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Russian Aircraft Detected On Rare Flight From Israel To Syria’s Hmeimim

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Russian Aircraft Detected On Rare Flight From Israel To Syria's Hmeimim

An old military vehicle can be seen positioned near the Druze village of Majdal Shams in the Golan Heights. IMAGE: AMMAR AWAD/REUTERS

On April 27, a plane of the Ministry of Defense of Russia landed in Hmeimim Air Base on the Syrian coast after having taken off from Ben Gurion Airport in Israel’s Tel Aviv.

The plane was a Tu-134 with the registration “RA-65992,” which has previously been detected for the transport of Russia’s senior defense and intelligence officials.

Aviation observers tracked the unusual flight between Israel and Syria, which carried the call-sign “RFF7162”. According to Avi Scharf, an editor of Israel’s Haaretz, another flight will follow the same route on April 30.

The plane was most certainly carrying Russian defense of intelligence officials, who were visiting Tel Aviv. The Russian officials may have been discussing matters related to Syria in Israel.

Earlier this year, Moscow brokered a prisoners swap deal between Damascus and Tel Aviv. The deal saw the release of an Israeli girl who was apprehended after having illegally crossed the Syrian border, as well as a Syrian anti-occupation activist from the occupied Golan Heights and two local shepherds from al-Quneitra.

Russia may be working to broker a new swap deal between Syria and Israel. To this day the remains of several Israelis, including spymaster Eli Cohen, remain in the hands of Damascus.


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Assad must stay

assad should ask putin about this

Lone Ranger

If I had to guess Israel wants to buy Russian weapons since their U.S. made ones are close to useless now, 😂

Assad must stay



nah come on, whats your real thoughts on this? u have none! u are totally bewildered because YOU CANT say anything negative about Russia. U went for a joke rather than a serious answer because a serious answer requires criticism!

do u see your bias?

Black Waters

No there’s no need, read the full article.

Assad must stay

i did, you mean the prisoner swap deal?

Black Waters


Steve Standley

This is clear evidence that Putin is an Chabad puppet! ROFLMAO.

Lone Ranger

Im sure hasbarats have their story already ready, pink magic wands included…

Steve Standley

lol @ cornhole giving ^this a thumbs-up. Shows you exactly how these Putin-is-chabad people have no understanding of evidence or reason.


You can be an atheist, Muslim, Christian or Satanic, Ziocorporate globalism is quite open-minded about its dealing and business prostects like Putin. His terrorist Zicorporate business partners have many deals to attest to it.

Free man

I wonder what Iranian targets will be bombed in the coming days in Syria. https://twitter.com/Khaaasteh/status/1387371036870594564


I’m sure the Saker will provide some reasonable and acceptable explanation. https://www.veteranstoday.com/2021/04/27/russia-exposed-putins-zionist-cult/ https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bd7dc318bfde77abe951c3e9fd61dcebbcea39b18d2f58c0f745482c2b14bc9b.jpg


I can. Putin ain’t religious.

John Wallace

Sharing a book of Playboy Bunnies down through the ages. No wonder all of them are licking their chops..

Fog of War

That ” small hat ” seems to fit him very nicely. BTW, the Khazars make visiting signatories wear those things as a sign of their submission. Think about that.


As Biden abandons Israel, guess who Israel’s most logical next best friend is?


Can’t see the Russians wanting Israeli friendship………………look what happened to the Russian nation after the (Jewish) Bolsheviks took over and murdered 20-30 million Orthodox Christians………………..If THAT isn’t GENOCIDE, then I don’t know what is ? Pres.Putin would be mad to ignore history.


It’s actually good news, Russia can mediate between us and Syria. The problem is Iran, and after Bibi is gone I don’t expect Bennet, Gantz or Lapid to be so patient…neither with Hezbollah or Hamas. The operation will come make no mistakes about it, and when it’s over thousands of Islamic terrorists will not pose a threat anymore.

Albert Pike

Bibi is not gone – Bibi is there for ever…


https://i.imgur.com/xnYr1Cw.jpg?1 The cowardly Jew hiding from Gaza Rockets.



Fog of War

In geopolitics the sequence of events is very important. In this case the ” good ” cop flew to visit the ” bad ” cop first for consultations and to agree upon on a plan. Next the ” good ” cop flew to Syria to make Assad an offer, probably one he cant refuse. Israhell was visited first, there are reasons for that.

John Smith

More than likely, the Israelis are seeking to deescalate now that the much vaunted Iron Dome has been exposed as rubbish. No need for Iran, Syria or Hezbollah to develop nukes, Dimona is a sitting target


Israel isn’t going away any time soon, even though it is only a matter of time before the US is unable or unwilling to protect Israel due to its own internal domestic divisions and ideological hemorrhaging.

I have argued that Israel is the prize. But for Israel’s intellectual resources and for the deep cultural and ethnic ties that Israeli Jews have to Russia.

In fact, there is much evidence, by omission, that Israel and Russia are already cooperating. Where was the shrill outrage when Russia came to Syria’s aid? And why do we never see any public disagreement between Russia and Israel when it comes to Iran or any other hot button issue in the ME? Why does the Western MSM never use the “Russia is a threat to Israel” angle?

My answer is that there is very little private disagreement between Russia and Israel and that there is already a well-defined and coherent policy in place between these two countries, especially when it comes to the fate of Israel once US influence has waned. I also believe that many in Israel already consider the US to be redundant and are spiritually disconnect from it. Oy vey, it was only a place to fleece the foolish goyim for their money. Yes, it is only a matter of time.


Anyone who believes this has anything to do with a Prisoner swop, ( WTF !), needs their heads examined. Russian technology has just served the Israelis notice…………. and if the Israelis want too ignore it…………….then at their own peril…………… ( And they WILL ignore it, just you wait and see ).

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