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JUNE 2023

Russian Air Defenses Intercepted First GLSDB Over Special Operation Zone

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Russian Air Defenses Intercepted First GLSDB Over Special Operation Zone

The GLSDB system. Source: Saab Group

On March 28, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced, for the very first time, the interception of a Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) over the special military operation zone in Ukraine.

“Air defense systems intercepted eighteen HIMARS multiple rocket launchers and one GLSDB guided missile in a day,” the ministry’s spokesman, Lieutenant General Igor Yevgenyevich Konashenkov, said during his daily briefing.

The GLSDB, which was developed by American Boeing and Swedish Saab Group, combines the 129-kilogram GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb (SDB), which is guided by a GPS-aided inertial navigation system, with the M26 227 mm rocket motor. It has a range of up to 150 kilometers.

The Russian MoD spokesman didn’t specify where the GLSDB was intercepted, or what air defense system was used to shoot down the munition.

Early in February, Pentagon Press Secretary Patrick Ryder confirmed that the United States has made the decision to supply Ukraine with GLSDBs. The U.S. reportedly developed special launchers for the munitions, which are not yet compatible with the M270 MLRS and the M142 HIMARS systems already supplied to Kiev forces.

GLSDB munitions have a long range, yet they glide towards their targets at a low speed which makes them exposed to air defense fire.

The system was promoted by the mainstream media in the West as yet another “Wunderwaffe”. However, several military experts noted that GLSDB munitions can be intercepted with Russian short and medium-range air defense systems, such as the Pantsir-S, Tor-M, Buk-M and S-350.


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Yes, some can be intercepted. GLSDBs pose a high risk to Russian forces, however. With satellite intelligence, Ukranian forces can identify and target Russian assets in a matter of 1-2 minutes. Russia doesn’t have that capability. Just look at the very high numbers of generals and colonels killed…

Last edited 2 months ago by Dave
Peter Jennings

What satellite intelligence would that be? Starlink? These units are highly affected because Elon doesn’t want Ukrainian’s using drones to drop toxic weapons. And quite rightly so. Ukrainian soldiers are saying that they have little communication in the field and Starlink is very intermittent at best. A total collapse of Ukrainian forces and country is on its way. That is self evident.


“With satellite intelligence, Ukranian forces can identify and target Russian assets in a matter of 1-2 minutes. Russia doesn’t have that capability.” if this were true , the battles would be allready over and NATO together with all its alies in Moscow. Apparently the things are more complicated


I guess the big ukr advantage over Russia is the intelligence given by US satellite. I wish Russia had the same.


Even if there were such a big advantage , the NATO forces and their proxys in Ukraine don’t use it properly. Proof: the claimed Russian weakness after the use of HIMARS in Ukraine didn’t hinder them to stabilize the fronts and to perform attacks on many places. Another argument: apparently many HIMARS are sent at random to shell the city of Donetzk and similar. From the military point of view a hint , they have no real coordinates for military targets to shell them. In other words : rather weak support through satelite inteligence.


Ruské vojská si nakoniec poradia aj s týmto problémom. A myslím, že to bude veľmi rýchlo.


When the trolls are activated, that means something (some offensive, false flag, covert attack) is about to happen.


agree , I notice it too. On the other hand , it is unusual , that the warring party announces such offensive and millions of MSM parrots shout it in the air (like just now) , so that the enemy can be full aware of these plans and prepare properly. I suppose a lot of noise to cover something else. Possibly even to slow down the Russian progress in Donbass and nothing else.

Jean Paul France

NATO lost its fear of Putin after testing it by crossing successive red lines, without Putin daring to use the special weapons with which he warned at the beginning of the special operation. That is, they realized that he was a coward and was bluffing, as he demonstrated in Kherson. Then the war can last for years, Eastern Ukraine devastated, tens of thousands of Slavs dead and wounded while the Anglo-Saxons and Zionists, (who like a weak Syria without Russian support), are super-happy.

If Prigozine were sitting in the Kremlin another rooster would crow.

Joe Bidet Is A Senile pedo

Bonjour Jean Paul. In a few weeks time the Ukrats will need the best known French military equipment, super fast deploying white flags!

Peter Jennings

Intercepted usually means contact. This will change the game regarding longer range missiles being fired from Ukraine territory, which is shrinking by the day.

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