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Russian Airstrikes Pound Turkish Convoy In Southern Idlib (Videos)

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On February 23, a series of Russian airstrikes blocked a convoy of the Turkish Armed Forces in southern Idlib, forcing it to retreat.

According to several opposition sources, the Turkish convoy was passing through the town of al-Bara in southern Idlib when a series of Russian airstrikes and Syrian artillery strikes begin targeting the town.

The strikes forced the convoy to stop and turn back. Despite that the strikes were meant as a warning, several Turkish service members were reportedly injured.

The SMART News Agency released a video documenting the incident. The video shows that Russian warplanes didn’t mean to strike the exposed Turkish convoy directly.

A day earlier, a series of Russian and Syrian airstrikes destroyed nine vehicles, including battle tanks, in southern Idlib. Later, Turkey announced that a tank crewman was killed in a Syrian strike on the region.

Russian and Syrian strikes are a clear warning to Turkish forces, which aided Syrian militants in the recent failed attack on the town of al-Nayrab in southern Idlib.

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Len Zegelink

good job sria and russia,kick the terrorists lovers out of syria .

Terence Silvestre Jr.

I’ve always talked about it. Russia the great sleeping bear coming out of its hibernation shaking the treacherous and cowardly Turk. Little by little I am becoming proud again of my beloved but too patient and tolerant Russia.
Long live to Russia and to all its allies in Syria. Because it seems that the final victory is getting closer to what is believed.


Good, but there is still a long way to go to recover Afrin, north-Euphrates rive, Kurds areas, and USA areas. Be brave and without fair since God is with Syria-Russia-Hezbolah-Iran.


It’s baked in the cake. :)


Actually, that might prove to be the easy part. The weakest fighting force is outside Idlib and they mangled the SDF rather quickly. The SDF will fall in lign. They are nowhere close to having fight experience, Army level tactics.
They got the territory because the west just bribed ISIS.
I am not sure if you remember, but whenever they showed in ISIS doorsteps, ISIS left or surrendered with hours. While with Syrian army they fought like no tomorrow to the last droplet of blood. There is almost zero ISIS prisoner with the SAA and not because the killed in captivity. They just died fighting.


I remember those times so well, Kurds making huge advances towards the oil-fields and the SAA fighting hard for every millimeter on the south bank as they approached Al-Bukamal and Mayadin. Seemed to me at the time that ISIS were both joining the Kurds or transferring across the river to fight the SAA


It takes time, I think the waking up actually started in South Ossetia in Kaukus, 08/08/08.

Josiah Isaboke

“A tank crewman was killed” Amazing how this Turkish tanks are operated by one person….They are hit but only one person dies. Americans are directly bombed and get headaches and now Turks are directly bombed 1 person dies. The others are like Cyborgs. Hahahhahahahaha! As they say…The first casualty in any war is the truth

Xoli Xoli

Erdogan will say his soldiers are terminators.


I see erdogan more the terminator to be frank,oh well cia has seen better days,bad luck!


You cracked me up with that headache thing.

Josiah Isaboke

It’s true though!America for example has had close to 50 planes “Crash” in Afghanistan alone since they started the war there….NOT A SINGLE ONE HAS EVER BEEN SHOT! They would never admit to it. Most of their military planes crash only in war zones…They Iran sends the most devastating ballistic missiles there were Dutch and Kiwi forces in that airbase as well but Oh no!The Americans had headaches.Somethings just don’t add up! They are able to fool many but not us! I watched the CNN interview to the soldiers after and it’s like they didn’t rehearse their lines well…Some say they all hid in the Saddam Bunkers and other say they stayed out to guard the perimeter fence and rushed to check on the injured. It is so amateur you’d think someone isn’t telling what they had rehearsed on saying. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzXpNxAeCck

Xoli Xoli

Erdogan is now totally confuse.He doesn’t know wither he should call Trump or Putin. Erdogan wants to make a turkstrean through Syria deal.May he will call bafoon pumpkin Pompeo and idiot Pence.


You know if someone tried to kill me and my family on the sly,whom id rid? Use your head!


Imagine being a soldier and your turk overlord commands you to act as a human shield to jihadist terrorists lol.


I guess it depends on which decoup regime they wanted,erdo ain’t as dumb as cia were praying!

Peter Jennings

If Turkish forces insist on getting in the way of Syrian/Russian forces doing their job, then they best improve their bomb dodging skills. Turkish forces have made themselves targets by blurring the lines between regular and terrorists personnel.

Turkish invaders have no air support whilst Syrian/Russian drones watch every move.
Popcorn at the ready.


There always seem to be the ‘Alah Snackbar ‘ terrorists who just happen to have a camera of some sort scanning the open skies as a Russian or SAA bombing run occurs.

