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Russian Airstrikes Hit Close To Turkish Post In Greater Idlib After Reports Of Russian, Syrian Casualties (Videos, Photos)

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Russian Airstrikes Hit Close To Turkish Post In Greater Idlib After Reports Of Russian, Syrian Casualties (Videos, Photos)

FILE PHOTO: Sukhoi Su-24 attack aircraft before departing for its permanent base in Russia from Khmeimim Air Base in Syria. © Vadim Grishankin / Sputnik

On September 5, a new wave of Russian airstrikes targeted militants’ positions in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

The airstrikes hit the following areas:

  • The town of al-Bara in the southern countryside of Idlib;
  • The towns of Kafryadin and Sheikh Sndian in the western countryside of Idlib;
  • The town of Kabani in the northern countryside of Lattakia.

One of the airstrikes hit a target located right next to an observation post of the Turkish military in the outskirts of al-Bara.

Sources affiliated with al-Qaeda-linked Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the de-facto ruler of Greater Idlib, claimed that the Russian airstrikes were a response to an incident that took place in the early morning.

According to the sources, HTS’s special forces and snipers killed three soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army elite 25th Special Forces Division and a Russian service member who attempted to infiltrate the frontline near the town of Ma’arat Muakhas in the southern countryside of Idlib.

These claims appear to be nothing more than propaganda as they were not confirmed by any credible news source in Greater Idlib.

The situation in Greater Idlib remains unstable. Russian warplanes have been bombing the area for more than two weeks now. Yet, HTS and its allies continue to launch attacks in violation of the ceasefire agreement that was brokered by Russia and Turkey on 5 March 2020.


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Chess Master

So close they need binoculars to see it

Rhodium 10

I have used binoculars to see what have happened at 500 mts in a agriculture farm….even in this case 2 km is close when you drop a 1000kg bomb…

Chess Master

Indeed… At least they dropped it during day time so no sleep was disturbed.

Suk Me Kok

Cheap Moron, you need a brain tho.




One problem with Russia is that they I guess prior inform Turkey thugs before target any area. There is only material damage no casualties reported.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Condolences to the fallen wahabimossad and CIAisis operators.
May they rest in pieces…

The Objective

Are Russian attacks not a violation of the ceasefire?

Amid reports of a Russian/American deal to ship oil to Lebanon through Syria, I can see why Russia feels emboldened to keep launching strikes in Idlib. Before pushing their luck too far, the Russians should remember Gallipoli and that this time, they are going to face a modern Turkish military alone. Today, Turkey is at its strongest since the Ottoman empire and the battle of Gallipoli happened at a time that Ottoman Turkey was at its weakest point. Despite this, Ottoman Turkey defeated the combined strengths of Russia, Britain, and France, forcing them to retreat.

I think Putin is playing a very dangerous game trying to bully Turkey out of Syria. Turkey’s retaliatory strikes last year probably wasn’t lesson enough, but we’ll see how events unfold in the coming months. A second incident where Turkish soldiers are killed by Russian or Assad’s forces will almost certainly ignite a major war – because Turkey will go after the forces that attacked its soldiers and strike targets right up to Assad’s presidential palace.

And for you Rusky morons who think that Russia’s nuclear arsenal will scare Turkey, just remember that there’s an understanding between Turkey and Pakistan that when absolutely necessary, Pakistan will provide nukes to Turkey as a deterrence against any nuclear attack on Turkish soil. This is similar to the agreement Pakistan has with Saudi Arabia. There’s also the U.S nuclear umbrella of NATO (though this is unreliable. Pakistan is the most reliable partner for nuclear deterrent and it won’t hesitate to ship nukes to Turkey should there be a credible nuclear threat from Russia). A single warning from Imran Khan is enough to freeze Putin right in his nuclear tracks.

Having said that, let’s take a closer look at Russia’s military position compared to Turkey’s in Syria. Russia has more soldiers, tanks, planes, missiles, etc., but it can only ship a few of these to Syria during a conflict. Additionally, Russia’s equipment, though more in number, are not as effective as Turkey’s. For example, Russia’s tanks and anti-aircraft systems in Syria are sitting ducks to Turkey’s drones and missiles. According to the Bulgariamilitary Website, Turkey’s new 30 km guided missiles make Ankinci drones immune to Russia’s Pantsir systems – because 30 km is beyond range of these system. the S400 is not designed to tackle drones and will be even less effective. The 30 km guided missile + Akinci have effectively turned Russia’s anti-aircraft systems largely obsolete. And there are credible rumors that Turkey have developed a special missile to take out the S-400.

