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JULY 2020

Russian Aerospace Forces Pounding al-Qaeda-Linked ‘Opposition’ in Idlib Province


Russian Aerospace Forces Pounding al-Qaeda-Linked 'Opposition' in Idlib Province

On November 8, the Russian Aerospace Forces delivered a series of air strikes on the Al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda)-led militant coalition, Jaish al-Fatah, in the Syrian province of Idlib.

Russian warplanes made up to 30 air strikes on Jaish al-Fatah weapon depots in Idlib and supply lines, heading to the province of Aleppo.

Local say confirm that at least 1 weapon depot and a convoy, consiting of 4 vehicles, were destroyed.

The Russian Aerospace Forces’ acitivy in the provine is linked with reports that Jaish al-Fatah is deploying reinforcements to western Aleppo where the militant coalition has recently lost the area of 1070 Apartment Project and the strategic Motah Hill to the Syrian government forces.



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  • Brad Isherwood

    These guys have to be getting run to ground now,….unless the Mad Sultan is still shoving
    The Takfiri and weapons into Syria.

    Bomb near the Turk border. …..watch Uncle Sam say stop there’s Hospitals there.

  • abuqahwa

    For over 5 years Turkey has waged a war against Syria by directly supporting Islamic terrorist groups in Idlib province. Their bases in Reyhanli are just 40 km from SAA positions in West Aleppo, Turks funnel non-stop reinforcements, heavy weapons, munitions direct to terrorists so losses are easily replaced. Meanwhile, while everyone is focussed on Aleppo, Raqqa, Mosul, my fear is Turks will launch another invasion from Reyhanli NE up the river valley to seal off the Ifrin Kurds. Nobody but nobody, neither Russia or Iran is going to go to war with Turkey on behalf of any so-called Kurdish Protectorate west of the Euphrates. The Turks will remain permanently inside northern Syria, establish a “buffer zone” 20-30 km deep (Afrin-Al-Bab(n)-Manbij-Furat(Euphrates). 42 years ago they invaded Cyprus and set up their puppet republic – they’re still there.