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Russian Aerospace Forces Support Syrian Army’s Advance in Aleppo


Russian Aerospace Forces Support Syrian Army's Advance in Aleppo

On July 25, the Russian Aerospace Forces continued air raids in support of the Syrian army’s advance along the Castello Highway near Aleppo city, targeting the jihadists’ defenses and fighting units. Air strikes were observed at Kafr Hamra, Dahret ‘Abd Rubo and Bani Zaid.

Russian warplanes also assisted the Syrian Army to repell the jihadists’ attack at garages near the Layramoun industrial area.

Meanwhile, pro-government sources are disseminating reports that some of Al Nusra and Fateh Halab commanders have abadonned their positions at the frontline and run in the direction of Turkish border. However, no evidence has been provided yet.



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  • George Washington

    …hey look some airstrikes from two days ago plus a few rumors with no numbers or sources.

    I wonder why the author didn’t sign this? Rated 1/5