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JULY 2022

Russian And China Deepen Strategic Cooperation

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Russian And China Deepen Strategic Cooperation

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On June 5th, Chinese President Xi Jinping and a delegation met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, accompanied by other Russian officials in the Kremlin, Moscow.

Following the meeting, the Chinese and Russian Presidents signed a Joint Statement on Developing Comprehensive Partnership and Strategic Interaction Entering a New Era and a Joint Statement on Strengthening Global Strategic Stability in the Modern Age.

An agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the People’s Republic of China on settlements and payments was also signed.

“The signed documents, in particular, concern creating a Russian-Chinese joint research and technology innovation fund, boosting bilateral trade, improving flight safety, promoting cooperation in protecting giant pandas, implementing the second phase of building a Haval automobile plant in the Tula Region, broadcasting the CGTN, CGRN-Russian and CCTV-4 channels in Russia, and establishing partnership in the field of e-commerce in Russia and the CIS.”

In addition, a regulation on the Russian-Chinese Energy Business Forum and a general contract for building units 3 and 4 of the Xudabao NPP were also concluded.

The two leaders attended a presentation of a successful investment project that is already operational: an automobile plant in the Tula region, it showed off a Chinese Haval off-road vehicle assembled in Russia.

At the beginning of the meetings, both leaders expressed pleasantries, praising that 2019 marks 70 years of Russian-Chinese relations.

“As for bilateral relations, your visit, as you know, is timed to a major date – the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between our countries. The Soviet Union recognised the People’s Republic of China immediately, the day after it was created and proclaimed.

You and I set a goal to reach $100 billion in trade last year. Thanks to the efforts of our teams, the governments of both countries, we have exceeded this mark, with mutual trade reaching $108 billion. And it has continued to grow in the first quarter of this year, already exceeding 3.4 percent. All this is the result of our joint work and the result of our teams’ performance, and – I would like to emphasize it once again – to a large extent, it is due to your personal contribution,” Vladimir Putin said.

On his part, Xi Jinping also expressed his pleasure of “meeting his old friend.”

“Against the backdrop of drastic changes that the world has not seen for the past 100 years, the peoples of both countries and the international community are putting high hopes on us.

There are no limits to advancing our relations; we only need to become better and better. We are ready to constantly improve the positive effect of our high-level relations together with you, side by side, to instil in our citizens an even more profound feeling of unity among our peoples and to put forward even more of our joint initiatives,” the Chinese President said.

At the end of the restricted format talks, Putin and Xi discussed in detail major international issues and confirmed that the positions of Russia and China on key global issues are close or identical.

Following the meetings, the statements from both leaders included the following announcements:

  • Cooperation on the production and sale of LNG is being increased. The third stage of the Yamal LNG plant opened in November, one year ahead of schedule. A sizeable share in this plant – almost 30 percent (29.9 percent) belongs to China. We welcome cooperation on another large project – Arctic LNG 2;
  • The possibility of creating a Russian-Chinese agricultural holding company in the Primorye Territory with an investment of 10 billion rubles is being discussed;
  • The two sides agreed on establishing two more interregional cooperation mechanisms between Russia’s Central Federal District and North China, as well as between our Northwestern Federal District and the maritime provinces of Southeast China;
  • Both leaders signed a joint statement on strengthening global strategic stability that emphasizes the principled stand of Russia and China that any attempts to destroy the existing system of agreements on arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation are unacceptable;
  • Both countries share identical assessments of the situation on the Korean Peninsula and are carrying out a joint roadmap to solve the situation;
  • The countries reaffirmed their intention to continue building up bilateral cooperation within the framework of the UN, the SCO, BRICS, the G20, APEC and other leading multilateral venues;
  • Russia would continue efforts to link the EAEU integration processes with the Chinese Silk Road Economic Belt Initiative;

The two sides, according to Xi, should actively push forward their cooperation to dock the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the Eurasian Economic Union so as to promote regional economic integration.

Significantly, at the sidelines of the high-level meeting, the Chinese tech giant Huawei signed a deal with Russian telecom company MTS to develop a 5G network in Russia in 2020.

“Today, with the signing of the 5G development agreement, our partnership is reaching a new level – we not only give impetus to the strategic cooperation of the two high-tech companies, <…> but also contribute to the further development of trade and economic relations between Russia and China,” MTS President Alexey Kornya noted.


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Zionism = EVIL

Russia and China are in an ideal geo-strategic position to broaden their cooperation and widen the alliance with all Zionist free nations like Iran, DPRK, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, South Africa etc. The Americunt losers and their NATO stooges are in eternal decline and the rotten EU is being torn apart with Italy the next domino. The British poodles have already committed suicide with the dotard Trump humiliating them with gratis commands on who the limey gits should have as their next leader. Britain is a shameless failed state and total poodle of Americunt and Zionist global plunderers and warmongers. The next step should be to arm Iran and also destroy the toilet paper dollar with an alternate Eurasian monetary system linked to China’s ONE BELT trade initiative..


