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Russian Airstrikes Do the Dirty Work in Aleppo ahead of Syrian Army Offensive

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Russian Airstrikes Do the Dirty Work in Aleppo ahead of Syrian Army Offensive

AlMasdarNews reports: On Tuesday evening, the Russian Air Force began extensive air raids on Islamist rebels in the countryside northwest of Aleppo city.

Targeting rebel-held positions in the Anadan Plain, Russian airstrikes were observed over Kafr Hamra, Haritan, Ma’arat al-Artiq, Anadan and Dahrt Abd Rabo.

According to a military source debriefing Al-Masdar News, one of the airstrikes struck a militant convoy – believed to be delivering weapons – along the Gazi Ayntap road.

Elements of the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) Tiger Forces, those deployed on the Handarat axis, fired missiles into the aforementioned areas while regular SAA troops stationed at the Al-Zahra artillery base likewise provided shelling.

Russian reconnaissance drones have been flying over the Anadan Plains in recent days, surveying insurgent movements in the region.

In the coming days, following a significant military build-up in the city, the SAA is expected to launch an exceptionally large-scale offensive in Aleppo. However, specifics on the military plan, to be code-named operation ‘Northern Storm’, are yet to be disclosed.

Meanwhile, rebel sources said joint Russian and Syrian airstrikes over rebel-held eastern Aleppo killed dozens on Wednesday, including some collateral damage.

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Please end this by whatever means. I trust the ethics of the Russian and Syrian govts to handle this, despite the lying WMSM. Secure your sovereignty, Syria! Never allow it to be taken again.


Its legal in every way possible and you know it

Marek Pejović

wow, if this is true, then the russian/syrian/iranian side truly mastered that Sun Tzu’s lesson: regardless of plans made, a commander must always be ready to change his plans according to situation. basically, the initial plan must have been to first lift the siege of Aleppo and then continue to Idlib. but, reviewing the current situation, my guess is that the operational planners realised that Al Qaida & co. are beaten more than anticipated, and that NOW is the time to kick them before they manage to get their act together. I reckon that n the moment past the frontlines, Latakia is “all hollow” up to Idlib. meaning, punch through the line, and you can blitz your way to Idlib. i’m thinking something along the lines of aircraft bombardment and helicopter gunships and rocket launchers preparing way for armored columns. the main question is, are SAA & co. capable of pulling it off? Aleppo is for now deemed not a problem, it’s plugged safe, terrorists in there are not capable of inflicting serious damage, and are alienated from population (safe passage corridors and aid have won them over and uncovered who the terrorists really are). just let it marinade, it’s time will come.

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