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Russian Aerospace Forces Stepped Up Bombing on ISIS in Syria

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The number of combat sorties has been significantly increased by the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria due to regrouping of terrorists, which was conducted during the ceasefire.

Russian Aerospace Forces Stepped Up Bombing on ISIS in Syria

The Russian Aerospace Forces have significantly increased the number of combat missions in Syria, the Izvestiya newspaper reported, citing a source in the Russian Defense Ministry.

According to the newspaper, for the past day, aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out 50 sorties. A significant increase in military air operations is explained by the fact that terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) group regrouped and launched an offensive, taking advantage of the truce.

“The ceasefire in Syria was thwarted, terrorists launched an offensive, and in these conditions we began to receive more data from the Syrian intelligence, accordingly, many new targets for the Russian Aerospace Forces appeared, and we had to increase the number of combat sorties in order to support the ground forces,” the newspaper quoted the words of Deputy Chairman of the Federation Committee on Defense and Security, Franz Klitsevich.

Terrorists in Syria continue to fight against the government forces and a moderate opposition, often striking not military purposes, but civilians. Today, it became known that terrorists fired at populated areas in three Syrian provinces, including Aleppo.

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