THIS is the perfectly right answer to the u.s. economic warfare! HUAWEI should have a bunch of resources free at hand. Invest them at other places than western countries! You don’t need those.


Russia, China and Iran and other like minded peaceful nations must create a military alliance to check US and NATO expansionism and deluded quest for global domination.


The West is being governed by morons. It is of immense strategic importance for the West to create a wedge between Russia and China, to have Russia as its ally to contain China. Instead they were only focused at enlarging the EU and NATO eastwards, thus driving Russia into China’s arms. What on earth did the West gain by having the Baltic states in NATO and a confrontational Russia? If I had been US president I would have done my utmost best to befriend Moscow and told the Baltic states and others to take a hike. Hell, even NATO is not that important, as no NATO country except the UK and France have militaries worth the name. And you could have made bilateral deals with those countries. Just like you could have for military bases in Germany or elsewhere. Hell, NATO could have been made to linger in a sort of limbo, just like the WEU, its predecessor, did for decades. A debating club for Western leaders, not much more.

But no, the EU had to expand, which I think Russia could have lived with, as its mostly about economics, and NATO had to expand. But Talin, Riga, Vilnius, and all the other former WarPac countries are not worth sacrificing good relations with Moscow over. But we did, and now we have the ghost of a resurgent Russia to scare us at night, and a grand alliance between Moscow and Beijing to give us even greater nightmares. Well done, Western morons, well done! Not even Game of Thrones gave us such a bad ending.


“Against the backdrop of drastic changes that the world has not seen for the past 100 years, the peoples of both countries and the international community are putting high hopes on us.”

I completely agree with President Xi. The SCO and related organizations and developments, like the Eurasian Economic Union are, from what I can see. The only realistic prospect to contain the Jew world order miscreants of the US, Israel, France and the UK. And their fascist war mongering hegemonic criminal insanity led by the Israel firster, anti American traitor in chief turncoat Mr. MAGA. By providing an alternative that the victim states and governments that don’t want to deal with Jew world order criminals by diversifying their goods and services procurement from non Jew S dollar denominated sources.

The elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about that I’m up to my eyeballs in working on. Is the ET/ED issue. Both sequestered ET/ED reverse engineered derived and off planet imported paradigm altering technology. And cultural, diplomatic and security relationship developments. And how to integrate these matters peacefully and productively into our reality structure in a manner that advances our civilization in a positive manner without impairing people’s human and civil rights.


Folding electric bike and 1 mile beam handheld 100 watt hid 8,000 lumen search light. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/724f12c7f3ab28e7201b1cac0b213eb187e7e86bf937978df1b78aaab11da058.jpg


I wish that the quality on this picture was better. I rode this ebike last Friday night on a 12 kilometer round trip ride past a wash out repair that wasn’t passable on a steep narrow single lane dirt road in the mountains with the rental 4×4 suv 27 miles into the forest. My high ground clearance Bronco ll 1/4 ton 2 door suv with the largest tires that you can run on a stock suspension will get past it once it’s repaired and road worthy again.

The road past the obstruction was snow covered in 5 or 6 places. One of them contained what looked like a track line made before a thaw by a bare foot hominid with larger feet prints and a stride approximately double mine. About 20 miles into the forest before I got to the obstruction. A fur covered mammalian life form ran down the side of the road about 50 to 75 feet in front of the rental suv and then into the forest. This is the same forest where I had a close encounter with 3 bigfoots 2 summers ago.

I couldn’t see the appendages on the creature moving down the side of the road to make a positive id. I’ve had multiple close range bear encounters at distances of 50 to 200 feet in the wilderness. And was able to get a good enough look to be able to identify them. This time I wasn’t able to. I didn’t have most of my gear with me. Including a dash clamp mount for my GoPro Hero 6 Black action cam. To be able to capture video like that.

The area that I was trying to get to has a series of clearings up to 200 feet across starting about 500 feet off of the road that you have to hike through forest without trails to get to in a deep valley completely isolated from view or sound almost 35 miles into the forest. That I located doing a satellite image search on my computer of the forest. That would be ideal for ET/ED contact work if there aren’t other people around.

Earlier Friday I attended a bigfoot event and met with a researcher who specializes in the quantum physics aspect of the bigfoot topic. The largest trackline that he’s encountered had 26 inch foot prints and a 13 foot stride. I don’t think that something that big is running around the forest living here full time. I think that a lot of these creatures have an ET/ED nexus and can come and go using advance technology. Either from more advanced ETs that are managing them as part of a genetic research project. Or something else.

I’m not looking for bigfoots. But they’ve contacted me during my ET/ED contact work in the remote wilderness. So I’m dealing with that. They purportedly range from ones that will dismember you limb by limb and eat you. To ones that will help distressed people in trouble. If I encounter them again and they’re not anti social. I’m going to go up to them if they don’t retreat and talk with them to find out more about them.

Tommy Jensen

Russia-China strategic cooperation in protecting giant pandas, building a half automobile plant in Tula Tula Tula, broadcasting Big Brother CCTV-4 channels in Russia???

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