Are Russia and the Turks still notifying each other of combat deployments I wonder ?


He doesn’t have to be a very smart snackbar to realise that a Turkish convoy is going to get bombed…..


My main worry is Erdogan’s considerable air defense capabilities @Twitter!

Peter Jennings

Yeah, i noticed that some time ago. Also one can tell the importance of the strike by the reactions of those terrorists capturing the strike on their phones.
Maybe a scoring system would be useful, say one to ten akbars.




Exactly. It’s a very strange and stupid strategy. And the gear they send to Syria doesn’t seem to be the good ones or the right kind (old and in-upgraded or unpgradable armour, no serious air defence or air support, etc. and the only defence they get is more hot air from the Turkish leadership) It’s like they are sent to be killed (They even shot at the Russian plane with short range MANPADs from an OP with no means of defence against airstrike or artillery, an invitation to be pulverized quickly).
Who does that with his own troops? Too easy for opponent, even the most inept military planners which belong to the Saudi military/coalition don’t do that.

Can it be that Turkish leadership is trying to get rid of undesired personnel? Last week there was yet another wave of arrest of Turkish military men because of yet another coup attempt (real or imaginary coup but arrest were real). Today there was a report about arrest of Jihadis who preferred to leave the battle and flee to Turkey near Syria-Turkey border. The more competent mercenaries are sent to Libya.

Maybe they want to get rid of all unwanted, both TAF and proxies.

Food for thought.

Peter Jennings

Maybe Erdogan thinks he can throw his little sister into the pool in the hope that nato lifeguards will jump in and save her.

Xoli Xoli

Actually even if their have air support it wont make difference.Their jets will risk being taken down. Turkey only knows hit and run just as Israel does.


If the S-400 are deployed in Idlib, they can shut down the airspace over most of Southern Turkey.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

If the Turks don’t pull their incursion forces back to the City of Idlib, then they fully deserve what they get.


Back to Turkey you mean.


Back to Mongolia would be even better :)


hehe, that can be arranged… if they get kicked out of NATO or if NATO goes bust it will be easy peasy mac and cheesy! ?


No, Mongols are nice! And the girls there are several orders above the Turks, and they speak Russian too!


Now now, we shouldn’t think about punishing Turkish people for having a Donmeh Erdogan as a leader.


I agree with you.



Arguably, Boris Johnson is a Donmeh as well :)


Well there you go, we wouldn’t want to send the British to Mongolia as well!!!



Arch Bungle

What did the Mongols do to deserve such punishment!

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Eventually, yes.
Ankara should however first prove they can assist Moscow in defeating Al Qaeda elements in Idlib… Even if it means simply relocation or preferably liquidation in suicidal assaults where they are guaranteed to fail.

Xoli Xoli

Erdogan wanted to harass SAA with 1km long convoy.This is not SDF which USA NATO abandons and run when their see that 1km convoy with backing pieces.

Xoli Xoli

If terrorists turns against Erdogan then it will be game over for Turkey.


That is exactly what Erdogan is trying to avoid, and the reason why Erdogan is sending troops protect its terrorists.

Lone Ranger

Russians are real gentlemans I wouldnt be that generous.

Christer Larsson

We know that Erdogan sent units he suspected were involved in the coup attempt against him into Idlib.

We know they have 2nd rate equipment and 3rd rate leaders, Erdogan

using this as an opportunity to eliminate his enemies in the Army and

then settle it all with Putin.

Erdogan may be crazy…crazy like a fox.” https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/02/23/russia-deploys-its-nato-killer-smersh-300mm-against-turkey-but-why-is-erdogan-laughing/


Yeah right!
…the fable of the fox and the sour grapes!

Christer Larsson

well now there is a motiv for his bihavier


That’s some serious firepower.
The theory that Erdo is getting rid of his disloyal Turkish units and his jihadi’s who are now a liability and they know too much, has merit.

If there is a rumour about this possible scenario amongst the jihadi gangs, it could explain why some units of jihadi’s have refused to be transfered to Idlib from Hassaka as has been shown on a previous South Front report today.


VT publishes a lot of disinfo. Their nukes destroyed the WTC being an example.

“About 30% of what’s written on Veterans Today, is patently false. About 40% of what I write, is at least purposely, partially false”

– Veterans Today – Gordon Duff 40% False Information Controversy –



The Russians are bombing.
The Americans say nothing becuse F Obananana bannana.


Congratulation to Russia for the decision of stopping Turkey (NATO member) invasion in Syria.

Black Waters

Fictional NATO member.


Russian pilots sure earn their pay in Syria.. Must be a crazy hours in combat duty for each of them… I hope that retard Erdogan wont do something that stupid as to shoot down Russian plane again..