Iran is also in no mood to help Russia in the event of a war with Turkey. Because Russia just hurt Iran badly with its oil deal between Assad and America, and also because Russia has given Israel a free pass to strike any Iranian targets in Syria anytime. Idlib could well be Assad’s undoing should the incident of February 2020 repeat in Syria. Should push come to shove between Russia and Turkey in Syria, it will mark the end of Russia’s presence in the Middle East. In fact, much of Russia’s forces in Syria will be neutralized within the first few days of conflict. The rest of the battles will be fought in the black sea.

Russia has been the one violating the ceasefire because it is desperate to liberate Idlib for Assad. It is not in the interest of Idlib rebels to violate the ceasefire. The want to stabilize Idlib and maintain an atmosphere of calm. Provoking Russia will cause the opposite of this. We can also see that the Idlib militants refrain from escalating despite repeated Russian airstrikes. To me, it seems like Russia is baiting them into escalating the fight in order to provide justification for a land invasion of Idlib. The other goal could be that Russia wants to maintain an atmosphere of war in Idlib to terrorize the civilians who thought they’ve moved to a safer location. It may be that they hope terrorizing civilians will force some of them to migrate to Assad-held territories?

Last edited 17 days ago by The Objective
Chris Gr

If Russia and Turkey fight alone, Turkey has no chance. But Turkey can have many allies. Some of them are ok with both countries like Kazakhstan or Azerbaijan but these nations will support Turkey. Sisi’s Egypt is with Russia so another case is closed. Turkey can get help from Pakistan, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia but still if India and France come to the help of Russia and China the same then they are done.

The Objective

In a conventional war between Turkish and Russian forces in Syria, you bet your last buck that Turkey will emerge victorious. Here’s why:
First, no country will help Russia unless Turkey attacks Russian home-soil and provokes the CSTO to act. But this is unlikely to happen as Russia will refrain from attacking Turkish home-soil for fear of triggering article 5 of NATO. But even without NATO, there’s Azerbaijan, Pakistan, and Qatar to think of. These three will militarily get involved against Russia. No Arab country will help Russia, including Egypt. Sisi is to scared of any kind of military engagement because it’ll weaken his hold on power (which is pretty fragile despite the strongman show). About half of CSTO members are Muslims and have good relations with Turkey. Their populations won’t tolerate the government waging war on Turkey, and any support they give Russia won’t be for long. China, India, and France will have nothing to do with a war provoked by Russia’s imperialistic ambitions. Iran will be neutral. In fact, the Mullahs are really hating Putin’s guts right now. If you listened to the leaked recording which Zarif apologized for, you’ll see that Iran and Russia are not allies but competitors taking advantage of each other. Israeli aristrikes and the recent Assad/America oil deal is the latest in a string of signs showing the Russian-Iranian split.

The most important reason why Turkey will defeat Russian forces in Syria is because of the qualitatively better armament that Turkey wields. Secondly, unlike the U.S, Russia has a limited capability to strike from long ranges. Once it’s airbases in Syria are taken out by precision missiles and drones, Russian forces will have only their anti-aircraft and missile forces to survive a possible Turkish onslaught. Russian jets can only last a few hours in the air and they have to land to refuel and re-arm. Without such airfields, they are fucked. Turkish drones on the other hand can last for 24 hours 45 minutes. That’s a very long time to strike thousands of targets throughout Syria. Ankinci can carry up to 24 missiles at once, enough to obliterate an entire convoy or a large military base. Bayraktar TB2 can carry four missiles, but they can also be used as surveillance drones to designate targets on the ground for Turkish missile forces. So, they can get busy all day designating targets for the Turkish F-16, missile, drone, and naval forces who can all hit targets designated by the TB2 and other surveillance drones. There’s also the swarm drones to think of. They are extremely small and carry 5 kg bombs. They have a range of 150 km and can attack in a swarm of 20 at once. Russia currently has no effective defense against the bigger drones let alone the smaller ones.

Turkish pilots are also more competent than their Russian counterparts. In 2015, they shot down a Russian plane without even leaving Turkish airspace. In 2020, they shot down three planes of Russian-trained Syrian pilots, also without leaving Turkish airspace. Supported by drones, these pilots will be even more deadly.

What Russia will do is try to take out drone bases and airfields with missiles. But because Turkey’s drones can land on even a slim tarred road, it’ll be difficult to ground them by attacking their traditional bases. Drones also don’t need such huge infrastructure as conventional planes and they can be easily hidden in tiny strips of land – especially the small Bayraktar TB2. So it means Russia can launch hundreds of missiles against drone bases and airfields but still see dozens of Turkish drones flying. The missile launchers themselves will be vulnerable to Bayraktar’s prying eyes from the sky and a good number will be taken out before they even have a chance to fire.

