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JUNE 2021

Russian Aerospace Forces Rain Hell On Militants In Northern Hama And Southern Idlib (Videos)

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On April 25, warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Force carried out a series of airstrikes on positions of Hay’at Tahir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the villages and towns of Kafr Zita, al-Lataminah, Husrayiah, al-Zakah, al-Jaysat, al-Sakher, Tell Huwash in the northenr Hama countryside, according to a report by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

The SOHR added that the Russian Aerospace Force had also targeted few positions of HTS and its allies in the southern Idlib countryside, mainly around the villages and towns of Hursh Abden, Hbit and al-Tahta.

According to Syrian pro-government sources, HTS and its allies are currently planning to launch a new attack against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in northern Hama.

The last attack by HTS and its allies in northern Hama was on March 14. Back then, the SAA and the Russian Aerospace Forces repelled the attack killing more than 90 fighters of HTS and the FSA within 24 hours.

HTS and its allies may be planning to launch the new attack in northern Hama in order distract their supporters from their recent defeats in Damascus governorate, where they lost most of their positions.

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This is good.

Icarus Tanović

Very good, ohhh, yeah!

Daniel Castro

Why do these turks just don’t go back to their homes?! Can’t they see this is leading to nowhere?

In the end this will just mean death and suffering on both sides.

The level of stupidity is outstanding…


They still no match to KSA monarch in stupidity. At least they know how to use their weapons.

Icarus Tanović

You see, Turks are playing their part. What’s that? Taking back the Syria from Sdf and those American financed scum, under the pretext that they’re just securing theirs borders from sdf terrorists.
Any clearer?


Hopefully this is the case. I somehow suspect the Turks are doublecrossing both the Russians/Iranians/Syrians and their NATO backers and trying to play and deceive both sides for their own ulterior motives.

I’ll be pleasantly surprised if I am proven wrong. In fact, I really hope I’m wrong. But I suspect the Turkish backed headchoppers are going to continue to resist reconciliation, and Turkey will continue to occupy northwest Syria, continuously demanding that Assad leave.

I don’t think Turkey is “taking back” Syria, I think they are taking a piece of Syria for themselves and using the SDF as a pretext for annexation of their own version of the Golan heights.

Daniel Castro

Not only that, they clearly keep pushing the jihadists to keep on attacking SAA, they want far more than just the territory they have already taken, their goal is regime change in Syria.

The only difference from Turkey and the rest of NATO is they want their own pupet in Syria instead of a zionist one.

Omar Huss

Hell fire for Isis and their western/Zionist wahabi buddies,Putin the saviour of poor Syrians. Yemen is forgotten, they’re butchering women and children every day wonder how long this will continue?

Icarus Tanović

Until we stuff these wahhabi things in Syria.
You know that film ‘The Thing’, right?


how long this will continue?
Until Putin stops condemning Houthis whenever they send missiles to Riyadh on a phone conversation to that clown Bedouins scum..


Come one, come all.


Looks like preemptive strikes to prevent an offensive against SAA positions.

Alexander Lyapunov

The Jihadist scum may run away from ground troops and hide in corners and in tunnels from the Tiger Forces, but they sure as hell can’t hide from the Russians bombing the living shit out of them. God bless Russia!

Icarus Tanović

If they Napalm them, they can’t even hide in those rat holes, because Napalm consumes all air from around and from those tunnels. So that’s not the best idea to hide there.


Napalm is the American CW of choice, there is no need to sink that low, water pure water will bring them up.


Maybe it’s just the sick repulsive side of me, but I would love to see some of these jihadists smothered in napalm and burned. It would bring inexplicable joy and laughter into my life. And I wouldn’t lose a second of sleep over it.

Alexander Lyapunov

It’s not sick to wish terrorists burned. It actually can’t get more human than that.

Icarus Tanović

What’s CW? Thanks.


Chemical Weapons !

Icarus Tanović

Napalm a Chemical Weapon?
Well, those fumes can be dangerous, but it’s classified as a incideniary weapon. Non human, weapon, rather.

Oscar Silva Martinez

It looks they hit an ammo depot

Icarus Tanović

It looks like they’ve Napalm them too.

Julius Meinel

These are the exact areas from where the jihadist have lunched the repeat drone attacks on the Russian base on the coast . All localities lie within about 100km range of the drones. Until the SAA with Russian help does not liberate the area, the jihadist will continue to use it as staging area for their drone attacks.Even though initially this area might not have been on the immediate agenda of SAA and Russia, the situation dedicates that this are has become a priory now.

Roger Snellman

Russians exterminating Syrians. Wish they would wipe out ISIS first since they appear to be all foreign fighters. Iran is the one that wants to turn Syria into a Shia state not Russia?


Major correction: Russian’s exterminating multinational Islamist’s based in Syria – who are bankrolled by the foreign Saudi Arabian state.


@ Roger Snellman :
PM of Qatar said in an interview, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the USA have spent 132 billion dollars over the last seven years, on Al Qaeda and ISIS.
Al Qaeda and ISIS are both Wahhabi Sunni, 80 % Saudi and Tunisian.
Despite all the propaganda, Iranians are part of the solution, not the problem.


dead in 24 hours! That would have stopped their offensive in its tracks! RuAF is free to bomb as often as they like now! This front is so close to their airport! I love it!

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