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JUNE 2023

Russian Aerospace Forces Pound Terrorists’ Bases in Aleppo Countryside

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Several combat sorties, aimed against positions of the Jaish al-Fatah coalition, have been carried out by the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Russian Aerospace Forces Pound Terrorists' Bases in Aleppo Countryside

Photo: Sputnik / Andrei Aleksandrov

The Russian Aerospace Forces carried out several combat sorties, targeting positions of the Jaish al-Fatah terrorist groups’ coalition in western and southern Aleppo. As a result, militants suffered heavy losses.

On Thursday night, a squadron of Russian fighter jets took off from the Hmeymim airbase, located in southern Latakia, and carried out several airstrikes on positions of terrorists, stationed in western and southern Aleppo countryside.

Terrorists’ defense lines in Rashideen 4 suburb, Al-Mansour, Dahret ‘Izza and Khan al-Assal, located to the south and west of Aleppo city, were specifically targeted by the Russian Aerospace Forces. Russian aircraft also hit a number of Jaish al-Fatah positions, deployed along the main road from Idlib city to Khan Tuman village in the southern part of the province. As a result, terrorists suffered heavy losses.

On Thursday, activists of social networks reported that 60 airstrikes were carried out by Syrian and Russian fighter jets on positions of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group in the southern parts of al-Bab city, located in the northeast of Aleppo, as well as a large number of people lost their lives in Turkish airstrikes.

IS concentration centers in the villages of Tadaf, Arran and al-Baira in Aleppo were also pounded by the Syrian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Forces. As a result, terrorists suffered heavy losses.

According to reports, the Turkish Army and its allies also launched several artillery attacks and carried out airstrikes on al-Bab city, as well as on Baza’a and Tadaf towns in northeastern Aleppo, killing nine civilians and wounding 57 others.

The development came after warplanes and helicopters of the Syrian Air Force carried out several rounds of airstrikes on IS bases and gatherings to the south of al-Bab city on Wednesday, killing and wounding a number of terrorists.

Meanwhile, the Fars news agency reported, citing an unnamed military source, that the Syrian Armed Forces are going to start a large-scale operation against the IS in eastern Aleppo in coming days. According to reports, about 6,000 Syrian servicemen have been deployed near the Kuweires airbase; they are currently waiting for a Damascus’ order to start the operation in the two key regions of al-Bab and Deir Hafer in Aleppo.

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Time to seriously clean out the Qatar to Europe Pipeline Security Services from Syria. Is that the reason that Israel thought it was a good idea to hit Syria? How many of their secret forces have been taken out, in the name of gas and oil?

Sam Culpak

I am still waiting for proper proof for the involvement of Israel agents in Syria. Not saying there aren’t any but would like to see them before judging them. This whole war was a great for the security of Israel in the short run but long term they will suffer. Before the uprising the Syrian army was pathetic but now they are seeing some real improvements which can’t be overlooked by Israel. They might still have the upper hand in technology but on the ground I wouldn’t go against the new Syrian troops. The old brigades and reserves are useless though. Furthermore Israel will be hit hard in the future by the specialists terrorists they helped create. I think the whole gamble of removing Assad will be the downfall of Israel in the long run.


I do not have access to classified documents, which take about 30 years to be made available to the public.

Qatar to Europe Pipeline and who is involved?

‘…In 2009, Qatar proposed to run a natural gas pipeline through Syria and Turkey to Europe. Instead, Assad forged a pact with Iraq and Iran to run a pipeline eastward, allowing those Shia-dominated countries access to the European natural gas market while denying access to Sunni Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The latter states, it appears, are now attempting to remove Assad so they can control Syria and run their own pipeline through Turkey…’ http://armedforcesjournal.com/pipeline-politics-in-syria/

Increasing Number Of Countries Banning & Dismantling Rothschild Central Banks…

…In The Year 2000 There Were Eight Countries Without A Rothschild-Owned Central Bank: They were Afghanistan, Russia, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran…

… In 2006 Rothschild communist debt was paid off and President Putin has been removing Rothschild from every facet of Russia.

President Putin Shuts Down Protocols Of Zionism In Russia Rothschild’s Mercenary Marxism: The Manifesto Of 150 Years Of Evil Ideology! President Putin Stamping Out The Rothschild Rockefeller Syndicate Maggots From Russia!…

After Iraq War and 9/11 …Soon Iraq and Afghanistan had been added to the list of countries that had a Rothschild owned Central Bank. Now only five countries were left without a Central Bank owned by the Rothschild Family: Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran…


Hisham Basmouk

The Both links are dead, Please revise them. regards.