By now, Turkey must know the location of Russian forces in Syria and you’ll be surprised how quickly they neutralize these forces should hostilities ensue. These facts analysed above is the reason why Russia stopped its military operation to take Idlib.

Last edited 16 days ago by The Objective
Chris Gr

I know. Turkey will have the support of Turkic, Iranian, Caucasian, Berber and Sudanic nations. But Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia will support Russia. Russia will get support by China, France and India also. Russia has superior army to Turkey and even to US. They have the best army in the world but they also have many enemies. Turkey has many enemies but also many more friends. Can you send me what Zarif said? I know that Iran will break with Russia and Syria. It is prophecised in the Bible also.


U r a cunt writing shit from your jewshit head

Michel LeBlanc

Al.nusrah apologist. It is HTS that violates the ceasefire, as the russians documented over and over. Its not our fault your illeterate or blind and cant see that fact.

What can one expect from a terrorist supporter a anyways.

Pathetic turk workiing for zion.


He’s a sunni Somali, not sure why he’s licking zion ass tho.


Ain’t he a turkish chinku?

The Objective

I’m not an apologist for anyone. I’m only objectively analyzing bitter facts for you and your moronic pals on here who prefer cheer-leading to critical analysis. This is why you can only reply with random accusations of apologist, terrorists, al-nusra, and other such bullshit. Why don’t you bring logical reason to dispel any of my claims you disagree with? The Russian military is simply not strong enough to support Putin’s hegemonic ambitions. Turkey is just too big for them. Putin almost begged Erdogan not to sell TB2 drones to Ukraine. If Ukraine had the drones it has now, thousands of Russian forces would have been slaughtered back in 2014. And even if Russia managed to take Crimea, it’ll come at a huge cost in blood and treasure. The big advantage of drones is that they can take off and land on a small strip of road. In fact, they can be landed on a rough terrain without much worry about personnel injury or cost due to damage. This makes them to be easily hidden and to take bigger risks than your Su-35. Unlike Russian planes, drones are expendable and cost a tiny fraction of an Su-35. So, get used to the fact that your anti-air defenses has been effectively bridged. See how Russian forces looked on in shock and awe as Turkish drones massacred their allies in Syria last year. LOL. It was pretty funny to suddenly abandon the SAA in the heat of conflict. Imagine what would remain of the SAA if the attacks lasted a few more days instead of just 3 days.
And don’t forget, Baykar is coming up with even more badass drone designs that will introduce new challenges to Russian engineers apart from the current challenge of Bayraktar TB2. For example, the next wave of Turkish drones will be able to pick targets and destroy it on their own without any human intervention. This will make them more effective and free of human error. They will also have ranges of several thousand kilometres.
Your era of dominating the Muslim world is fast coming to an end. Turkey has only three main defense goals to accomplish: Reliable engine for fighterjets and tanks, long-range anti-aircraft systems, and a third technology which I can’t remember now. But all three are nearing completion and will be wrapped up before 2027. This is why Erdogan said in 5 years from now, Turkey will have eliminated its reliance on foreign weapons. Right now, Turkey produces 80% of its defense needs domestically. It’ll be 100% by 2027. Then what happens? Just read on:

Erdogan will fully arm the Turkish military and prepare the Turkish economy for international sanctions, because Turkey is going to rapidly build a nuclear arsenal. Economy is the biggest challenge. However, the West relies on oil supplies from the Muslim world. Europe is particularly vulnerable. If the Middle Eastern puppets ally with the West (thus obey Western sanctions on Turkey), then Turkey will join hands with Iran to destabilize and overthrow these fragile regimes. This will disrupt oil supplies and throw Europe into an economic crisis. The Bosporus straits will also be closed and ships will be forced to use the Istanbul canal at a fee. Turkey’s allies can also get all the weapons they need from Turkey. Plus, Turkey will also militarily protect its economic interests throughout the Middle East and beyond by protecting its allied governments in these countries.



A cunt who thinks too much of herself


“Are Russian attacks not a violation of the ceasefire?”
Of course not, what a retarded question… No need to read the read the rest of your moronic, jihadist garbage you braindead terrorist piece of shit.


You stupid monkey……lol……what a childish take on things yous got? we’d gulag you back to xinjiang if you did anything funny.

The Objective

Is that all you’ve got? You’ve been saying this for a while. But you can’t deny one thing: Turkey single-handedly stopped your military operation to take Idlib. The next time you pull another sorry shit, it’ll be the end of Assad – trust me.

Last edited 16 days ago by The Objective

but yous at our mercy no?……brah yous guppu. Please don’t get any fidgety ideas. Who owns Syria? who owns Iraq? Who owns Lebanon? are you in denial guppu chinku?


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Last edited 16 days ago by Ahson

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L du Plessis

Turkey is an invasive state like the US UK and EU.

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