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Russian Airstrikes Target Surroundings Of Turkish Posts In Southern Idlib, Northwest Hama

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Russian Airstrikes Target Surroundings Of Turkish Posts In Southern Idlib, Northwest Hama

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On February 23, a series of Russian airstrikes targeted the surroundings of Turkish “observation posts” in the so-called Greater Idlib region.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the posts are located in the Almastumah Camp, 6 km to the south of Idlib’s city center, and near the town of Shir Mughar in northwest Hama.

Al-Mastumah’s post is one of many positions established by the Turkish military earlier this month, while Shir Mughar post was set up last year under the Sochi agreement.

No Turkish casualties were reported as a result of the Russian airstrikes. However, equipment supplied by Turkey may have been destroyed.

Dozens of other Russian and Syrian airstrikes targeted several areas in the southern countryside of Idlib, including the towns of Kafr Nabl, Hizareen, Bsakla, Kafar Sijnah, Kansafra and Ehsim.

These intense airstrikes come amid reports of a near large-scale military operation by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). The operation will reportedly target the remaining militant-held areas south of the M4 highway, which links Aleppo with the coastal city of Lattakia.

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Harry Smith

Don’t be jealous! Guys just celebrating February 23 – the Russian Army and Navy day.


? Cheers ?


С праздником!


Travelling over the bridge to Crimea is on my wish list. :)

Harry Smith

Getting the Russian visa is a really hard quest. But if you live somewhere in the Baltic Sea region you can visit Saint Petersburg without visa for 1 day. It is not the Crimea bridge but it too has some places to see.


I got a Visa to Russia in 2002 for about 10 days.

Harry Smith

Wish you luck.


Not so easy this time, you’ve been on SF for years so you are clearly an intel operative! ;)



Хасен Жасем Халфет

So you’re saying they are burning Turkish armor for fireworks. XD

PS: literally it’s the day of “Defender of the Fatherland”

Harry Smith

Before it was День Советской армии и Военно-морского флота. I’m kinda old school.


Me too !!!


Coming week might become decisive. If Erdocunt does not attack on wide scale so his threats to push back the SAA behind Sochi lines turn out to be empty after all and meanwhile his terrorists will be defeated in Southern Idlib then he looses so much of his ugly face it will be game over. I expect he will annex Afrin tho

alejandro casalegno

Afrin is not “Northen Cyprus”………….SDF+SAA will fight back!!!!

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

SDF is Syrian Demcoratic Forces, The new american terrorist training proxy. SDf is filled with ISIS/al qaeda soldiers who joined them as the yanks simulated fighting ISIS along the euphrates.


Erdo Pasha isn’t going to annex nothing. What we can see is that the Turks don’t have an army able to defeat elite forces as the Tigers supported by the Russians.

Lone Ranger

Take care guys.
Glory to the SAA and Russia.

Tudor Miron

Great way to celebrate the Day of Defender of Fatherland! Keep it up guys.


“equipment supplied by Turkey may have been destroyed.
” :D :D Hehe! Just visiting this site makes me get in a better mood!

Xoli Xoli

Why not dropping Iranian messiles to give Turkey soldiers headache

Raptar Driver

Better are the missiles that give the Turks no heads.


Slap that booty!!!! goud…


Good, keep on going.

Assad must stay

completely blow them up


I remember a week ago, after the Turks got bombed and a bunch of their troops dead (which was absolutely hilarious when that happened), well I remember at that time, before the Turks unleashed their drones and began their offensive, everyone here was gloating and slapping each other on the back, proclaiming victory and predicting the Turks were on the verge of collapse.

And then Turkey struck and everyone was shocked, though none of you should have been.

Let me remind everyone, these fucking rats still have tons of equipment and many tens of thousands of jihadists and Turkish troops in Idlib. This massive force is still backed up by hundreds of artillery and MLRS, drones, and a hell of a lot of F-16’s.

So let’s not make that mistake again, shall we?

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