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JUNE 2023

Russian An-26 Passenger Plane Disappears Near Kamchatka, 28 People Missing (UPDATED, Video)

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Russian An-26 Passenger Plane Disappears Near Kamchatka, 28 People Missing (UPDATED, Video)

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According to preliminary data, all people on board were killed as a result of the crash. The rescue work is difficult due to the landscape, according to Rosaviatsia center.

UPDATE: The first video showing the place of the accident was released online.

In Russia’s far east, rescuers identified the crash site of the An-26, which flew from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to the village of Palana and stopped communicating before landing.

Presumably, the plane crashed into the sea, an emergency services representative told RIA Novosti.

Onboard there were six crew members and 22 passengers, including two children and the head of the village Olga Mokhireva.

A group of ships was sent to search. A special commission has been formed, a hot line is working. Meteorological conditions are difficult – there’s a thick fog and it’s very cloudy.

A criminal case was initiated on violation of traffic safety rules and aircraft operation.

The local government said that the aircraft had a valid certificate of airworthiness and the crew had passed a pre-flight inspection.

Local authorities published a list of passengers of the missing in Kamchatka An-26.

Russian An-26 Passenger Plane Disappears Near Kamchatka, 28 People Missing (UPDATED, Video)

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Valentina Glazova, a spokeswoman for the local transport prosecutor’s office, said “search and rescue efforts are underway”.

“All that is known at this time, what has been possible to establish, is that communication with the plane was interrupted and it did not land,” Glazova told AFP news agency.

Kamchatka Airlines hasn’t confirmed the crash took place.

The plane belonged to a company called Kamchatka Aviation Enterprise. The plane has been in operation since 1982, Tass reported. The company’s director, Alexei Khabarov, told the Interfax news agency that the plane was technically sound.

There were conflicting reports of what may have happened, with RIA reporting the plane crashed into the sea off the Kamchatka peninsula as it was preparing to land.

Several ships were en route to the crash site, RIA cited emergency services as saying.

Interfax meanwhile reported the plane may have gone down near a coal mine close to the town of Palana.

The plane was on approach for landing when contact was lost about 10 kilometers away from Palana’s airport.

In Russia, the last major air accident took place in May 2019, when a Sukhoi Superjet belonging to the flag carrier airline Aeroflot crash-landed and caught fire on the runway of a Moscow airport, killing 41 people.

In February 2018, a Saratov Airlines An-148 aircraft crashed near Moscow shortly after take-off, killing all 71 people on board. An investigation later concluded that the accident was caused by human error.


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A clown like you

RT: Aircraft with 28 people on board crashes into sea in bad weather conditions near remote Russian Far Eastern peninsula of Kamchatka https://www.rt.com/russia/528454-plane-missing-far-east-kamchatka/ “Russian authorities are investigating after an Antonov An-26 turboprop aircraft, flying over the remote Kamchatka peninsula in Russia’s Far East, reportedly crashed into the sea on Tuesday afternoon. It had 28 people on board.”


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Let’s hope the plane is found without any loss of life.

A clown like you

RT: “Wreckage of Russian turboprop jet found by investigators in remote Far East as 28 passengers & crew feared dead in major incident” Read more here: https://www.rt.com/russia/528473-wreckage-turboprop-crash-kamchatka/


Although generally reliable, some of these regional airlines need to retire their aging aircraft. Government subsidies would provide stimulus for job creation and infrastructure development.

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