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Russian Air Force strike Al-Nusra command center as the Syrian army make further territorial gains

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Russian Air Force strike Al-Nusra command center as the Syrian army make further territorial gains

Russian Airforce

‘Terrorists groups take major blows and are now on the back foot’

In the past 24 hours the Russian air force has carried out 71 sorties striking IS and Al-Nusra targets across the Syrian provinces of Aleppo, Homs, Hama, Damascus, dIdlib, Hama and Latakia. At least 118 terrorist group targets were struck as the number of strikes continue to grow striking many different targets due to more intel of terrorist movements on the ground.

Russian air force , Su-24m jets struck terrorist infrastructure across Latakia province. A major terrorist command and control structure along with a huge ammunition dump was completely destroyed by the continuing air strikes.

More Russian air force strikes struck more command and control centers belonging to Jaysh al-Islam (Army of Islam) in Damascus province.

Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said.

“As you see, the number of sorties has grown due to the increased amount of intelligence data on terrorist infrastructure targets confirmed via various channels.”

“Russian aircraft at the Hmeymim airbase are all-weather planes and all the services of the Russian air group work coherently, reliably and efficiently,” the ministry’s spokesman added.

Targets were also struck across Idlib province , Konashenkov added:

“In the Valley of al-Ghab in the Idlib province, Su-25 attack aircraft destroyed a major camouflaged terrorist ammunition supply point, where ammunition, weapons and money were kept.”

“Just imagine the explosive range of munitions that destroyed this ammunition depot, Konashenkov added.”

Terrorist groups in Syria have been dealt a huge blows with the ramping up of Russian airstrikes and  the loss of territory due to advancing forces including Hezbollah are now on the back foot across syria. Supply lines have been disrupted,destroyed or taken back by the Syrian Arab Army.


In past weeks the information war has went up a gear reflecting the moves being made on the geo political chess board, but this is far from a game. Many unverefeid videos have been used as evidence with reports of Russian strikes hitting hospitals from dubious orginizations and groups such as the Syrian Observetory For Human Rights and the White Helmets.

Reports of Russian air force air strikes on hospitals have been completly denied by the Russian Defense Ministry.

In a recent interview director of operations at the International Committee of the Red Crosss, Dominik Stillhart, admitted that he or members of the Red Cross who have been on the ground were unaware of such incidents haven taken place. Mr.Stillhart said,

“We’ve seen these reports as well, but in the absence of any firsthand information coming from our teams on the ground, I can neither confirm, nor deny these allegations,” Stillhart said, stressing that international humanitarian law “fully applies to the airstrikes undertaken by [anyone] in Syria, including Russia.

The orchastrated media campaign only highlights the ongoing hypocrisy in Western media when it comes to coverage of Russian airstrikes and that of the Anti- ISIS coalition airstrikes.

Gerard Dinnen

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