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Russian Airstrikes Hit Greater Idlib For Fourth Day In Row (Video, Photos)

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Russian Airstrikes Hit Greater Idlib For Fourth Day In Row (Video, Photos)

FILE PHOTO: Sukhoi Su-24 attack aircraft before departing for its permanent base in Russia from Khmeimim Air Base in Syria. © Vadim Grishankin / Sputnik

For the fourth day in a row, warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out a series of airstrikes on the northwestern region of Greater Idlib.

The airstrikes, which took place on August 22 morning, targeted positions in the outskirts of the towns of Kansafra, Mareian and Almaouzrah in the al-Zawiya Mount in the southern countryside of Idlib.

Al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the de-facto ruler of Greater Idlib, and the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation both maintain a large presence in the al-Zawiya Mount.

On August 19, Russian warplanes bombed a headquarters of HTS in the town of Ein Shib in the western Idlib countryside. On August 20, a series of airstrikes hit Ein Shib as well as the town of Qurqnia in the northern countryside of Idlib. On August 21, Russian airstrikes destroyed a compound located near the town of Hmeimat in al-Ghab Plains in the northwestern countryside of Hama.

The most recent wave of Russian airstrikes coincided with intense shelling by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) on the towns of Kherbet al-Naqous, al-Sarmaniya, Qulaydeen, al-Qaherah, al-Ankawi, al-Daqmaq and al-Zaqoum in Sahl al-Ghab in northwestern countryside of Hama.

The situation of Greater Idlib is slowly spinning out of control as a result of repeated provocations by HTS and its allies. So far, all attempts to deter the terrorist group have failed. Yet, the SAA and its allies does not appear to be willing to resume ground operations in the region.


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“So far, all attempts to deter the terrorist group have failed.”

Not at all true. They are literally being ground into dust. The Russians did not exterminate 150000 terrorist rodents in Syria by accident. The SAA have reason to sit back and soften up the foreign backed garbage in their country.

The Objective

Which fuckhead wrote this article. I guess it’s the same writer spewing this bullshit propaganda over and over again. It only shows the frustration of Assad’s supporters at his inability to take back Idlib despite a strong desire to do so. Almost every article about these Russian air strikes contains a phrase similar to “repeated provocations by HTS and its allies”. Provocations is mainly by Russia not the rebels. Russia is desperate to liberate Idlib for Assad. These constant Russian airstrikes are meant to maintain an atmosphere of insecurity in Idlib. It’s a way of saying “we haven’t given up on Idlib yet”. Turkey is keeping quite about these Russian provocations since they are of no strategic importance except maintaining an atmosphere of war. None of these strikes will change the calculus on the ground. Turkey will continue to ignore these random airstrikes until Turkish soldiers are directly targeted. Then you’ll realize that Turkey is not afraid of Russia like many of you thought.
We’ll see if Putin is crazy enough to provoke a war with Turkey. Such a war will end Russia’s presence in Syria and the Mediterranean and cause the Russian people to overthrow Putin for dragging them into a costly war over some piece of land in Syria. It will also effectively end Assad’s rule and lead to a complete cut off of Hezbollah from Iran. It would be impossible for Iran to re-establish this corridor once it’s cut. The fall of Damascus will cut this link.

This frustrated writer must get used to the fact that Turkey is in Idlib to stay and the next deadly attack on Turkish troops will provoke a Turkish military onslaught in which even Assad’s presidential palace won’t be spared. That was the message Erdogan gave Putin when he traveled to Russia in March 2020. The near-daily articles about Russian airstrikes is very boring now.

Prolonging the Syrian war is actually working in our favor. Because it gives Turkey more time to arm up in the event of a final showdown with Russia. New Turkish weapons are coming online every month as engineers ramp up work on others. TF-X is set to get out of the hanger on March 18 2023 – less than two years from now. Much of the progress is kept secret to surprise the world on that day. Some really bad-ass missiles will also be displayed on that day, making Iran’s missile progress a joke, just like its drones are a joke compared to Turkey’s. The HISAR long-range anti-aircraft system would be ready by then.

Are You Wishing for a War Between Russia and Turkey in Syria? Here’s what will happen if such a war occurs:

Drones will take out the S400 and Pantsir systems at the same time that Turkish fighter planes contest Russia’s dominance of the Syrian airspace. Up to 200 F16 and F16s bombers are available to combat. Another more than 200 drones available to dominate Syrian skies. Neither Russia nor Iran has the required number of planes to contest this overwhelming Turkish air power. Then add to it the long-range precision and cruise missiles that can be unleashed to destroy targets designated by the drones. This does not even take account of the Turkish naval and land forces.

Anyone thinking Russia will defeat Turkey in a Syria shot-out must be out of their mind. Even America that is more powerful than Russia and has more military assets in the Middle East cannot take on Iran without employing some beyond-range bases like Diego Garcia (which Russia has none). And Iran is by far less powerful than Turkey (the only thing Iran has are the missiles and militias. Every other thing is weak. Weak airforce. Weak navy. Weak land force. Weak economy.) The weakness of Iran’s navy comes from their limited range and the vulnerability of their speedboats to drone strikes. The Weakness of Iran’s land forces is due to the weak air force that gives them little air support and air cover in the event of a conflict on Iranian soil.

This is why Idlib will remain the way it is until Turkey decides to give it back, willingly – maybe as a result of some deal. The fact that Russia could not militarily stop the drone hell unleashed by Turkey should be a constant reminder. That was JUST drones. not the entire Turkish military.

Another annoying comment by “The Objective”. And thanks for reading, Rusky and Iranian matherfuckers!

Last edited 1 month ago by The Objective

Putin and Erdogan is friend they will never war against each other

David Herzog

Bla bla bla…qua qua qua…..your bitch mother !

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