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Russian Aersospace Forces Conducted 92,006 Airstrikes, Destroyed 96,826 Terrorist Targets In Syria Over 2 Years


Russian Aersospace Forces Conducted 92,006 Airstrikes, Destroyed 96,826 Terrorist Targets In Syria Over 2 Years

Photo: Sputnik/ Ramil Sitdikov

The Russian Aerospace Forces have conducted over 92,000 airstrikes and destroyed over 96,000 terrorist targets over the 2 years of operation in Syria, the Russian military’s newspaper “Red Star” reported.

According to the released data, Russian aircraft conducted over 30,650 combat sorties and destroyed 96,828 terrorist targets in the period between September 30, 2015 and September 20, 2017.

The airstrikes destroyed 8,330 command centers, 53,700 militant gatherings, 6,700 depots with fuel and amunition as well as 212 oil wells and 184 oil refinery facilities.

Red Star added that 2,235 settlements, including towns and cities, were liberated as a result of the military operation.

According to the newspaper, Russian sappers removed 60,384 IEDs across Syria, including Aleppo and Palmyra cities. Russian instructors trained 586 Syrian sappers. 102 Syrian sappers are now undergoing a training course.



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  • Deo Cass

    I’m wary of these bombastic figures by the Russians. What significance do these figures have if 1/3 of Syria is under foreign colonial occupation and illegal foreign Kurdish terrorists? What significance do these figures have if 80% of Syria’s oil, gas and water reserves are under foreign colonial control? What significance do these figures have if the Zionist entity of Israel continues launching unprovoked aggressions again the Syrian state with Russia not even lifting a finger or issuing a note of protest with its S400 sitting there only for show?

    • Deo Cass

      Russia will either help the Syrian state recover its natural resources and territory from the Western colonial Kurdsh/ISIS coaltion or it can just as well go to hell for me. Period.

  • FlorianGeyer

    Bravo Russia, your sacrifice in blood has saved many millions of Syrians from the medieval terror and mass murder a the hands of the US/NATO/Saudi,Gulf States/ Israel, via their proxy terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

    The US hoped to impose a system of local warlords who would have brutally oppressed the Syrian people. The warlords would have been under the protection of Israel and the US as long as they gave fealty to Israel and the US by enabling the US/Israeli corporations to effectively loot the wealth of Syria.

    • John Whitehot

      not to be fastidious, but it’s always the zionist guy the one that talks about Russia “sacrifices in blood” before everything else.

      • FlorianGeyer

        A Zionist I am certainly not. Even at the tender age of 14 in the 60’s I painted Airfix model civilians in stripy suits and on occasions lit them with a match :)
        I was of an age where I knew very little of the story of WW2 and it was all new to me .
        It was just instinct :)

  • MD Ranix

    and all defensive strikes are accurate …. kudos to russia, a real true superpower …. God bless

  • SOF

    Great work Russia. You changed the face of this bullshit ‘war on terror’. Your intervention in Syria was the only good thing that happened in the decade and a half since the events of 2001.

  • chris chuba

    I like how Russia simple uses the term ‘targets’.

    This is more honest than U.S. claims where the U.S. magically tells us that airstrikes killed over 60,000 members of ISIS but only 300 civilians. I can see how you can confirm if a target is hit but how on earth can you tell, with any accuracy, how many fighters and/or civilians were killed without being on the ground to count them? It looks like the U.S. is setting a very high standard to confirm civilian deaths but using probabilities to determine ISIS casualties (pulling them out of their rear end).