Russian airgroup at Hmeimim receives reinforcements


Russian airgroup at Hmeimim receives reinforcements

Original published by; translation by J.Hawk

Four Su-24s, accompanied by an Il-78 aerial tanker, arrived at Hmeimim from the Taganka airbase near Astrakhan. Thus the Hmeimim airgroup now consists of the following:

4 Su-35S

4 Su-30SM

4 Su-27SM

12 Su-34

32 Su-24

12 Su-25

15 Mi-8

12 Mi-24

1 Tu-214R



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  • Nevins Harding

    Images of the Ka 52 were noticed in videos of the base, but these are not mentioned.

    • J.Hawk

      They may well still be there, but there is no reliable information on their Syria activities.

  • Nevins Harding

    Thank you J. If they are still in the theatre, I hope Russia will find it worthwhile to give them a baptism in fire and be able to correct any problems before selling them to Egypt.