Josiah Isaboke

He shot a bomber that was returning from a sortie …From behind actually and it had no idea whatsoever that the “Friendly” plane that was trailing from behind was going to fire. It like that ONE LUCKY SUCKER PUNCH you take on someone and run away. Russians are now aware of who they are dealing with


Russia had informed nato and turkey the flight path of that plane. Thats how they were able to intercept it to shoot at it. So erdoggie used the info the Russians provided to shoot down a Russian plane. Ofcourse these days Russia is very careful to check if other flights are in the vicinity and also scramble alert fighters or use SU34’s instead of SU25’s.. SU34 cost far more to operate but carry 4 times the load of bombs… Think Russian wants to use up their 450 SU25’s thats left..


Western scum and vassals, you are done!


i don’t see a reason for the terrorists to keep fighting honestly they should just go to afrin and from there sneak back to turkey there is no point to keep fighting the saa you already lost the war the day the saa took back aleppo city, it’s almost 10 years now of war and destruction enough already! the terrorist scum should just drop their weapons and wave the white flag, why keep fighting if you already know the outcome, i guess the only motivation at this point is the 72 virgins


If you were even slightly intelligence you would realise that here would be great opposition to ideology. And when ideology trumps common sense there is no intelligence involved but only that primal motive. Not only such ideology be strongly opposed but to not also means certain death. So the choice is to run away if possible or fight to the death. At first it is a shock and you run off but when there is no where to run to, you stand fast and fight. But to the other side they think they are winning and if they only kill a few more and cause a little more fear they will win and get them to run again..

I am sure external factors reinforce this behaviour.. western media making it out like this is their right and they are oppressed etc etc etc and western politicians egging them on. Imagine being one of the nut cases.. All they hear is they are doing gods work from everyone. They read western press about how they are the oppressed.. You already believe all this and it must be true if so many in the west are on their side..


I would think that the NATO boys and girls currently playing soldiers on the Russian borders will be very pleased to get home to a warm bed, a dildo and a mu of horlicks. :)

Bill Wilson

I’m sure plenty were motivated by the promise of three hots, a cot and a paycheck.


SLAP THAT BOOTY!!!! Erdoggie needs a good punch on the face.

Cant believe someone is sacrificing their own to protect al queda terrorists. Russia is not going to put up with it after seeing what they did to Red army soldiers that were captured.. As we saw, Russian soldiers would rather die than be captured and we saw this on 3 different occasions..

You got to be a mighty big moron to not understand the significance.. If nothing else anyone trying to protect especially al queda should take note of this fact.


Bear in mind cia attempt to kill erdogan and his family,for ousting the pm whom ordered the nato hit on russian su-24,that order was not by erdogan and yes he was in a trap,and intelligence knows which of whoms loyalties lie within,infact putin had to put up with this in chechnya war,
logic either way cia/nwo are fkd any which way and how,better late than never,do cia on cias!


RT reporting airstrike on Syria by IDF, I presume ti support terrorists….no details as yet.


Erdogans fkd up things. His only way is now to fully invade in Syria and make mess with Greece in Aegean and Mediterranean . Otherwise he will loose power and get hanged like Menderes very soon.


“Despite that the strikes were meant as a warning, several Turkish service members were reportedly injured”

If we count sudden and rapid release of fecal matter as injury, I’m sure they got pretty injured. Then they did what Turkish army is famous for through out their History when not facing unarmed women, children and senior people- turn around and run like the wind.
You don’t need a lot of drones or tracking afterwards. Just need to follow the shit trail. You can smell approaching Turkish troops from miles away, their stench is coming first.


Erdogan drop in Putin’s trap. Now no choice but dance like Putin/Lavrov play


The Turkish government’s new recruiting poster for the Turkish military.comment image

Willing Conscience (The Truths

And just a few months ago you were the loudest voice on SF promoting the new Turkish/Russian MOU, you kept asserting the Turks were going to help solve all of Syria’s problems with the Kurds, how’s that coming along Richard.
Maybe you should’ve paid more attention to the 2 SF articles that warned us Russia was having problems with Turkey.


You haven’t disproven anything that I’ve written. Your criticism coming from a habitual liar continuously making false accusations like you with a severe credibility deficit is meaningless.

If you had any honor and integrity you’ld copy and paste or screenshot of what I’ve written to prove your point. You don’t and you can’t so you won’t because you’re a moron and idiot talking out of both sides of your mouth who’s posting hasbara propaganda for the vermin Jew. Like your buddy Jake who upvoted your stupidity.


The convoys are sitting ducks to air attacks and precise artilery and MLRS fire. I fail to understand the Turkish mindset of sending these convoys blindly and making idiotic threats against SAA and its allies.
The Turkish army and its command structure are inept, void of strategic and tactical concepts.

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