Hisham Basmouk

Sorry Local Problem


I hope these work for you. Political Velcraft, is a wealth of information and the other site was Armed Forces Journal, should the links fail again.

Increasing Number Of Countries Banning & Dismantling Rothschild Central Banks… https://politicalvelcraft.org/2012/06/03/increasing-number-of-countries-banning-dismantling-rothschild-central-banks/

Pipeline politics in Syria… http://armedforcesjournal.com/pipeline-politics-in-syria/


Brazil , Russia , and China are also on that list but Libya and Brazil are maybe’s. The cause of the war I have read is the oil under the Golan Heights . Estimated to be as large as Saudi Arabia’s . Look up “Genie Energy Ltd”(NJ), and ” AFEC Oil and Gas”. Both basically Rothschild’s .The complicating factor is, this oil is located in Syrian owned but Israeli occupied territory. If Syria can be fractured into smaller nations , it would loose its legal claim . According to “WikiLeaks Files”(2015) by J. Assange , the war against Syria began in 2006, just after tthe US-Israel Energy Cooperation Bill was tabled(2005) by Mary Landrrieu,(of Genie Energy) . Check “Apple of Discord: Golan Heights” in Sputniknews , 28/10/2015


Well stated. Genie Energy, also has Murdoch working with the Rothschilds and Chenie.

Netanyahu Grants Oil Rights Inside Illegally Occupied Golan Heights Syria: To Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch And Jacob Rothschild… https://politicalvelcraft.org/2014/07/29/netanyahu-grants-oil-rights-inside-illegally-occupied-golan-heights-syria-to-fox-news-owner-rupert-murdoch-and-jacob-rothschild/

I have also just been reading an article on Voltaire, that might interest you.

Could Turkey swing over to the Russian camp? by Thierry Meyssan

‘…Even though, historically, Russia has a weighty past with Turkey, and even though it has not forgotten the personal rôle played by current President Erdoğan, to its detriment, during the the first Chechen war, it can not fail to be interested by the possibility of Ankara leaving NATO. On the other hand, the deep US state, which continues to pursue its imperial ambitions despite the election of Donald Trump, is ready to do whatever it takes to keep Turkey in the Atlantic Alliance…’ read more: http://www.voltairenet.org/article194884.html


Let’s not forget israels arch enemy: Hezbollah. Since the start of the syrian war, they have evolved from a militia into fully fleged army style unit. Now high in morale and experience and thanks to Iran very well equipped! israel should be more worried about them, instead of the syrian army!


Israel always does this – in 1982 it went after the PLO in such a way in Lebanon that it created new, more powerful enemy in the south Lebanon occupied zone, in the shia resistance movement Hezbollah. Now in the multi state NATO/GCC/Israeli attempt to unseat Assad, they have again created just an advanced version of Hezbollah, sure latter have lost whack of manpower, but now they are using tanks, APC’s, combined air and infantry interaction assaults and have access to Russian tactical advice and experience. Israeli efforts keep creating a better enemy.


A coherent long term security vision other then ‘we must get rid of our current enemies now at all cost and damn the consequences!’ has never been part of Israel’s leadership. These were the guys who turned a blind eye or even allowed Hamas and Hezbollah to rise to power because they considered them useful rivals to their then current enemy, the PLO. They’re now repeating the exact same mistake with Hezbollah and Hamas thinking the enemy of their enemy is somehow their friend.

All Israel has succeeded in over the decades is to create better, more hardened, more fanatical terrorists. They wish they could be so lucky to still have some of the older generation terrorists still around, the ones they had gone all out in the past to obliterate. Compared to the current crop those at least could have been reasoned with. After all, even Yasser Arafat turned out to be willing to make a deal.


If you do not want to see the existent evidences and accept them. Non evidence at all will be enough for you to see what you do not want to see.


Just stumbled onto an great article giving overview of beginnings of Syrian conflict from October 2016, worth sharing here with others who’ve been following this conflict on South Front: https://gowans.wordpress.com/2016/10/22/the-revolutionary-distemper-in-syria-that-wasnt/

Sam Culpak

Sounds like an interesting read. Might buy it when it comes out.

k prophet

It seems to me this coalition and any other unilateral force in these countries are just practicing world domination tactics on those prepared to servive even though there terrroist there is a definite dark side to it all, Agenda 21

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