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Russian Airstrikes Eliminate More Terrorists In Southern Idlib (Videos)

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Three terrorists were killed on November 16 when a series of Russian airstrikes targeted their positions in the town of Maarzita in southern Idlib, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

“The number of those who were killed may rise due the presence of many wounded, some of them are in a critical condition, in addition, there is information about other fatalities,” the UK-based monitoring group’s report reads.

Russian and Syrian warplanes also carried out heavy airstrikes on the towns of Tramla, al-Naqeer, Misherfah, Kafr Nabl and Hizareen in the southern Idlib countryside.

Earlier, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) repelled an attack by al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its Turkish-backed allies on a key hilltop in southeast Idlib.

According to some pro-government activists, the army is preparing to launch a large-scale ground operation in Greater Idlib very soon.

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Hasbara Hunter


That sounds fairly logical…considering Idlibistan is stuffed with AngloZioNazi-Terrorists…Methodically & Consistently dropping Bombs on Idlibistan will definitely Kill more AngloZioNazi-Terrorists…POUND them Hard & Strong….Cripple the Filth….


Poor Toronto will be crying lol


He doesn’t have to cry, because he still has his chicken. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/22e59e99908b3ffd1c5ede1d8176fb628d0dd1c922421516349bf253055d9acc.jpg


Large-scale attacks need to be carried out simultaneously in southern Idlib, west Aleppo and north east Latakia. It will be difficult for terrorists to send reinforcements from one region to another at the same time because all important points are being attacked. This is possible for SAA because the situation in the North Eastern region of Syria is relatively safe from terrorist interference and the SDF is currently busy with Turkish troops. Most SAA troops stationed along the euphrate river line can be sent to participate in large-scale operations on Idlib.

klove and light

as Long as Zionist Putin is Blocking SAA, Nothing will happen…but good luck

anders hansen

That will happen , before an full scale attack its pretty normal military knowledge, that you shell the enemy, with airstrikes an artillery


I don’t see an offensive from multiple directions coming, because the terrorists have tens of thousands of fighters. They can easily send reinforcements to those fronts, because of their manpower. However I’d love to see that happening of course, especially an operation west and northwest of Aleppo city.


Yes, you are right about their manpower. They do have a lot of troops on Idlib. But to send reinforcements to all points it will make large-scale movements, not as easy as they usually do like sending reinforcements to the south of Idlib alone. And it is not easy because the airspace is controlled by Russia. Their movements will become easy targets for RUAF and SYAAF. Plus internal conflicts that will be exploited by local residents in Idlib who hate these terrorists.


I just hope as many civilian lives as possible can be saved. The thing when the SAA liberates new areas, the civilians living there will be fleeing alongside with the terrorists just like in Khan Shaykoun, so they have to live under the terrorists until Idlib is fully liberated.


That’s right brother, that is the main goal, let’s hope that many civilians can be safe and secure.

klove and light

wowwwwwwwwww..superb.. 3 Terrorist killed… 19,877 to go!

u cant decieve all Folks, treacherous Zionist putin

death to america, death to Israel curse on the jews….proud Heros of the houthis

Pave Way IV

Any guesses on the count of operational Syrian aircraft left? Been a long time since I saw any speculation on numbers. I’m only sure that anything worthwhile that can fly probably is by now with Russian techs there.


WDMMA looks like a good source. But they are not giving a guess as to readiness %. https://www.wdmma.org/syrian-air-force.php

Pave Way IV

Thanks, PZIVJ.


Man I can’t wait to see Idlib getting red. Just the imagination of the map with Idlib being red.. beautiful. I’m wondering what SAA’s strategy is. Maybe to create a pocket east of the m5 highway and south of the highway east of Maarat al-Numan or to create a big pocket stretching from SE Idlib to the area of Kafr Sijnah? After S Idlib the SAA should surround Kabani and storm it then they have a free ride to the al-Ghab plain and Jisr ash-Shughur.

Here is an accurate map of the military situation in Syria: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1liqnO9iSvshTLwgPB3q9sJTgfUI&ll=35.46918154638301%2C38.662876102789596&z=8

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