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Russian Airborne Assault Force Holding Airport Near Kiev For 24 Hours Unblocked

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Russian Airborne Assault Force Holding Airport Near Kiev For 24 Hours Unblocked

On the morning of February 24, a group of Russian paratroopers, consisting of a reinforced company of about 200 men, landed from helicopters and seized Gostomel airport, located 7 km northwest of Kiev, which is part of the Kiev agglomeration.

For more than 24 hours, Russian paratroopers repelled attacks by the vastly superior Ukrainian army.

As of 10:00 a.m. local time on Feb. 25, the paratroopers had been deblocked by an advancing mechanized column of the Russian army.

Earlier, the Ukrainian side had twice reported the alleged elimination of the Russian landing force. However, numerous videos from the scene confirm that all this time the landing force continued to hold the airport and engaged in intense fighting with Ukrainian units.

Ukrainian troops have been undermining bridges on the outskirts of Kyiv.

Russian Airborne Assault Force Holding Airport Near Kiev For 24 Hours Unblocked

There are reports of small arms battles in the Minsk district of Kiev.

In addition, Ukrainian social media blogs report shootouts in Kiev’s Vinogradarsky and Obolonsky districts. Russian paratroopers are believed to have landed there.


An adviser to the head of the Ukrainian presidential administration said that Ukraine is ready to negotiate a neutral status with Russia, but must receive security guarantees. It is not certain to what extent this statement reflects Ukraine’s real willingness to negotiate.


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Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC

I really hope russia does not entertain zelenskys talks for neutrality, and instead takes all of kiev and captures the asshole, inshallah


If he surrenders immediately, that would be ideal for both sides. The Ukrainian people had enough already. They have been living in that broken state for over 7 years. It is time to rebuild that nation under free and peaceful conditions. By now the most criminal cabal has left already. Zelensky is a total moron and will be known for that for centuries to come.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Azovisis unfortunately will throw the last ukrop baby at the Russian tanks. They are worse than isis.


I hope those freaks have followed another SS habit of having their blood group tattoo on their arm so they can be identified and dealt with,maybe taken for a nice walk in the woods to see the spring crocuses sprouting LOL!!


Remember when US (illegally) invaded Iraq and their very public ‘Pack of Cards’ game to hunt down the former Iraqi regime elites? With US official public announcements and gleeful declarations of the individuals capture or killings. Ending with the extrajudicial hanging of Saddam Hussein, which US officials claimed was Iraqi led justice, despite it being a collapsed and lawless state at time, and the ‘trial’ obviously organized and sanctioned by the most senior of US officials. Of course, the Iraqis had not prepared for an escape and had no where to go. Whereas, the Kiev uppermost elites are mostly dual Ukrainian-Israeli citizens, and like all Jews on run will flee to their bolt hole when in trouble, where Israeli officials will protect them. Just like previously, when Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoisky (current behind the scenes ruler of Ukraine) hid out in Israel, when he was briefly exiled by competing oligarch President Poroshenko, and on Interpol’s most wanted for industrial scale bank fraud and embezzlement of EU funds.

Richard Steven Hack

There will be no “negotiations”. If Russia and Ukraine talks, Russia will lay out the conditions for Ukraine’s surrender, which will include all of Russia’s demands. These are terms of surrender, nothing more. If Ukraine doesn’t comply, well, the operation will continue until those terms are created on the ground. That will include disarmament of the Ukraine military, and denazification of Ukraine, as well as neutrality, and cessation of NATO membership application – and possibly a new government and new elections. Russia is going to settle this as permanently as possible


Glad to hear it, all day I’ve been hearing reports about the paratroopers supposedly being ‘eliminated’. I figured it was BS after zero evidence of Russian casualties came in, even many hours after the Ukrainians supposedly re-captured the base.

It’s very hard to get an accurate picture of whats happening, even more so than during the NK war in 2020. Russia is following the Azeri approach and not offering much information to public, since they probably want to keep everyone guessing.


Doubt very much Russia paratroops are going to be ‘eliminated’ by a hastily scrapped together UA defense unit. Despite them being very far forward operationally, the Russians paras will have ongoing communications and assistance from range of Russian air support forces.

Last edited 1 year ago by SouthbySouthWest

In WW2 for the battle of crete it was a savage battle,but once the German airborne forces took control of the airfield it was game over,they could fly reenforcements in,that will be the plan.


Biden is reportedly worried that Putin will obtain hard evidence of the Biden Families corruption in the Ukraine once Kiev is captured. Just kidding Bidden is only worried about eating Pudding and watching Judge Wapner.


Biden is worried whether he’ll be able to recognize the toiled paper and locate his arsehole after he soiled himself just before sitting down on the toilet.

Warrior Nation

Russia should keep everything from Kharkiv to Odessa. Let Ukraine have the west but no ports at all.


50,000 troops surrounded ? Well start bombing the shit out of the open areas where they are at until it’s down to 10,000, because the US/Canadian Nazis are going to hold on to their hostage shields until the bitter end. Just like their Nato brothers Isis, al Qaeda, al Nusra, and the rest of the proxy armies owned by the west have done. I know it sounds barbaric but they put those Nazi uniforms on – not Russia – and they will show No mercy to the civilians,

Martin Rapavý

— A Western reporter asks in broken Russian: “How long are you going to keep it the airport?” — A soldier: “Hmmm… I think… forever.” — “And what about the advancing Russians?” asks the reporter. — “*We* are Russians,” says the soldier.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

I saw that too yesterday. Classic CNN reporter fail :)


UAF Idiots blowing own bridges – they will likely surrender in a week anyways.




its better Russia takeover fullcapital and keep advance in the east to surround remaining neo nazis. then talk whatever.

Neo Galt

If the UAF had actually eliminated the paratroopers they wouldn’t have needed to destroy the bridge leaning into Kiev.

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