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Russian Aerospace Forces to Continue Strike Terrorist Targets in Syria Despite Ceasefire

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Russian Aerospace Forces to Continue Strike Terrorist Targets in Syria Despite Ceasefire

The nationwide ceasefire in Syria concluded by Russia and the United States [SF editor: If there is no war between Russia and the United States in Syria, why are they main sides of the deal?] began at 16:00 GMT.

Chief of the Russian General Staff’s Main Operational Directorate Lt. Gen. Sergei Rudskoy:

“In line with the [Russia-US] agreements, the ceasefire regime on the whole territory of the Syrian Arab Republic comes into force on Monday at 19:00 pm Moscow time [16:00 GMT].”

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Moscow and Washington are setting up a joint center to designate terrorist targets in Syria and the Russian Aerospace Forces will continue to strike terrorist targets.

“The Russian Aerospace Forces will continue airstrikes against terrorist targets in Syria. The Russian and US sides create a joint center that will help coordinate strikes by Russian and US-led coalition’s aircraft to designate targets,”Rudskoy said.

Rudskoy said that the fight against terrorists (ISIS, Jabhat Al Nusra, etc) “will continue regardless of any changes of names.”

The Syrian government has also agreed to support the ceasefire and halt military operations against the so-called “opposition.”

The Russian Defense Ministry expects all US-backed militant groups to abide by the ceasefire deal. It also called Turkish-backed militant groups to halt military operations against the Kurdish YPG in northern Syria.

However, the de-facto implication of the deal looks like significant problem. Ahrar Al-Sham, one of the biggest US-backed “moderate” groups, has already rejected the ceasefire. Its allies will likely follow the decision.

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john mason

Syria going to war without ammunition, this is what the ‘truce’ is doing. Syria hopefully will defend herself if attacked.

Good, keep it up good Russian pilots. Smash them till the terrorist return home to Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel. The same people responsible for the Iraq war and responsible for this war as well. Pay close attention to their first and last names to find out who is pulling all of the strings. I posted their pictures and names below.

Carol Davidek-Waller

The cease fire agreement did not include a ban against attacking terrorists by Russia or Syria. Not a problem for the US since they have done precious little of fighting terrorism since their illegal invasion. At the same time,.they have done a great deal to nurture and grow their terrorist army in Syria and elsewhere. .


Yet another idiotic ceasefire deal agreed to by Russia and forced down the throats of the Syrians, just as Syrian government forces are approaching victory. This whole thing has become predictably pathetic and ridiculous. These ceasefires NEVER, EVER happen when the jihadi forces are winning on the ground. Doesn’t the cowardly Russian government see something wrong with this picture? Like this, it is impossible to win; and the war can never end except in defeat of the Syrian government side.

Doom Sternz

With each day that passes the more US proxies terrorists die. I think the longer the war against US terrorist proxies goes on the better. The more US terrorists proxies that die the better.


Ceasefire? No need of any ceasefire. Throw down leaflets and let the civilians leave Aleppo and then you just crush the insurgents and restore order in the city. When you are making an omelet you need to crack some eggs!

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