make no permanent solution. Its more like peeing in the pant in the wintertime and here in Denmark it even turn in

to ice:)

Jens Holm

You still dont get that relation ship at all. You not even try. Maybee You are not able to because of Assad propaganda learning from before You came out of some stomach.

Jens Holm

It might be the other way making a better and more free entrence.

Golan never will be any option. Israel never will allow any attack from there ever.

Using “Khazarian mobs” confirm just confirm them.


Well, get real. They are talking about how they will get Islamist Iran out of Syria along with their lap puppies, Hezbollah. Do note that Putin’s Russia has not once ever done a thing to stop the hundred or so attacks Israel has made on those Islamist interlopers in Syria. And he won’t start now. He doesn’t want to take on his fellow Russians in Israel and he sure doesn’t like Muslims much, especially the Islanist type. Try to keep up.


Remember Dara and SW Syria terrorist regions surrendered almost w/o a fight more than a year ago, obviously Israel-supported terrorists…there have been some productive agreements, same moral problem w/ Turkey, but maintaining relations has put SAA into NE Syria, also w/ very little actual fighting. SAA is small relative to its tasks (and the terrorists often better armed in fact with tanks and guns on the ground), so these agreements are important. But it is not an ideal situation, I agree.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

true, hope you are doing well sir :)

Jens Holm

Sad Asses never will understand that even that limited Friendship has been there for decades.

Typical ME denial of facts. Russia dont like growing influence by Hesbollah and Iran and Israel in those matters are a kind of proxy partly paid pr USA.

Do You understand free icecreme?


To help you out, Putin doesn’t like Muslims too much and views Israel with its very large Russian population as a potential outpost of the Glorious Russian Nation.


Its not as clear-cut as that Jake. When all the yiddischers left Russia, like rats jumping from a sinking ship, many people in Russia were glad to see them go. The problem was, that most had criminal back grounds in some form or another, and their impact on Israeli society, turned it from centre-left, to far right, suddenly it became a society of Nazi-like Jews, more over, life and politics was and is now controlled by them. Pres. Putin hopes that rabble will stay put there, but alas many returned to mother Russia as they could not adjust to Israeli society. Putin has a good relationship with the Islamic world, and his politics work exceedingly well, Chechnya being a case in question. All he asked for is loyalty in exchange for autonomy…………a brilliant stroke of statesmanship, and he won the hearts and minds conflict and now peace and prosperity reigns, much to the chagrin of the Pentagon and Mossad.


LOL…sure, the Chechens just love Mother Russia. Damn, your Vodka ration does weird things to your brain, Igor. And you know damn well that Putz Putin the Poisoner thinks all Russians everywhere are part of his delusional Greater Russia vision. Just like Hitler thought of Germans everywhere. Anyway, after Trump is gone, the Putz and his residual RF will be on the bankruptcy chopping block. So enjoy your Vodka while you can.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

so why did he decide to help assad and syrians who are muslims too?


To get at least one overseas base someplace so he can play as if he and Russia are still a world power. And he can keep thise Muslims under his thumb.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

ur whacked out dude

Raptar Driver

Putin is clearly in bed with the Zionists.

Jens Holm

Much as You not even has a bed Yourself.

Jens Holm

People down below still dont get Assads is not sommander of the Russian military forces and gets military equipment and food for free,

Russia and also USSR has had those relationships for many years updating them now and then.

Free man

Some of the people here seem to be confused. Putin is the prime minister of Russia not the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Putin is promoting Russia’s interests not Iran’s.

Derek Johnson

Putin is the prime minister of Russia not the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

You may be shocked to learn Putin is the PRESIDENT of Russia.

But you are right – Putin is promoting Russia’s interests.

Free man

typo. Thanks.


Is Putin congratulate Bibi for Israel attacks to Iran forces in Syria who are combating ISIS ?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

What can they really discuss, an interim president has no real authority to agree to anything, until a new Israeli government is formed nothing can be worked out. But this is what they will discuss though according to Israeli news.

…. “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke Friday with Russian leader Vladimir Putin about security issues in the Middle East and also about an Israeli-American woman imprisoned in Russia on drug charges. Russian officials said the two confirmed that Putin would visit Israel next month. Putin had been expected to join French President Emmanuel Macron in January at events to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day in Jerusalem, in what is expected to be the largest-ever gathering focused on combating anti-Semitism. According to Netanyahu’s office, the talks Friday focused on Iran, Syria, Israel’s security needs and the continued need for the deconfliction mechanisms in place to prevent military engagement between Israel and Russia in Syria. Russia backs the government of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad and has criticized previous Israeli airstrikes aimed at preventing an Iranian entrenchment near Israel’s northern border. The IDF had said it coordinated its aerial campaign with Moscow through the deconfliction mechanism the two countries established in light of Russia’s significant military presence in Syria.” ……

So it seems the Israelis are doing most of the asking and Putin’s the one that they want help from, but they don’t say what their offering in return, mmm, what’s that usually mean, nothing good usually.

The Israelis want,

1, Free an Israeli/American woman [spy] held in Russia on drug charges 2, Getting Putin to attend International Holocaust Remembrance Day, where they pretend the rest of the world really dislikes Israel because the rest of the world is actually anti Semitic, and not just because the rest of the world’s actually opposed to Israel’s brutal uncivilized behaviour in Palestine 3, Talk about the deconfliction mechanism that prevents accidental military engagements between Israel and Russia in Syria, perhaps the Israelis want permission to increase operations against the Iranians and need Putin’s permission 4, Talk about the Israeli Iranian security situation in general

So that’s what they say they’re going to talk about, but I’m sure some other things will also be discussed. The Israelis aren’t too happy with Trump atm, they’re not getting the help from him they really want concerning Iran and Syria, so I’m sure the Russians are potentially becoming more and more appealing as potential new security partners and guarantors. You can bet the Israelis will be happily selling out Trump and the US during the meeting, promising to do things to help Putin they’d never admit to in public, all to curry favour with Putin.

“US President Donald Trump thanked Tehran for a “very fair” negotiation Saturday after an American scholar detained in the country was released in exchange for an Iranian scientist held in the United States.”

The Israelis would hate that, Trump doing deals with the enemy, LOL.


Putin is congratulationg Bibi for Israel excellent job of killing Iran troops in Syria land. In fact, it would not be a surprise at all if Russia gives information to Israel of Iran locations in Syria.

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